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Cover Letter Builder
Cover Letter Builder on Mobile

Build your cover letter now. First, choose a design.

Compact cover letter template
Basic cover letter template
Timeline cover letter template
Modern cover letter template
Classic cover letter template
Multicolumn cover letter template

No need to go through the torturing process of writing a cover letter. Let the Enhancv cover letter generator do the heavy lifting – simply follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll have a generated draft in less than a minute.

Furthermore, you can easily make edits and tailor your cover letter to the different jobs you apply for. Pair them with a resume to match and keep track of your applications through the Enhancv dashboard.

Get a cover letter to be proud of!

Cover Letter Download Step 1
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 1 Perk

Fill in your details.

Cover Letter Builder Download Step 2
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 2 Perk

Tailor to your needs.

Cover Letter Builder Download Step 3
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 3 Perk
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 3 Perk

Customize your design.

Cover Letter Builder Download Step 4
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 4 Perk
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 4 Perk
Cover Letter Builder Download Step 4 Perk

Check for errors and download.

A feature-packed, yet streamlined cover letter builder

Easy to implement design

Enhancv’s design team has worked hard on creating beautiful looking, attention-grabbing designs that will help your cover letter stand out. Easily switch between background and color variations depending on the level of formality.

Cover Letter Builder Pack 1
Cover Letter Builder Pack 2

Real-time spell check

Never send a cover letter with a typo ever again! Take advantage of our real-time spell checker and get a cover letter that makes your personality stand out.

State-of-the-art cover letter generator

Beat the writer’s block with our cover letter generator. Follow our directions, let us know a bit more about your experience, skills, and greatest accomplishments, and get your cover letter made for you thanks to our industry-leading creative technology.

Cover Letter Builder Pack 3
Cover Letter Builder Pack 4

Download your cover letter in PDF

The PDF format is preferred by applicant tracking systems and recruiters alike. Keep your cover letter design and content intact. Ensure that nothing is out of place and your cover letter looks exactly how you sent it.

Use industry examples to start your cover letter

Kickstart your cover letter writing by following a cover letter that proved successful for someone in your industry.

Start with cover letter examples
Cover Letter Builder Pack 6

Pair with a resume to match

Use the same design on your cover letter and resume. Use our intuitive resume builder to create a matching resume and stand out to hiring managers.

Cover Letter Examples for Inspiration

QA Engineer
QA Engineer cover letter template
Dentist cover letter example
Entry Level Engineer
Entry Level Engineer cover letter example
Data Engineer
Data Engineer cover letter example
English Teacher
English Teacher cover letter example
Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager cover letter example

People from all over the world love our cover letter builder

In just 20 days (or 3 weeks) of using Enhancv, I got a job that pays almost double what I was making. I highly recommend Enhancv.
Gave my resume and cover letter the aesthetic facelift I was looking for!! Great templates and service, definitely would recommend!
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4.5 Rating
3,908 happy customers shared their experience.
Having feedback to improve cover letter wording helped me increase my hiring process hit rate. After 6 months of using Enhancv and multiple interview processes, I got a new job!
Everything is perfect with Enhancv: the design of my resume, the bold and bright sections that I could add or remove depending on the job I apply for, the tips when describing my work experience. The vast choice of examples of cover letters and resumes help me a lot to pick up the best template for me.
Great tool, easy to use, and provide great help from graphical and content perspectives on CVs and cover letters. Highly recommended!

Frequent questions we get asked about cover letters:

What is a cover letter builder?

A cover letter builder is an online tool that helps you make a cover letter. The Enhancv cover letter builder goes one step further and provides you with a cover letter generator tool as well – helping you beat the writer’s block and create high-quality cover letters with little to no writing.

Should I use a cover letter builder?

A definite yes! Gone are the days of spending days crafting an application for a company – just tell your story, use our cover letter builder and never worry about having a readable, presentable cover letter. Our tool handles that for you.

What is the best cover letter builder for 2024?

Enhancv is the best cover letter builder you can find out there. Not only do we develop software that helps you get your dream job, but we also have a team of highly skilled career coaching experts who’ve gone over every cover letter example on our platform that you can use to kickstart your cover letter.

Is your cover letter builder free?

You can create a fully customized cover letter for free using Enhancv. You can create a matching resume for free as well. We do have paid plans that you can see on our pricing page.

What cover letter format should I follow?

All successful cover letters follow pretty much the same structure. The best format you can follow is: Salutation

Read an in-depth guide on the topic: How to Format a Cover Letter

What should a cover letter include?

Your cover letter should focus on the most important career accomplishment you’ve had that’s relevant to the position you’re applying for. It should back this up by giving concrete examples. Your cover letter should also show your personality to the hiring manager, so don’t just rephrase your resume. Complement it!

Do I need a cover letter for every job I apply for?

Cover letters are meant to show how you see yourself in the future if you get the job. You don’t need a brand new cover letter for every job you apply for, but it’s a good practice to tailor your cover letter to match the position and the skills needed for the job.

What tone of voice should I use in my cover letter?

Stick to a professional tone for your cover letter. You can go with a more relaxed tone if the company you’re applying for is more of a creative one, but generally, you want to keep things professional. Explore our cover letter examples to see what fits best for your industry.

How long should a cover letter be?

Ideally, you’re looking at 300-450 words in length. There’s no need to write a full-page – just focus on the things that are most relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Read more about cover letter length here: How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

Should my cover letter compliment my resume?

Yes! You don’t want to say the same things in your resume and cover letter.You want to use the cover letter as a continuation of your resume.

In other words, focus your cover letter on the future and how you want to grow as a professional. Keep your resume full of facts and accomplishments. It’s always a good idea to keep your resume and cover letter matching. You can use our resume builder for that.


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