One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact

Published on: 25 August 2020 Last updated: 7 January 2021

As a well-known Japanese entrepreneur and a leading authority on cybersecurity, William has worked in over 20 positions and has over 25 years of experience.

His portfolio details an encyclopedia of awards, recognitions, articles, interviews, and books he has authored.

This has left him spoiled for choice when it comes to highlighting his abilities.

On the same note, Pavel has worked in over three countries, has founded his own business, has shown the wonders of space to thousands, and has years of research under his belt.

Similarly, Gal has over a decade worth of experience in product management and business development including starting his own company.

These three stories leave us with a familiar question: how do I fit so many years of experience into an effective one page resume without omitting important details?

Here’s what this article will show you:

  • How to fit your resume on a single page
  • Which resume sections are most important in a single page resume
  • When is it appropriate to create a one page vs two page resume

Without a further ado, let’s dive in!

Should your resume be one page in the first place?

There is no hard rule. One-page resumes are best for entry-level candidates with a few years of experience. But, you can easily make a single-page resume with 15+ years in the field by focusing on your most important achievements and trimming down irrelevant sections.

Why, and how, you ask?

Let’s forget length for a minute.

The number of resume pages matters little if your resume doesn’t tell your story to the recruiter and why you’re perfect for the job.

There’s a real danger you bury the precious nuggets of information about you so deep nobody’s ever going to find them.

(Fact: Recruiters won’t spend more than 6 seconds on average judging a resume.)

Applying for a management position that requires extensive experience? A two-page resume is fine, too.

However, it’s no secret that if you have too many options, it’s too difficult to choose.

It often feels like the other choice would have been better, leading to dissatisfaction.

This also applies to your resume. Having a long list of job positions and achievements to choose from makes it difficult to decide what to leave out.

Often, you end up with a 4-page resume that no one wants to read.

Building an effective one-page resume means taking the objective of your resume into account.
It’s a form of art in itself – a single page resume done right steps on personality, experience and impact to make a case.

And, it’s not a taboo for experienced professionals.

A resume should show who you are, detail your experience, and give insight into your potential impact.

If you check all three with a one-pager, why not use it?

Keeping those things in mind, here’s how William, Pavel, and Gal crafted the perfect one-page resumes despite their lengthy experience.

Enhancv One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact one page resume

How William fit 25 years of experience into a single page

The best way to fit the most content on one page is opening Enhancv’s platform and choosing our Compact layout.

With a single click, you can fit around 50% more content on one page.

Your resume will still look clean, ordered, and easy to read.

You can also utilise our modern resume format, which allows for more information and keeps a sleek look.

Not an Enhancv user? Still, there are a few more tricks that can get you to an effective one page resume.

Here’s how William did it.


1. Showing who he is

Enhancv One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact one page resume

Tell your story in 5 words or less with Enhancv


Right under his name, William wrote what defines him as a professional: ‘’Entrepreneur, keynote speaker, advisor & cyber czar’’. This quickly gives you an idea of what kind of jobs he’s done, and what is most significant about his career – all in just 7 words.

Next, William shared his life motto in one sentence: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

A simple quote can speak volumes about you as a person and your attitude to work and life itself.

Beyond showing how you see the world, it signals to companies whether you might fit into their culture. This shows us that William is not the kind of person that gives up. He perceives problems as opportunities.

Taken together, these sections give a brief and quick insight into who William is and the energy he would bring to his role. As opposed to a lengthy personal summary, William said all he needed to in two short sentences.

Tip: You can also name your life motto section as “Life philosophy” or “Personal mantra”.


2. Detailing his experience

Enhancv One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact one page resume

Use Enhancv’s tailored suggestions feature to get on-topic bullet points for your position


William includes 3 jobs within his experience section. These are the most current and significant jobs that relate to the field he hopes to work in. They’re also quite diverse.

Rather than writing pages on every job he has ever had, he has tailored his experience to three impactful descriptions of the jobs that relate most to the job vacancy.

He also decided to name the section Entrepreneurial Experience.

This suggests that it covers only a portion of his work experience.

This is a case where careful decision making really pays off with greater impact.

William goes on to make use of an Enhancv exclusive – the “My Time” section. This allows users to show their time spent during the week or a typical day-in-the-life.

Enhancv One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact one page resume

William repurposed this section to show his industry expertise. Each piece of the pie chart indicates his greatest strengths.

For example, it’s obvious that Cybersecurity is something he does best. Again, using this quick visual saves a ton of space.

Tip: You can rename My Time as “Day In The Life” to give insight into what your typical day looks like in your current role.

3. Describing his impact

William utilizes an awards section to mention advising the Japanese Government as well as over twenty tech companies regarding business, technology, and security.

His other point is ‘’Giving back to community’’, where he mentions that he’s been supporting charitable and community-based organizations.

Right there, William saved another page where he’d list all his advisory positions and achievements.

All in a few sentences, with bits of his character.

Short but powerful.

He also backs up his previous experience with a notable metric that shows his impact on the bottom-line. In a few short words, we see the results of his work.

His Authored Books section (another section offered by Enhancv) contributes to this, too. Here, we get a quick visual of the books he has published rather than a long description that would take up many paragraphs.

Tip: You can use this section for another thing too, for example, “Favorite Art”, “Featured Articles”, etc.

Pavel’s Data Scientist Resume Example

Enhancv One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact one page resume


How Pavel Fit a Decade of Experience into a One Page resume

Pavel’s resume is a great example of someone who has taken the Modern resume template and made the most of it. His resume is detailed, concise, and tailored to the position.

1. Showing who he is

If you thought William’s introduction was short and sweet, wait until you see Pavel’s. Using his personal photo and a short bio of 16 words, we get all the insights into Pavel that we need.

After researching his position Pavel decided that he didn’t need much more to catch the attention of the recruiter. Being hired at, he knew they needed to see his expertise most.

Tip: In some countries it is frowned upon to include a personal photo. It’s best to research the hiring practices of the firm you’re applying to.

2. Detailing his experience

First off, Pavel gives a snapshot of the programs he is familiar with using the Enhancv Technologies section. Here, we see five highlighted technologies. It’s simple but effective. This cuts down on writing full-sentences to show what systems you’re comfortable with.

Data science is a relatively new and expansive area of tech. For this reason, it’s beneficial to include as many previous experiences as you can that relate to possible duties.

Pavel doesn’t waste time on erroneous details, however.

Each prior job has a quick bullet point that explains all of his responsibilities and nothing goes over one-two sentences.

His experience is further explained in a simple list of his Selected Courses. Here, space is saved by cutting down on giving a dedicated section to each course. The titles are enough for the recruiter to understand his skill.

Tip: You can rename the Technologies section as a Personal Attributes section to give a quick visual summary of who you are.

3. Describing his impact

Much like William, Pavel intertwines his impact with his previous experience by providing a significant metric to measure his achievements.

For example, he showed the moon and stars to 5000+ people.

This short description focuses the recruiter on tangible evidence that does not take up a lot of space. If a recruiter wants to know more, they will ask in an interview or over email.

For a full data scientist resume guide and example, click here.

Gal’s Business Development Resume Example

Enhancv One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact one page resume


How Gal Fit Over a Decade of Experience in One Page

Gal shows us that any resume template can be used when building a one-pager. Using Enhancv’s staple – the double column resume – Gal makes an impact without drawing things out.

1. Showing who he is

As a running theme, Gal gives insight into himself using a short bio and a life philosophy section.

This shows the recruiter who Gal is as a person and emphasises his attitude to work and life itself.

Accomplishing this in two-three sentences will do wonders to signal to companies that you fit within their culture – ultimately getting you an interview sooner.

More details of his personality are revealed in his Most Proud of Section, which gives a short few words on the most defining aspects of his personality and career. For example, starting Zoostr.

2. Detailing his experience

Gal makes use of Enhancv’s technologies section but renames it as an “Expertise” section. With this, the recruiter can easily see that Gal is gifted when it comes to B2B, B2C, SaaS and more.

This is an excellent example of cutting paragraphs down to singular words with the same impact.

3. Describing his impact

Again, Gal introduces his impact by providing a significant metric to measure his achievements. For example, “driving 50% to 100% annual revenue growth”. This captures his ability in one bullet-point as opposed to several sentences on ways he brought change in a previous company.

How to write a one page resume

While some CEO recruiters are fine with a longer resume, other cases demand a short but powerful one page resume.

Whether you’ve got 25 years of experience, a decade, or none, making a strong impression is essential and a single page helps you do that.

Here are some strategies which sections to stress on and which to omit when creating your one page resume. The next lines will act as a summary from the learnings above.

Use a double-column or compact resume template

A one-pager resume will have a hard time fitting on a single-column template. Enhancv’s double-column, modern and compact template variations are designed with one-page requirement in mind.

Focus on your dragon slaying stories

Cut the fluff by focusing on your make-it-or-break-it moments in your career. Use inspiration from Saito, Gal and Pavel above, or take stock of your career and recollect the moments that made you the professional you are today.

Add smaller fonts in your resume

Just make sure it’s legible enough. Otherwise you risk recruiter tossing your tiny-font resume in the bin.

Spare on extra details

Unless you’re applying for an internship straight out of college or university, you can omit lengthy education details. The only exception is when it’s relevant to your job – e.g. you’ve received or provided special training.

Tell a story with creative sections

We have to be honest – one-page creative resumes take time to master. The examples above can serve as a starting point, but you’d like to see more examples of compelling one page resumes, check out our resume examples page.


Did you like the strategies above to create a one-page resume? Do you have any experience to share with the other readers? Let us know in the comment section below.

Kal Dimitrov

Kal has 10 years of experience as a marketer and lecturer in youth leader organisations, with a focus on career and job skills enhancement. He has written and edited over 100 resume creation guides for different jobs. Kal is also a co-founder of a career accelerator hub that helps students and recent graduates excel at job interviews and get the job of their dreams.

18 comments on “One Page Resume: 3 Examples To Show Its Impact

    It is amazing how all that could be fitted into one page. I never thought it could be possible until the example I just saw. Today I have learned something new and very rewarding.

  2. Edwin Mwaniki on

    Wow!!!its actually interesting how 25yrs experience fit in such a small volume with each one of them represented.I’m learning 🙂

  3. David Morris on

    WOW. This is inspirational.

    As a hiring manager, I have certainly valued seeing people pay attention to the format as well as the content of their CV. In my most recent recruitment drive, of the three candidates that made it through to the last round, tow of them had used enhancv. It shows. The long wordy CVs, with little thought to format, language, grammar, or white space make me cringe and risk being quickly consigned to the reject pile. Our internal recruiters hold us to account for providing reasonable feedback on why someone don’t make the grade (an awful CV alone is not reason enough). Perhaps I should start making a link to enhancv part of that feedback.

    Now, ironically, as I think about my own CV: it used to run many pages, as I used to detail individual projects on which I had worked. Then some years ago I trimmed it down to four pages. Page 1 has my profile, key achievements, and summary of core competencies. Pages 2 and 3 cover roles and achievements in the last 12 years, showing just a list of roles from the 20 years before that. Finally, page 4 shows my professional development, education, professional memberships, online presence, publications, and general interests. Seeing this one-pager has certainly given me some ideas. While I can see ways of chopping mine down to a two-pager, I am struggling with how it might become a single page. I note that the font you have used is small, however it is a really crisp font with plenty of white space still, so that the reader can focus. I’ll ponder some more and see what I could safely discard.

  4. Pamela on

    Can I hire someone at your company to create something like this for me from my blah old school resume? I’m not at all tech savvy!

    • Tatiana Rehmova on

      Hi Pamela, unfortunately, we don’t offer such services. We believe that you know yourself and your career best and therefore it’s most appropriate if you create your resume yourself. We did our best to make the platform super-easy to use, which means you don’t need to be tech savvy to be able to create a great resume yourself. 🙂 If you decide to give it a go, we’d be excited to hear what you thought. Thank you!

  5. Raj on

    Putting a photo on the resume. How do you (as hiring managers) feel about this? One, it is too edgy styling, but that’s my personal opinion. Second, I am concerned about discriminatory hiring lawsuits, etc. I don’t want applicants to send me resume with photos. What do you think?

    • Tatiana Rehmova on

      Hi Raj, thanks for your comment.

      As an employer, we accept resumes with a photo on them. It’s not that we require them, but we definitely don’t throw them in the bin. As an employer, you need to decide what’s important to you. For us, the main information we want to see on resumes is candidates’ personality, values, attitude to work and life, as well as quantifiable results from each job they’ve had. A photo is the last thing we look at. It’s definitely a sensitive topic, though. On one hand, yes, you can get a discriminatory hiring lawsuit, but on the other hand, the majority of recruiters use Linkedin as a way to cross-check resumes. On Linkedin, we’re encouraged to use a profile photo anyway. So wouldn’t that be against the law too?

      • Michael Sexton on

        If an employer has a bias: 1. Do you really want to work for them anyway? 2. They’re going to find out what you look like, your gender and your ethnicity at some point, most likely on LinkedIn.
        When I have needed to supply a CV (and I use EnhanCV) I link the photo to my personal branding video. This is like a 30 second pre-interview, which allows me to communicate my message directly to the recruiter or employer.
        It’s the perfect complement to a EnhanCV. It’s also on my LinkedIn Profile which is key!

  6. renuka on

    Length of a resume matters big time. This, I came to know after going through your blog which is based on the length of a resume. It helped me a lot during resume preparation. Thank you.

  7. Jon Mark on

    I looked at my tired old 2-page CV with fresh eyes, reduced it to a 1-page version, and it’s so much better!

    The only thing I don’t like in the above examples is the “Life Philosophy/Motto”, which so often seems to be pretentious filler and a turn-off. Is it really helpful?

    • Tatiana Rehmova on

      Hi Jon and thanks for a great feedback 🙂 I see your point about Life Philosophy, but some people feel strongly about their own one and love this section. Of course, it depends on you, your style, and your feeling. The aim is to feel proud when you look at your resume, not pretentious. I hope this helps 🙂

  8. Gwendalyn on

    the last comment was 2 years ago. do hiring managers ACTUALLY prefer this style? It looks nice and all but I’m really not sure! when i see these kinds of resumes, i can’t take them seriously. please convince me otherwise?

    • Kal Dimitrov on

      Hi Gwendalyn!

      My observations as a career accelerator trainer are these: companies are all different and resume writing is not an exact science. That’s of course, my honest opinion which nobody has to agree with.

      Some use ATS programs that dumb down resumes to a text version (we’ve introduced a txt version recently in the Enhancv builder), others prefer to see more than just a job description and a list of skills on the resume and learn about their career journey and story.

      Having in mind that thousands of our customers find jobs every year, there are different arguments for both cases. At Enhancv, we like seeing our candidates’ passion straight from the get-go.

      Now, there are creative resumes, and there are resumes that pretend to be creative but their author just counted on the form rather than the content. If you go through the analysis above in-depth, you’ll start seeing a pattern in which those real candidates went the extra mile to showcase their achievements better.

      Will this approach work with every company? No. Of course, it won’t. Especially if you only count on appearance, rather than contents.

      However, recruiters will only take you seriously, if you’re being serious on that resume paper. If I still don’t give 100% while trying to best connect my experience with achievements and skills earned, I’ll not be going anywhere near the interviewer office whatever template I use.

      Glad to continue with this conversation, in case you’ve got more questions!


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