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Computer Science Resume Examples & Guide for 2021

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Updated on 2021-09-15

Even though the number of people majoring in CS was in decline just a few years ago, the number of CS undergraduates in 2019has doubled from that of 2017.

So how do you apply for, say, Amazon or Google, knowing that about a few thousand of your peers will probably do the same?

There’s only so many decent tech companies to work for. Naturally, it all comes down to how good your computer science resume is.

In this computer science resume guide, you will:

  • Study 14 computer science resume samples and templates
  • Learn what recruiters pay attention to when scanning a resume;
  • Learn how to write computer science resume with no experience;
  • Understand how to write a computer science student resume or entry-level computer science resume;
  • Learn what resume sections to prioritize.

The Best Computer Science resume example

The Best Computer Science resume examples

Entry level computer science resume sample

Student computer science resume example

Computer science internship resume sample

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What is the best format for a Computer Science resume

The most common approach to writing a resume is stating your experience in a  reverse-chronological order, starting with the latest one.

However, computer scienceresume sections don’t have a strict order.

It all comes down to emphasizing your strengths. For example, if you have highlyrelevant coursework andeducation, consider putting the Education section on top.

Same goes for yourprojects and experience. If youdo not have much work experience, but at the same time a convincing portfolio of personal projects, put one before the other.

Recruiters will read your resume from top to bottom, so start strong.

Computer science resume sections that you shouldn’t miss:

  • A header that warms up recruiters toward you with proper title andengaging profile links
  • An objective that clearly positions you as a perfect candidate even if you have no experience
  • An experience section or its substitutes if you’re writing an entry-level computer science resume with no experience.
  • A skills' section where you prioritize technical skills for a specific job that you’re applying for
  • An education section with a coursework,your GPA, andrelevant certificates
  • Projects andAchievements sections to strengthen your computer science entry level resume

What do recruiters want to see in your Computer Science resume?

  • If your work does impact and tech job is your lifelong passion, not a fling
  • If you have technical experience with either internships or personal projects that you can demonstrate
  • If you have a strong education background or a relevant coursework
  • If your computer science student resume is worth the internship
  • Whether you can understand what’s important in the job you’re applying for and what’s not

For more tips on how to format your resume, check outThe Best Resume Formats You Need to Consider (5+ Examples Included).

How to write a Computer Science resume header?

As mentioned before, a computer science degree can be applied to lots of jobs, and not a single one of them is titled “Computer Science job”. Well, except for CS professors.

What that means is you have to use the same title as the job you’re applying for. There’s a big difference between “Cloud Computing Engineer” and “Network Architect”.

In case the job title calls for an intern, put that there, too. Otherwise, go with just the job title.

2 Computer Science resume header samples

Martha Maples
Software Engineer Intern

+359 88 888 8888


Boston, MA

The second most important thing about your header section is the link to your profile. In 99% of cases, that should be a link to your GitHub with your projects and contributions to other projects.

That demonstrates two things: that you actually can code and that you can collaborate on major projects with others.

If your resume is being reviewed by a technical superior, a GitHub profile is like a Rorschach painting to a therapist.

They’ll know a lot about you - your code efficiency, how clean your code is, organization, and comments.

If you don’t have one, link to your personal blog, online publications, or even student projects.

If you’re going for a C# game developer, link to your Unity3D hobby projects. Network engineer? A student article about your campus network update, or Cisco community profile.

One word - relevance.

When linking to personal projects, don’t miss the chance to talk about the project’s background. What was the project for, and what did it achieve.

Keep in mind, you can have links to several profiles in your header section (but don’t add more than 2-3).

Martha Maples
Software Engineer

+359 88 888 8888



Boston, MA

Learn more about the perfect resume header here:Perfecting Your Resume Header so You Get Noticed.

You need a Computer Science Resume Objective that makes impact

If you’re going to write a resume objective for your computer science resume, it should be perfect. Otherwise, drop it altogether.

Generic “I'm passionate about looking for a job in technical industry” just won’t do it.

3 Computer Science resume objective samples

A recent computer science undergraduate is looking for a job in software engineering to apply her technical skills in solving complex real world problems.

Here are a few things that may look good on your resume objective:

  • Highly-relevant project work
  • Internship in prominent tech companies
  • Winning hackathons & programming competitions

There’s no need to mention your GPA unless yours is well above 3.0, or you graduated from  Princeton University.

If your education background is that convincing, start with it. The objective, in that case, will be unnecessary.

This is especially true for recent computer science grads who don’t have much experience.

A recent CS undergraduate and a co-founder of a SaveIT student finance management service with an active internship at SAP software department is eager to join an ABC development team as a software engineer.

If you have experience in software development, that’s a different story.

Here’s how your Summary will look:

Software Engineer with 2 years of experience in building finance and audit solutions and co-founder of a SaveIT student finance management services is eager to join an ABC development team.

For a deeper dive into resume summaries, go to83 Resume Summary Examples & How-To Guide For 2021.

If you’re looking for an objective instead, read10+ Resume Objective Examples & How To Guide for 2021.

How to approach experience section in your Computer Science resume [with examples]

Any development practice such as student projects, internships, or contributions to open-source projects can be framed as part of your experience.

Below is an example of a typical experience section found in many computer science student resumes:

3 Computer Science student resume experience samples

Technical AssistantUniversity Lab
Performed programming activities to ensure website’s availability
Created a login form
Improved website functioning

One of the most convincing ways to describe your experience is to use the STAR framework, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

Here’s an example:

  • Situation: a lead developer for university lab website
  • Task: eliminate poor website performance during peak hours study hours
  • Activity: migrated the existing website’s database to a more optimal noSQL solution
  • Result: zero student complaints and 100% website uptime during peak study hours
Senior Student DeveloperUniversity Lab
As a lead developer for university lab website reduced its loading time by 80% migrating the existing Angular framework to Vue.js
Increased the website availability during peak study hours from 40% to 100%
Developed a cross-platform iOS / Android mobile app to enable students mobile access to the lab databases
Redesigned an existing UL website for mobile-first environment to ensure all campus students can use the lab website via their mobile devices

Always frame your experience in the context of the specific job description.

For example, if you’re applying for a database developer position, build your experience section around database development and management.

Include relevant technologies that you used to work with in your narrative. Don’t forget to apply the STAR framework:

Database Developer InternAnchor Solutions
Designed physical and dimensional data model to provide a centralized data warehouse access
Collaborated with a team of 6 developers, implementing SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS for data warehouse
Supported large user population processing multi-terabytes of data per project according to SLA 99,9%.
PRO TIPMentioning certain technologies from the job description in your resume allows you to bypass Applicant Tracking Systems that filter resumes based on certain keywords.

For more ideas on how to create an actionable resume experience section, check out our guideHow to Describe Your Resume Work Experience.

Let’s talk in detail about ATS filters and tech skills in the following Skills section.

Computer Science resume skills list

First, you need to prioritize the skills that the current job description requires.

This will help you to pass automatic HR filters and prove your relevance to the job.

Take a look at this snippet from a real job description:

  • Minimum of 1-year experience in programming and software development using at least two programming languages, preferably Java, C++, Python, Node.js and/or R
  • Knowledge of development and deployment on a cloud-based environment like IBM BlueMix, AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Use Git, Bitbucket and Jira applications in embedded software design.

You will list those in your Skills section first. However,never lie on your resume. You should only list those skills that you’ve had direct experience with.

How to put technical skills on your Computer Science resume:

Software Engineering
Java, C++, PythonAWSGit, Jir