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Alex Lafreniere
Hands down the best and most intuitive resume builder I've used. Go for the pro plan - it's the best bang for your buck.
Victoria Odonnell
Enhancv has made modern professional resume writing a breeze! Beautiful templates, that has helped visualize years of work experience into a single page.
Imran Khan
At any point of the time I would recommend Enhancv as a platform to prepare one’s CV. It offers A lot of sample templates as well. Kudos to the entire team and Thanks again for getting my Dream Job.
I really like the ease of usage and the visuals of Enhancv. It's my to-go CV/Cover Letter creator, and it'll probably be for a long while.

Examples of Resume Formats

One-Page Resume

If you think you can't fit your experience in a single resume page, think again. Our one-page resume guide proves that with real resume examples for people of different experience level.

Reverse Chronological Resume

The classic resume format with a creative twist from our Enhancv resume builder. Read below what you need to build an awesome chronological resume.

Combination/Hybrid Resume

Want a personal resume that captures both your skills and experience and showcases them to your potential employer? Use our HR-approved resume example to guide you through.

Entry-Level Resume

No experience? Our Entry-Level resume guide is designed to help you showcase your skills, volunteering & extra activities that move the needle.

Career Change Resume

About to switch fields? We've built a career change resume guide to tackle the issue of showing transferrable skills and experiences on your resume in the best possible way.

Creative Resume

These recent resume samples show what applicants can achieve if they exercise a healthy dose of creativity.

They changed the world

Learn from famous resume examples

Tell your story and show your impact

Marissa Mayer’s resume shows how she’s built a successful career straddling the worlds of business and tech. See what her story can teach you.

Read Resume

Learn from famous resume examples

Our Resume Samples Are Unique

One thing you must have noticed by now is that our resume samples look good. Our resumes were in fact designed with extreme precision to balance between professionalism and creativity. Every resume generated through our platform reflects this craftsmanship.

Enhancv provides both resume examples and resume templates, as a starting point. However, what separates our products from the competition is that you have the freedom to customize the entire resume content.

This means, we don’t offer a quick fix, and tell you exactly what to do. If your goal is to get hired, taking the time to look at our samples and create something worthy of the job you want is the better bet. And we give you that choice.

Professional Resume Examples

Apart from standing out as “delightful”, our resumes examples are professionally vetted and curated, too. Which means everything that you read here is expert advice that is unlike you’ll read anywhere else.

No generic ABCs of resume, but actual advice that’s worth gold.

Why Do We Recommend Resume Examples?

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank piece of paper with no idea where to go with it. Resume examples are great for showing you how someone has tackled this issue before and for giving you an idea of where you might take it to tell your story.

Winning resume examples give you the foundation you can build off of, not on top of. This allows you to craft a resume that shows who you are and what you have accomplished in a researched way that is true to you.

Generic resume templates you find on the web are akin to when your older sibling does your homework for you while resume examples are when your tutor shows you how to do it.

Building a resume with influence from successful resumes will bring better results than inputting your information into a resume template.

In reality, there are very few instances where a resume needs a specific section or format. On top of that, who says that a section has to have a certain title? You might not have technical skills, you might have industry expertise, and so on.

With resume templates, you can’t go outside of the box and they force you to paint-by-numbers in your resume building. Where recruiters favor creative thinking (practically everywhere), this is not the image you want to project.

Language in resume samples is job-specific

Resumes can differ from sector-to-sector. Public sector resumes, for example, differ substantially from private-sector ones. Without seeing these specifics in action, we can struggle with the language expected by a recruiter and fall short of the mark.

Enhancv.com’s resumes show the type of language used for industry-specific CVs in real-life scenarios. You get to see how real people have navigated their resume with their specific language and how this has been successful in getting their job.

Great resume examples leave room for improvement

Used correctly, a CV example can show you trends in your field which can apply towards improving your resume. Alternatively, you can spot things that resumes in your area don’t do and use that to stand out. They essentially provide a base from which you can apply your own style.

They put you inside the mind of the recruiter

Reviewing others’ resumes gives you a look into the life of a recruiter. Scouring through example resumes shows you how you can come across to a third-party and what elements of a resume make it stand out to an individual person. If you’re attracted to a resume format, chances are it will attract other people - including the recruiter.

If you’re seeking a guide on how to put your resume together, how long your resume should be, or even an idea of how someone has approached that, resume examples are the way to go.

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