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Business Development Resume Samples [4 Templates + Tips]

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Example Business Development Resume - Browse more resume templates and build a stand-out resume

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-06-11

Aren’t you tired of applying with your business development resume and hear nothing in return?

What’s worse is that you know how you can help the company you want to work with and why you are their best bet.

HR game is tough. Often it’s not about your skills -- it’s about how well you translate them into your resume.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to write a business development resume that gets shortlisted
  • What hiring managers focus on in your business development resume
  • How to guide recruiter’s attention to your strongest qualities and achievements
  • A resume format that lands business development interviews more often in 2021

Business Development Resume Samples

How to write a Business Development resume?

  • Target your resume to the business environment.

Every business relies on different growth methods. Some are more important than others. If your target company relies heavily on direct sales growth, your resume should at least mention a similar experience.

Bad example: digital marketing expert for a traditional cold-calling company

Good example: digital marketing expert for a traditional cold-calling company who made cold-calling more effective through automated CRM scripts and multi-channel marketing.

  • Focus on the right numbers in your BD resume.

Mentioning numbers in your resume is great, but some numbers make much more impact than others. Others can make recruiters roll their eyes. Focus on business growth results, avoid routine.

Bad example: created 10 real-time business dashboards with relevant metrics

Good example: increased quarterly sales by 23% after implementing real-time user segmentation dashboards in every marketing department

  • Use a resume format that engages recruiters and guides their attention.

Highlight the most compelling results by using bold text. Improve the scannability of your resume by usingcustom sections, bullet points, and headers. Create a customresume layout that keeps your resume compact and guides recruiters' attention where you want.

Recruiters will be able to view your resume even during their lunch break if your resume can beexported as a PDF and printed.

See the header for a resume example that combines the best resume formatting practices to get more business development interviews.

Business Development Resume Formats to choose from

There are three resume formats you can choose from:

  • Reverse-chronological layout
  • Hybrid layout
  • Functional Layout

A reverse-chronological resume layout is best suited for your Business Development resume if you have 1-6years of experience.

A hybrid andfunctional layout would be right for senior profiles of the level of Business Development Director or Manager.

That, because they have a ton of experience, and they need to put their career highlights on top via functional resume layout or the hybrid layout.

Let’s start building the top section of your business development resume- the header.

You must write a legible and informative resume header to create that positive first impression.

Business Development Resume Header: What to Include?

There is a bad and a good sample to help you understand what should be avoided and what adds weight to your application.

Business Development resume - Header

Kim Parker
Business Development Representative with 4yrs of exp.
46A, 9 E Locust St., Bloomington, Illinois, USA
Kim Parker
Business Development Rep. ((4+ years)
Illinois, USA

Note, you want to share minimal information that is helpful for the hiring manager.

While keeping your resume header clean, you need to give out something that calls for their attention- your certifications.

There aren’t plenty of certifications for salespeople, but there are some that are somewhat attached to your field. We’ll talk about helpful certifications later in this article.

Business Development Resume Summary: How to Capture Recruiter’s Attention

In your career, whether you’re about to start off or have been there a while, your sales numbers do all the talking for you.

Pretty simple!

The best business development candidate closes the most and biggest deals.

Expect the hiring manager to look for numbers of closed deals and big figures in your resume.

Sample Business Development Resume - summary

Business Development Coordinator with 5yrs of experience and proven track record in Information technology industry. Skilled in sales, business development and social media tactics. Expert in networking on social media.
6 years of experience as Business Development coordinator- collaborating with Sales, Marketing, Business and Tech teams to create custom RFDs for clients. Adept in formulating tech requirements for IT and Manufacturing industries, reducing dependency on tech teams and speeding-up the process by 25%.

Business Development Representative Resume - Summary

Business development rep with 3 yrs of solid sales experience. Taking client calls and answering queries to maintain customer relationship. Carry out sales lifecycle with a team of 5 members and attend client meetings.
Business development rep, carrying out sales cycle from cold calls to deal closure and representing taboola in trade shows and outside sales initiates. Generated 250 qualified leads in 2yrs bagging revenue of $890,000, of which 40% revenue comes from scalable long-term clients.

Do you see the difference?

Good summary examples present a clear picture of how you spend your day at work. And what results you achieve while doing so.

That makes the above summary 100% complete.

And it says you're their best candidate.

There, you’ve created a positive first impression. Kudos!

Let’s now move towards your resume experience.

Business Development Resume Experience: Turning Your Work History Into a Magnet for Recruiters

You should tailor your experience to the job description.

Note that the hiring manager will look for certain key factors in your resume;

  • Sales figures and no. of closed deals
  • Whether you represent your company to the clients on your own
  • Make cold calls and write emails and reach out to clients on daily-basis
  • You have client servicing experience
  • You make sales collaterals and do presentations
  • You have industry relevant experience or education

In your resume experience section, you want to write crisp sentences- short and meaningful.

How you write your resume experience will make a big difference.

It’s like when you pitch your prospective client a solution, you don’t want to list all the features.

You know it doesn’t work.

It works when your message is short and paints a picture of how useful your solution could be to your client’s business.

Similarly, you will show the hiring manager which of your hard skills can prove to be fruitful for their team and business if they hire you.

Take a look at these 4 Business Development resume experiences.

The bad example may not sound bad, unless you read the good ones.

That’s the impact your business development resume should create on hiring managers.

Business Development Resume Samples - Experience

Business Development ManagerHightech Inc
02/2015 - 11/2019
San Jose, CA
Run end-to-end sales cycle
Cold-calling, emailing, in-person meeting, pitching services and negotiating deals
Consulting clients and resolving product and service queries
Client servicing for existing client
Generating new leads and researching prospects
Presenting products and new features to prospects and existing clients
Business Development ManagerHightech Inc
02/2015 - 11/2019
San Jose, CA
Devised and implemented sales initiative A-Deal-A-Day which is now a part of sales culture at Home@bay Inc. It raised deal closure by 30%.
Identified and developed new business opportunities- expanded from selling locally to internationally, bringing in 10 new clients on an average every month.
Qualify leads as sales opportunities and pursue for closure.
Developed sales collaterals, case studies and selling guide to migrate from SME to Enterprise selling.
Expertise in expanding sales area-wise- unlocked 15 new zones in Canada, USA and Europe
Present company to potential clients. Run sales cycle from researching prospects to cold calling, in-person meeting, pitching, consulting, negotiating and closing deals

2 Business Development Resume Experience Samples

Business Development DirectorCEICA Inc
Made huge sales all-year-around
Created plans and strategies for the sales team to achieve their yearly targets
Prepare sales collaterals and share with the team
Strengthen relationships with existing clients and pitching new products
Attend trade shows and all company functions
Plan and execute marketing campaign with Marketing Head
Business Development DirectorCEICA Inc
Cracked a $1million single sale within 3 months of first approach
Devised case studies for sales team with pitch plans and approach strategies
Explored and unleashed 3 new sales channels which has together generated $750k sales every month
Plan and execute campaigns to achieve yearly sales target. Consistently achieved targets in excess of $500,000 during past 4 years
Prospecting potential new clients- added 62 new clients in 48 months while training SDR on the job
Prospecting potential new clients- added 62 new clients in 48 m