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Tech Resume Examples, Template & Tips for 2022

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Volen Vulkov
8 minute read
Updated on 2021-12-20

You find this tech job and start reading its description. Tech stack? Check. Team culture fit? Check. Benefits? Check. Next potential dream job? Check.

With all the tech skills you have on your technical resume, you think how qualified and even overqualified you are for this job.

You’ll run through the test assignment with the same speed as Usain Bolt before he went playing soccer.

But no assignment is coming your way. No callback. Not even an email. All you got is an auto-reply message from a job board.

The sad reality is, even the brightest engineers and developers don’t land job interviews simply because their tech resumes are not making the cut.

Even worse is that often your resume is doing rounds with several non-technical personnel before someone who knows the difference between IDE and API gets their hands on it.

But today we put an end to this nonsense. We’ll write a tech resume that will turn all these recruiters and gatekeepers into your most cheering advocates.

And here’s how.

What will you learn in this tech resume guide:

  • how to write a technical resume that recruiters love to read from start to finish
  • technical resume examples that land you job interviews, not waiting list subscriptions
  • the difference between a good tech resume and a great tech resume with examples for every section
  • technical resume template for maximum engagement and job invitations

Tech Resume Example