At Enhancv, we believe in what we do.

We’re a hand-picked team of 15 people spread across Sofia and Dublin, yet united around the idea that everyone deserves a meaningful professional path. We build products and write to inspire in the moments when you prepare to take your next big leap. Our 500K users around the world get noticed in companies like Spotify and Google – whether switching industries or simply looking for the right next gig.

What values we live by, as a team:

Respect & candor

We are individuals first, so accept people for who they are & treat them respectfully. Speak candidly without worrying about what others would think.

Grow, but stay in touch

We are never done learning and we challenge ourselves by raising the bar with every next project. Yet, we stay in touch with details & no task is beneath us.

Curiosity & experimentation

No matter how good we are, we stay curious for new opportunities and enjoy trying things out without judgement. Yet, knowing why is important to maintain focus and to see things through.

Bias for action & iteration

We start small no matter how grand our idea is. Speed matters, so we prefer getting something out there to extensive studies. We take calculated risks & learn from mistakes.

Customer trust

We deliver a simple & delightful experience to address the customer's need. Earning & keeping trust is key to success.

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