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Apr 13, 2023 1 min read

How do you choose a professional email address for a resume?

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Choosing a professional email address for your resume is an important step in presenting a professional image to potential employers. Here are some tips to help you choose a suitable email address:

  1. Keep it simple: Use your first and last name as your email address. Avoid using numbers or symbols, as they can appear unprofessional. Emails such as john.doe@gmail.com are great for business purposes. If your name is already taken, consider adding a middle name or an initial, changing the order of your names in your email address or abbreviating your first name to an initial.
  2. Be consistent: Use the same email address across all your professional platforms, including your resume, LinkedIn, and any other professional networks.
  3. Avoid using email addresses including nicknames: Email addresses such as "cutiepie123@gmail.com" or "xXx_rocker_chick_xXx@hotmail.com" are not appropriate for a professional resume.
  4. Check for typos: Double-check your email address for typos and errors, as a misspelled email address could result in your resume being sent to the wrong recipient or not reaching the intended recipient at all.
  5. Bonus: Use your own domain: If you have your own domain name, consider using an email address associated with it. For example, if your domain name is "johndoe.com", your email address could be "john.doe@johndoe.com".

Here’s how your resume header should look like with a professional email address:

John Doe
Customer Success Manager
555 555 5555
New York

In conclusion, choose a simple and professional email address that is consistent with your name and other professional platforms. Avoid using personal email addresses and ensure that your email address is free of typos and errors.

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