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Want to get paid while travelling the world? Love meeting new people? Want all inclusive meals and hotels?

There are many great benefits to being a flight attendant, but there are just as many responsibilities and skills that you have to bring to the table.

For many people, to be a flight attendant is living the dream. That means you’re up against many other applicants.

You’re going to need a clear and impressive resume that checks all the boxes and stands out to land the role.

What you’ll learn here

  • How to tailor your flight attendant resume using important keywords that recruiters and ATS (applicant tracking systems) need to see
  • What to include in a flight attendant summary to stand out
  • How to write an experience section that appeals to recruiters, even with no experience in the aviation industry
  • The difference between important technical and soft skills (and how to list them)

How to write a flight attendant resume that gets you hired

The role of a Flight Attendant is a very popular job.

With around a 1% hiring rate, the chances of getting hired are 1 in 100.

That’s a lot of resumes! And a lot of competition!

Nowadays, airlines are using Applicant Tracking Systems, a technology that uses keyword matching and algorithms to scan resumes and find only the most suitable applicants.

Meaning your skill set, experience, and characteristics that would make you a great flight attendant have to be clearly listed in your resume.

Study the job description thoroughly, and note all the words that they’ve used to describe the role and what they need from their perfect candidates.

Use the same keywords in your resume that you find in the job description to mirror what they’re searching for. Add those keywords throughout your summary, experience and skills sections.

Backup your claims with real achievements and experiences from your past roles, either as a flight attendant or in another customer-facing position.

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The most important sections of a flight attendant resume

  • Resume header that’s informative and professional
  • A summary that’s full of clear information and the right keywords
  • Experience section that shows your ability to fulfill the airline’s needs
  • A list of relevant skills that mirror the role requirements

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What recruiters want to see

  • At least 2 years of excellent customer service experience
  • Health & safety awareness and experience
  • Achievements within related roles
  • Understanding of the importance of procedures and regulations
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Positive attitudes, poise, and composure
  • Ability to problem-solve
  • Ability to speak multiple languages
  • Experience with tourism or aviation
  • Effective and confident communication and interpersonal skills

How to get your flight attendant resume header right

There are so many people who apply for flight attendant positions, so recruiters or hiring managers can’t keep up. They turn to application tracking software (ATS) to help them out. These tools scan resumes using robots to find relevant keywords and push through applicants that seem like a good fit.

Once your resume gets validated by the ATS machines, your resume will be moved to a shortlist to be double-checked by a human recruiter.

You’re going to want to grab their attention from the very beginning. Don’t miss this chance to impress from the start!

2 Flight attendant resume header examples

William Grey
Boston, MA

This header is missing information, like an email address and links to professional sites.

Recruiters will expect these details and you don’t want to be the one who leaves things out.

Let’s offer them some more information.

William Grey
Flight Attendant
Boston, MA

Now that’s a better first impression!

Nothing has been left behind.

The recruiter now has:

How To Craft a Stand-Out Flight Attendant Summary

Airlines see themselves as flag flyers who represent their countries. They want to maintain a positive global reputation by providing the best service and making passengers feel safe.

That's their number one priority. The flight attendant summary should present you as someone who can supply those things.

Keep it short. Three to four lines is best.

A flight attendant summary should include:

  • Years of relevant experience
  • Highlights of relevant career achievements (high sales average, positive feedback from customers, promotions)
  • Communication skills
  • Any additional training (health and safety, security, public speaking)
  • Experiences in tourism or working abroad
  • Languages you speak

Lets dive into an incorrect and a correct example:

2 Flight attendant resume summary examples

Neat, dynamic, server looking for my next customer service role. Eager to take my outgoing personality to the skies.

This summary won’t fly.

  • No years of experience mentioned
  • Doesn’t mention a specific occupation
  • Doesn't include achievements
  • ‘Outgoing personality’ is vague and misses the chance to use keywords

Let's look at an improved summary.

Adaptive professional with 2 years experience in a face to face customer service role. Caring and attentive server with a high personal sales average. Certified in public speaking. Fluent in English and French. Provider of excellent service to local, and international hotel guests, and looking to transition to the aviation industry.

Now this summary contains many keywords worthy of wowing both an ATS and recruiter!

This summary:

  • Specifies the years of experience in a particular field
  • Includes education in languages and communication
  • Uses keywords likely to be found on a job description
  • Presents the right attitudes and skill sets of excellent service

How to write an impressive flight attendant experience section

Here is where you reveal your personal history of providing excellent customer experience. If you already have flight attendant experience, here’s your chance to shine.

But whether you have previous work as a flight attendant or not, this is the place to mention your personal success within your previous roles.

Remember that checking the job description will help you include the most relevant information.

Let’s take a look at two examples:

Flight attendant resume experience examples

Hotel Intercontinental
Philadelphia, PA
  • Served customers food and beverages quickly
  • Worked as part of a team
  • Took orders from hotel guests
  • Handled customer transactions

This section does not go into depth.

Be sure to put your key skills and achievements on display to maximize your chances of getting an interview.

Let's look at a better example:

Server & Bartender
Hotel Intercontinental
Philadelphia, PA
  • Provided outstanding customer service to international guests, business travelers, and tourists
  • Achieved excellent sales averages each month through a friendly and enthusiastic approach to upselling
  • Demonstrated capability to resolve customer issues, communicate effectively and adapt to busy, high pressure crowds
  • Remained poised and maintained the same energetic enthusiasm around the clock during day and night shifts

This experience section shows off skills and abilities much more clearly.

It includes specific achievements and insights into your customer service skills.

Even though this candidate doesn’t have direct experience as a flight attendant, it checks the boxes for what is required to transition into that role.

Flight attendant skills section: Have you earned your wings?

Landing a role as a flight attendant takes skill.

Soft skills relating to the way you work are most important here and are crucial to include on your resume!

Technical skills like operating a card machine, demonstrating and applying safety procedures and securing the flight deck are things you’ll learn in the 3-6 week training programme prior to attending a real flight.

If you already have those skills, list them in a resume skills section.

How to list technical skills on your resume

Pre-existing technical skills are usually not required if you’re applying for a flight attendant role. That being said, if you have these skills (like CPR training, securing the flight deck, etc.), mention them!

If you don’t have these skills, don’t worry. Important training, like CPR, is given to flight attendants when they land the job, and it’s repeated every 6 months.

Skills that are bonus to have are:

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5 Hard / Technical Skills List

  • CPR First Aid
  • Basic computer skills
  • Cash and chip and pin handling
  • Intercom experience
  • Health & safety training
  • Securing the flight deck

How to describe soft skills on your resume

Your soft skills are the essence of what will make you a great flight attendant – someone who can deliver proper service aboard a flight.

List them in its own skills section, but also work them into your experience section.

Remember, it’s important to match the words that you use when describing your skills with the keywords describing the role and requirements in the job description.

Here are some of the top soft skills that a recruiter will be looking out for.

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10 soft skills for a flight attendant resume

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Friendly and empathetic nature
  • Effective as part of a team
  • Bilingual (include your level and languages)
  • Ability to keep calm in stressful situations
  • Problem solving and solution oriented
  • Good personal presentation
  • Reliable
  • Unwavering positivity
  • Attentive listener

Should you include an education section in a flight attendant resume?

Airlines usually require at least a high school diploma, so it’s important to include an education section.

It doesn’t need to be a big section, full of detail. Simply list:

  • Your high school, college or university name
  • Area of study
  • Graduation year
  • Notable achievements or projects from your schooling

Are certifications required as a flight attendant?

Certification isn’t mandatory to land a job as a flight attendant. However, it’s a huge added bonus if you have some certifications related to safety, health, tourism, or communications.

If you have them, flaunt them! Create a dedicated certifications' section in your resume and list them out in a bullet point list.

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Top 6 flight attendant certificates for your resume

  • Health and training certification
  • First aid certification
  • Public speaking certification
  • Travel and tourism certification

Top takeaways for writing a stand-out flight attendant resume

  • Your resume will likely be scanned by an applicant tracking software, so mirror the same keywords used in the job description to increase your chances of success.
  • Highlight your previous customer service or flight attendant experience and give special mention to any accomplishments (like a high up-selling percentage).
  • Recruiters are looking for candidates with excellent soft skills (especially communication).
  • Have any health and safety related training or certifications? That’s a huge plus! Include those details in your resume.

Flight Attendant resume examples

Explore additional flight attendant resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Senior Flight Attendant

The Senior Flight Attendant position largely depends on criteria within the airline industry. Applying for this role, one needs deep experience with different kinds of planes such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747. Having crew management experience is beneficial as being a senior staff member often means leading junior crew members. Essential knowledge of safety and emergency procedures is crucial, as the senior flight attendant's expertise contributes to the airline's overall safety. It's not enough to just list your skills; instead, illustrate how they improved the flying experience. Stick to the 'skill-action-result' format to show your effectiveness.

Entry-Level Flight Attendant

While applying for an Entry-Level Flight Attendant job, starting a career in aviation, incorporate your customer service experience, which is crucial in passenger-facing roles. Highlight your ability to adapt and be flexible, essential skills due to ever-changing flight schedules. Include any basic or specialized airline training or certifications you've earned. Instead of simply listing these skills, provide examples of how effectively you've used them, following the 'skill-action-result' approach.

By Role

Corporate Flight Attendant

A successful Corporate Flight Attendant application blends experiences from high-end hospitality like luxury hotels or fine dining, with relevant training or certifications, such as flight safety or food handling. It's essential not just to list your skills but to demonstrate how you used those skills to deliver improved customer satisfaction or safety. Be sure to focus on your cabin service skills too, as many successful attendants have a service industry background which makes a noticeable difference to your application.

View Corporate Flight Attendant Resume

Lead Flight Attendant

Applying for the Lead Flight Attendant position in the airline industry, which is similar to a Senior Flight Attendant role, requires some key elements. You'll need good knowledge of aviation rules, which will make your application credible. Showcase any leadership experience you have, as you'll need to manage the cabin crew and ensure protocol adherence. Highlight your problem-solving skills, as you'll have to tackle issues during flights while keeping passengers comfortable and safe. Don't just list your skills, but show how they've helped in your role, such as resolving flight delays or boosting team performance. Stick to the "skill-action-result" formula for best results.

International Flight Attendant

Applying for the job of International Flight Attendant, it's necessary to excel in numerous languages and demonstrate knowledge about international aviation regulations. It's also crucial to respect cultural differences to satisfy passengers from diverse backgrounds. Instead of merely listing skills, show how you've put them into practice, following a "skill-action-result" pattern with statements such as "improved language communication by..." or "showed cultural sensitivity by...". This approach aligns you with global aviation trends that heavily influence the position.

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