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Professional Data Analyst Cover Letter Example for 2023

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Data Analyst cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

Mac Kelly
Data Analyst
(558) 333-1333
Cover Letter
Dear Sam,

 As a data professional, I am excited and privileged to have found this opportunity of being a data analyst in a meaningful industry and a passionate company. As a continuous follower of the science & analytics field, my qualifications align with the practical and technical skills that you seek. My achievements in subjects that develop communication, data analysis, and visualization abilities constitute my capabilities in the field. I am certain that I have what you need and would become a beneficial extension to the company.
I just love the whole process of gathering and interpreting data from a variety of sources to help the organization improve the quality of sales and enhance the customer experience. I'd love to automate internal and external reports, creating executive-level dashboards, and presenting information to help executives and others understand the operational impact of the data.
I would be thrilled to work at a meaningful organization like yours where my work would be highly beneficial to the organization. Please refer to my attached resume for additional information regarding my proficiencies and achievements. I am positive that I am the best fit for this job and would like to request an interview to follow up on my background and expertise. Given an opportunity, I can assure you that I would be a loyal and valuable employee over the years to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Mac Kelly

Data analyst cover letters are a must if you are really passionate about interviewing for a certain job.

They are the perfect opportunity to outline your technical and soft skills and also to highlight your enthusiasm.

If you have never written a cover letter, or you need a quick reminder of what to include, we have the perfect step-by-step guide for you.

So read on to find out how to write that job-winning data analyst cover letter, and remember to check out our sample below.

Read a real data analyst cover letter example

What to write in a data analyst cover letter

Cover letters denote the most important elements (skills, achievements) within your resume - and also highlight your commitment to the application process.

The thing to remember is to keep them short and sweet.

If you’re not sure how long your cover letters should be - check out this guide about the perfect length of your cover letter.

But more information about writing your data analyst cover letter, you will find in the article below.

We'll also be showcasing:

  • the art of the salutation and powerful introduction;
  • skill-word optimization;
  • how to seize the opportunity to show you've done your homework;
  • ending on a high note;

…and a few practical tips that may come in handy when you're writing your cover letter for a data analyst role.

Choose the right salutation

Your data analyst cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your attention to detail.

Thus, those small, insignificant - or so you may think - details make a world of difference.

That's why it's essential to start your cover letter the right way - with the correct salutation.

Of course, this would depend on whether you do or don't know the name of the recruiter.

In the first scenario, you can use any of the following salutations:

  • Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs [Last Name],
  • Dear [First and Last Name],

While in the second scenario, we recommend:

  • To the [name of team you are applying for a position in] Department,
  • Dear [title of the person you would report to],
  • Dear [position title] Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [name of team or department you’re applying for a position in],

This may be common knowledge, but you want to put your best foot forward from the very start.

And still not sure how to start off your cover letter?

Check out our extensive guide on the best way to address your data analyst cover letters here.

Craft a strong introduction

Now that you've written a proper greeting, we come across one of the most important parts of your cover letter.

The introduction.

Most recruiters may just read these first few sentences - that's why you should put a bit more thought into them.

The introduction should consist of two parts - each long about a sentence, as the cover letter isn’t a detailed retelling of your resume. But rather telling the story of your most-prominent professional achievements.

On a side note - if you want to find out more about how to tell stories within your cover letter, check out this article – How to Tell a Story on Your Cover Letter.

Within the first part of your introduction, you should answer why the company should choose you for the data analyst role.

Consider why your experience makes you the best candidate for the role.

So here you can briefly mention your 2 or 3 proudest achievements - with a focus on outcomes and results.

For example - "The databases I've created, serves as a company-wide knowledge center used to train new employees."

Rather than - "I have done 2 databases."

If you're still struggling, you can do a bit of reverse engineering in your writing.

Here's how:

  • Check out the requirements within the job advert and list 2/3 skills that are most common.
  • Use your experience to illustrate those skills with achievements (again, results first).
  • What follows is the second part of your introduction - which looks at the future.

Think about how you'd make the team, role, or company better - what you'd bring to the table.It could be your technical knowledge, but also a set of soft skills that you possess.

Your cover letter introduction is the opportunity to make a memorable, focused, and systematic experience for the recruiters.

Emphasizing your data analyst skills in your cover letter

Next follows the body of your cover letter - it's an opportunity to go further into detail about your specific skill set.

When writing about your skills, always quantify your achievements.

This goes to show that you haven't merely done a specific task, but rather that you're focused, results-oriented, and wish to achieve more.

Also, remember how in the introduction we recommended you use the job description for inspiration?

Well, this strategy is also good for passing the applicant tracking system (ATP) with your cover letter.

If the job description lists specific skills and requirements, make sure you include them in the body of your cover letter.

Sort of like keywords.

An example of such technical skills could be your knowledge of:

  • SQL,
  • R,
  • Python,
  • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets),
  • Mathematical/statistical skills.

And if you're still wondering what skills you should write about - consider what you're best at or what you love the most about your current position.

Including this within your cover letter would show a sense of emotion and attachment to your work.

On a final note about the cover letter body - don't forget about your soft skills. Within the panel below, you'll find our recommendations.

pro tip icon
Top Data Analyst Soft Skills for Cover Letters
  • Interpersonal communication - your role would be to make data accessible for different departments within the organization/company. That's why an ability to communicate with different departments and colleagues is a definite must.

  • Presentation skills - data analysts make complex data sets more user-friendly. Think about a scenario where you have translated and presented data using both your technical and communication skills.

  • Problem-solving - the ever-present question within your work: "how to get from x to y"? Make sure your cover letter can illustrate scenarios where you have faced similar situations.

Show that you did your research before applying

How do you further highlight your engagement for the data analyst role within your cover letter?

Within the second-to-last paragraph of your letter, you have the opportunity to show that you've done your homework about the company.

In a couple of sentences, you can write about:

  • the problems they are facing and how you aim to solve them,
  • company-wide achievements and recognitions and what impresses you about them.

Think of this as a section where you can present more than just technical and soft skills - but rather that passion to work in this company.

The final call to action

And so you’ve finally reached the ending of your cover letter.

This is the time to express gratitude to the recruiters for reviewing your application and also to propose the next action steps.

The final paragraph of your cover letter should include an active call to action - whether that’s to organize an interview or an initial call to find out more about the role.

It really is up to you, but make sure you leave a good impression.

Key takeaways

  • Data analyst cover letters are an opportunity to outline your experience by showcasing your interest in the position
  • Always keep your data analyst cover letters short, sweet, and with intent
  • When listing your achievements, make sure you quantify them
  • When in doubt, check back the job requirements for inspiration regarding skill set and achievements
pro tip icon
Pro tip

Make sure you proofread your cover letter - paying special attention to formatting, precise numbers, and paragraph style. A clear, concise, and formatted cover letter shows not only purpose but also a keen eye for details.

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