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Resume Builder Color Picker

Build your resume online now. First, select a template:

Double Column template
Single Column template
Modern template
Creative template
Timeline template
Classic template
Multicolumn template
High Performer template
Minimal template

Our resume builder is made with a single thought in mind – help you gain confidence that you’ll nail your next job interview and get hired. Our resume maker has professional layouts and unique sections, that portray you authentically – your attitude, personality, and professional expertise.

Plus, Enhancv resume tool will encourage you to think beyond the obvious sections like education and work experience. You will build a resume that shows exactly what drives you and what you’re made of.

If you’re not sure which style is the right fit for you, take a look at all our resume templates, and learn more about how to best use them.

Download your resume in 4 simple steps

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Resume Builder Builder Download Step 1 Perk

Select a template.

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Fill in your details.

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Resume Builder Builder Download Step 3 Perk
Resume Builder Builder Download Step 3 Perk

Customize your design.

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Resume Builder Builder Download Step 3 Perk
Resume Builder Builder Download Step 3 Perk
Resume Builder Builder Download Step 3 Perk

Tailor, Check for Errors, and Download.

Here’s what our resume builder packs in:

Professional resume templates for every job

Our resume maker includes 11 fully editable templates. We split them by industry, seniority level, or company culture, so you’ll know exactly what template is best for you.

Resume Builder Pack 1
Resume Template
Resume Template
Resume Template
Resume Template
Resume Template
Resume Builder Pack 2
Resume Template
Resume Template

Drag & drop resume builder

You’re not stuck into a predetermined mould. You have the freedom to create a layout of your choice. Move sections around and highlight what you believe is the most important for your resume. It’s easy to use – give it a try!

Content suggestions to help you beat writer’s block

Not only you get over 10 000 bullet suggestions for different jobs (depending on your seniority level), but you also receive live prompts and ideas to rewrite unimpressive sentences. You can turn them on and off for distraction-free writing.

Resume Builder Pack 3
Resume Template
Resume Template
Resume Builder Pack 4
Resume Template
Resume Template

Generate a resume in PDF or TXT

PDF is the most popular and preferred resume file format by recruiters. You’ll keep all your content intact, and you’ll ensure no clunky extra lines pop up. Plus, if you’d like a simple export of your text content, our TXT download feature lets you get it straight away.

Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile

Don’t have the time to start from scratch? Just upload your old resume, or add a link to your LinkedIn profile, and our resume builder will extract all the standard sections.

Resume Builder Pack 5
Resume Template
Resume Template

Resume Examples for Inspiration

Accounting template
Business Analyst
Business Analyst template
Designer template
Engineering template
Marketing template
Nursing template
Office Manager
Office Manager template
Project Manager
Project Manager template
Sales template
Teacher template
Business Development
Business Development template

Here’s what customers have to say about our resume builder:

Hands down the best and most intuitive resume builder I've used.
Alex Lafreniere
I transformed my wife’s boring resume into a professional and interesting resume using one of the templates. She was hired within weeks at the first job she applied for. The resume isn’t why she was hired, but it did get her through the door quickly.
Michael Mendoza
In just 20 days (or 3 weeks) of using Enhancv, I got a job that pays almost double what I was making. I highly recommend Enhancv.
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4.5 Rating
2,068 happy customers shared their experience.
Great resume tool: easy to use, user friendly, has a lot of templates, allows to make adjustments, move section/blocks, very convenient. Excellent and responsive service. Will take it again for sure.
The Enhancv resume tool was a game-changer for me. It helped my resume stand out from the bunch. I definitely will be recommending others in their job search to their website.
Christopher Q.
Very visually-stunning templates and modules that can be added. I spent a few hours working on converting my old 1998-style CV to a 2-page Enhancv, and very pleased with the outcome. Some nice visual options and styles that can get the right message across.
Terence Smith
I used Enhancv service to create a resume that got recruiters attention. One of the areas that stood out was the ability to customize my resume to the position I was after. I would use your service again and tell anyone looking to create a resume to use your service. Thank you!
Brett Wilson

Frequently asked questions about our resume builder:

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is essentially a document editing program specifically made for resume and CV creation. An online resume builder such as Enhancv provides a bunch of additional features, such as customized sections, templates, and cloud synchronization, as well as writing aids and tips.

Who should use Enhancv resume builder?

People with various experience from across the world have built amazing resumes with Enhancv. Some of them got hired in companies like Facebook, Verizon, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Tesla. Even though many of our customers are employed in the tech sector, you can build a resume fit for any industry. Check our reviews , and go through our Enhanced Lives blog or Success Stories , where we’ve shared how Enhancv helped people improve their careers.

Which is the best resume builder?

The Enhancv platform is a swiss-army knife of career growth tools. Here’s what you’ll find within the app:
  • Resume, CV and Cover Letter Builder;
  • 30 resume documents slots;
  • Free Resume Checker;
  • Free Resume Examples and guides for 1000+ jobs;
  • 11 Resume Templates with many customizable features such as colors, fonts, and backgrounds;
  • Upload your old resume or LinkedIn profile;
  • Download in .pdf or .txt file formats;
  • Bullet suggestions & Content improvements;
  • Job Matcher & Job Application Tracker;
  • Career Counseling live support.

You can just build your resume, or take advantage of our Premium packages that help you nail every step of the recruitment process until you get the job.

Do I need to tailor my resume for different jobs?

You should customize your resume to each job you’re applying for. Tailoring your resume will show you’re not just mass-sending the same document to hundreds of job offers. The easiest way to make a targeted resume, is to duplicate your resume document inside Enhancv app, update the job title, and resume summary according to the job description, and use our Resume Tailoring feature. It will show the resume skills and resume keywords you missed to include in your resume, pulled from the job description.

What is an ATS-friendly resume?

An ATS-friendly resume is one that will be readable by Applicant Tracking Systems. This is a special software that scans application documents for necessary information, such as what skills and job titles you have had. It’s essentially a pre-screening process for companies with thousands of applicants. ATS is more about what you write in the document rather than the file format (most software can perfectly read PDFs). So, if you want to build an ATS-friendly resume, follow simple rules, such as standard naming convention of your sections, as well as sending a tailored resume.

What's the best resume template to use in 2023?

In 2023, it’s best to use a template that is modern and people remember. Our resume builder has templates that accomplish exactly that. You’ll be able to demonstrate culture fit, showcase your personal strengths and key professional drivers in addition to your skills. You’re also able to entirely customize your template - including location and order of sections, fonts , colors , backgrounds and margins . The whole content is reorganized so that it still fits on the same number of pages you have.

What is the best resume formato use in 2023?

The best resume format to use in 2023 depends on your career situation. The most recognized one is certainly the reverse-chronological resume . It displays your work history from the most recent, to the oldest job title you had. Recruiters prefer it because they care mostly about your latest accomplishments. Depending on your career situation, you can also pick:
  • Resume, CV and Cover Letter Builder;
  • Functional resume : this format focuses mainly on your skills, whereas work experience takes the backstage.
  • Hybrid or combination resume : a mix of both functional and reverse-chronological resume formats.
  • Video resumes : this type of resume gained popularity recently with the rise of video platforms, such as TikTok. Great for creative or tech industries, but unless the job description says otherwise, it should come with a regular resume document.

What should my resume include?

Your resume can consist of several sections, not all of them being necessary. Your final resume outline will depend on the company you’re applying to, your own personality, as well as career situation. Here’s what you should put in your resume in 2023:

Optional resume sections include:

Within our resume builder app, you’ll get advice how to make each of those sections, and you’ll get generated content that’s relevant to your years of experience and the job you’re applying for.

At the end of the day, you should end up with a one-page-long resume document. Sometimes, length will also vary - check what’s the best one here . And, if you’re keen on starting from scratch, read our guide on how to write a resume to fully nail the process.


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