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Powered by ChatGPT, Enhancv is the easiest way to create a tailored resume containing all the right keywords, improve your writing & highlight your strengths.

Build your resume with AI
AI Resume Builder

3,908 happy customers shared their experience.

Our resumes get people hired at top companies


AI resume writer, powered by ChatGPT

Enhancv wraps the power of ChatGPT in a quick interface that ensures you can focus on creating a resume, rather than switching between tools. Fine-tuned to deliver professional suggestions, the Enhancv ChatGPT AI assistant takes you one step closer to the next step in your career.
Powered By ChatGPT

Nail the keywords, beat the ATS

Use them to identify the high-impact keywords that must be on your resume for each job application.

Nail the keywords, beat the ATS
Nail the keywords, beat the ATS

Improve your writing

Besides the bread & butter spelling & grammar checks, the Enhancv AI assistant helps you re-write your bullets to show impact and focus on your achievements.

Improve your writing
Improve your writing

AI-Tailored resume summary

Win the recruiter's attention with an AI-tailored resume summary based on the job ad, and a title optimized for keywords in the job.

AI Tailored resume summary

Highlight your strengths

Stand out from other applicants with a dedicated section to showcase your competitive advantages. Applicants often stumble in writing this section, so our fine-tuned ChatGPT Assistant generates amazing suggestions for you.

Highlight your strengths

Beautiful ATS-friendly templates made with AI

We optimized these resumes for applicant tracking systems (ATS) using the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT - 4.
Pick your favorite template and use it as a starting point for your application.

A feature-packed resume builder

Check your resume for grammatical and punctuation errors
20+ Professionally designed resume sections
Resume tailoring based on the job you’re applying for
A feature packed resume builder
A feature packed resume builder

Create the perfect cover letter

Use the AI assistant to quickly create the perfect cover letter for each job application, based on your experience.

Create the perfect cover letter

Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile

Don’t have the time to start from scratch? Just upload your old resume, or add a link to your LinkedIn profile, and our resume builder will extract all the standard sections.

Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile
Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile
Start with your old resume or LinkedIn profile


Hands down the best and most intuitive resume builder I've used.
Alex Lafreniere
I transformed my wife’s boring resume into a professional and interesting resume using one of the templates. She was hired within weeks at the first job she applied for. The resume isn’t why she was hired, but it did get her through the door quickly.
Michael Mendoza
In just 20 days (or 3 weeks) of using Enhancv, I got a job that pays almost double what I was making. I highly recommend Enhancv.
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4.5 Rating
3,908 happy customers shared their experience.
Great resume tool: easy to use, user friendly, has a lot of templates, allows to make adjustments, move section/blocks, very convenient. Excellent and responsive service. Will take it again for sure.
The Enhancv resume tool was a game-changer for me. It helped my resume stand out from the bunch. I definitely will be recommending others in their job search to their website.
Christopher Q.
Very visually-stunning templates and modules that can be added. I spent a few hours working on converting my old 1998-style CV to a 2-page Enhancv, and very pleased with the outcome. Some nice visual options and styles that can get the right message across.
Terence Smith
I used Enhancv service to create a resume that got recruiters attention. One of the areas that stood out was the ability to customize my resume to the position I was after. I would use your service again and tell anyone looking to create a resume to use your service. Thank you!
Brett Wilson

AI resume builder FAQs

What is an AI resume builder?

An AI resume builder is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist users in creating their resumes. These tools often have features like customized templates, content suggestions, optimization for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), custom tailoring, feedback, and revision options.

What features does Enhancv’s AI resume builder offer?

Enhancv offers a range of AI features to help you create your resume with ease:

  • Templates and customization: AI resume builders typically offer a variety of templates that users can choose from. These templates are designed to be both visually appealing and to meet the standards expected in different industries.
  • ChatGPT-powered resume content writing and suggestions: Enhancv suggests content based on your input. For example, after entering your job history, you will receive suggestions for expanding upon your professional accomplishments or skills that align with your experience.
  • Optimization for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): These systems are used by employers to screen resumes before they are seen by a human. Our builder suggests keywords and phrases that are likely to be favorable in these systems based on your job title.
  • Feedback and revision suggestions: we’ve got a resume checker that provides feedback on the overall quality of the resume, including suggestions for improving layout, grammar, and wording.

How do I use ChatGPT on my resume?

You can use ChatGPT on your resume for a range of activities, related to resume building, including:

  • Rewriting or writing from scratch difficult-to-write resume sections, such as your resume summary and job descriptions.
  • Making your resume bullet points more action and performance-oriented.
  • Suggesting skills and other keywords to include in your resume based on a job title.
  • Suggesting extra sections that can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Using your resume as a starting point for an interview preparation mockup.
  • Using your resume as a base for writing your cover letter.

Can recruiters tell if my resume was written by ChatGPT?

As long as your application is customized with your job history and accomplishments, it’s unlikely that recruiters can tell if you used ChatGPT. ChatGPT can only help improve your resume writing, but lying on a resume is unacceptable.

Are resumes scanned by AI?

Resumes in some companies are scanned by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which may or may not have AI features. These systems parse resumes and match them with job descriptions. Enhancv’s resume templates are tested for ATS compatibility, though a 100% parsing rate is not guaranteed due to varying ATS models because the content of the resume is more important for ATS-friendliness than the template itself.

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Enhancv Executive has changed my life: One week & four interviews later, I will be making 150% more doing the job I chose.
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