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Data Scientist Resume Samples & Examples for 2022 (Guide Included)

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Volen Vulkov
8 minute read
Updated on 2021-12-20

Data science is all the rage.

It’s hot. It’s trendy.

And it also pays well.

According to Glassdoor, “Data Scientist” tops the list of the best jobs in 2022, with a median base salary of $110,000.

It’s not just that they pay well, data scientist positions are in high demand too - 6.5 times as many data scientist positions were posted on LinkedIn in 2018 than in 2012. Talk about rapid growth!

Of course, when there’s a great offer, there are also a lot of takers - specifically, good professionals with strong qualifications and rich experience.

Even to get to an interview, you’ll need a great resume - and we’re here to show you the best data scientist resume examples.

I was ready to answer questions about real life work, how to deal with complicated situations, how to deal with new data, how to do a data science workflow, how to explain hard concepts to managers and more.

This guide will teach you:

  • How to create a data science resume that attracts recruiters’ attention.
  • What data scientist skills are most sought out.
  • How an entry level data scientist resume can present you in a favorable light.
  • What clues to look for in the data scientist job description

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