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Convert your LinkedIn profile into a resume in a matter of seconds using Enhancv’s LinkedIn resume builder.

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AI resume builder, powered by ChatGPT

Using the most advanced AI technologies and the power of ChatGPT, you can get your LinkedIn information transferred to your resume in just a few seconds.
Powered By ChatGPT

A feature-packed resume builder

Check your resume for grammatical and punctuation errors

20+ Professionally designed resume sections

Resume tailoring based on the job you’re applying for

Your linkedin data in resume

Your LinkedIn data in a resume

Don’t have the time to start from scratch? Just add a link to your LinkedIn profile, and Enhancv’s LinkedIn resume builder will extract all the standard sections and populate your resume.

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LinkedIn Resume Builder FAQs

What’s a LinkedIn Resume Builder?

A LinkedIn Resume Builder is a tool that converts your LinkedIn profile to a resume so you can quickly apply for a job using optimized resume templates.

How does the LinkedIn Resume Builder work?

When you provide your public LinkedIn URL, our system will automatically extract all your experience and content and populate everything in your resume.

Do employers prefer to look at a LinkedIn or a resume?

It’s best to have both your LinkedIn profile and your resume updated when you apply for jobs. The best way to sync both is to use our LinkedIn resume builder.

Does LinkedIn have a resume builder?

There is a way to export your LinkedIn profile as a PDF resume, but LinkedIn lacks specific resume formatting features, such as templates, resume tailoring, and ATS checker, which are all available in our resume builder, once you convert your LinkedIn to an Enhancv resume.

How do I convert my LinkedIn profile into a resume?

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is set to Public, that you have sufficient information in it, and that you have filled the Summary, Experience, and Education sections at least.
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