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The Best Business Analyst Resume Examples & Skills to Get You Hired

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Updated on 2021-08-19

You solve problems, analyze company performance, and suggest changes for improvement.

You know how to analyze data, create models, and use a bunch of technical tools.

As a business analyst, you play a huge role in a company’s growth.

The challenge is, how can you summarize this herculean responsibility and the list of skills that go along with it in a well-formatted resume?

Your skills in analyzing data and turning them into bite sized reports will help you. Let this guide show you how.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this Business Analyst resume guide:

  • How to pick the right combination of technical and soft skills that’s relevant for your role
  • What to do when your target business analyst job is different from your previous role
  • How to write bullet points that describe your technical skills and how it affected the company
  • Compare and learn from 4 business analyst resume examples to find best practices to adapt for your application

Business Analyst resume sample

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How to write a Business Analyst resume: your main points

What’s the best format for a Business Analyst resume

You have a complex job. Explaining its intricacies and the good work you’ve done because of it will take space. On the other hand, recruiters hate text-heavy and condensed resumes.

That’s why it’s best to use a reverse-chronological or combination resume.

Areverse-chronological resume does well in highlighting impressive career trajectories or promotions.

If you want to highlight your skills,go with a combination resume format. It organizes your achievements into different skill buckets at the top of your resume.

It’s an advantage for seasoned professionals because the recruiter won’t be able to tell if an achievement took place two years or nine years ago.

Sections to include in a Business Analyst resume:

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Work history
  • Technical and soft skills
  • Education

What recruiters are looking for in a Business Analyst resume:

  • The right combination of skills in analysis, software, frameworks, databases, and testing
  • A track record in analyzing data, and creating new processes to improve performance in different areas of the company
  • Relevant certifications or degrees
  • A growth mindset that knows the value of testing different methodologies when implementing new solutions
  • Soft skills that show you can get management to buy into your proposed solutions

How to write a noticeable Business Analyst resume header

Listing your correct contact information and LinkedIn profile URL is standard advice for writing a resume header.

Your resume’s current header might look like this:

Joe Smith
Business Analyst

+359 88 888 8888



San Jose, CA
Joe Smith
Financial Business Analyst

+359 88 888 8888



San Jose, CA

Customize your email, job title, and your LinkedIn URL to stand out from the competition. It’s a good way to insert extra keywords in your resume, too.

In some cases, Business Analysts are sometimes called as Functional Consultants,Product Managers, orIT Analysts. Remember to use the right job title.

You have the recruiter’s attention now. Keep them hooked with an eye-catching resume summary.

What it takes to make your Business Analyst resume summary stand out

Including notable achievements in your Business Analyst resume is obvious advice.

What exactly qualifies as a notable achievement, though?

Business Analyst roles differ from one industry to another, so it pays to specialize. Even within the same industries, companies have different processes and terminology. Because of these, specificity is important when writing your Business Analyst resume.

Consider the 3 Business Analyst resume samples below:

Business Analyst with years of experience analyzing business performance to grow profits and save on resources

This summary doesn’t indicate what industry you worked in—much less the tasks you did.

Business Analyst with years of experience in the Medical supplies and equipment industry. Experienced in improving warehouse operations and supply chain management.

This summary is an improvement because it shows the specific tasks you’re familiar. But there’s no gravitas. No impact.

The best Business Analyst resume summary includes both tasks and a measurable result. Here’s an example:

Business Analyst with five years of experience in the Medical supplies and equipment industry. Achieved 10 to 20% savings in inventory purchases after optimizing warehouse operations and analyzing the company’s fast-moving products.

Business Analyst Resume Experience Section: Charming Recruiters With Style

The professional history section is the main course of your resume. Fill it with relevant experience and achievements.

But don’t just leave it at that. Go beyond the usual expectations with these tips:

  1. Find the right balance between jargon and layman's terms

This is where it gets tricky.

In big companies, a recruiter might do a paper-screening to pre-qualify applicants first. But for startups or small businesses, a manager or a Senior Business Analyst will be the one reviewing your application.

How will this affect your Business Analyst resume?

There’s a chance one person reading it may only have a vague understanding of your role. Some recruiters are only given a list of skills or keywords to look for when pre-qualifying applicants.

Worse still, they may not even understand the jargon at all.

Where do you stand then?