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Modern Resume Templates

Modern, creative resumes are sure to wow recruiters. To get started, click an image below and simply replace the template text with your own. It’s really that easy!

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Many more colours, backgrounds, sections and icons available in the resume editor.

An elegant design featuring a visually pleasing layout and easy-to-read format that emphasizes your strengths and accomplishments.

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Many more colours, backgrounds, sections and icons available in the resume editor.

Perfect for creating a one-page resume, highlighting your skills and projects. Great for software engineers and developers.

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Double Column

Many more colours, backgrounds, sections and icons available in the resume editor.

A popular choice for many roles, including customer support, programming and marketing.

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Many more colours, backgrounds, sections and icons available in the resume editor.

The top template for positions such as upper management, project managers, and product owners in 2023.

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Many more colours, backgrounds, sections and icons available in the resume editor.

A visually striking template that highlights your header and entices recruiters to continue reading. Suitable for any industry.

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Many more colours, backgrounds, sections and icons available in the resume editor.

A one-page resume template tailored for professionals with a lot of experience in upper-management roles.

What is a modern resume template

The modern resume template has key characteristics making it stand out among alternatives. It features a unique layout with left-aligned content usually using two columns, bold fonts with and italicized letters, and vivid colors. White spaces, graphical elements, and icons are often applied to emphasize certain sections. Modern resume templates also demonstrate the typical use of action verbs. The accent is on strong Summary, Skills, and Achievements sections that are close to the top, so they could be right in front of the eyes of the recruiter. Read on and learn how to write a modern resume.

When to use modern resume templates

  • Personality: If you think that you are a fresh, innovative, and forward-thinking person who wants to work for a contemporary company then a modern resume template is a sure way to signal potential employers that you are on the same page with them.

  • Professional field: Modern resume templates are especially well received in industries such as IT, Marketing, Design, Media, Tech, and others. They are not appropriate in conservative industries. These templates make a lot of sense if you apply for a job in a creative industry.

  • Company: Modern resume templates are very popular for startups, trendy and youthful companies, and companies categorized as hip. They appeal to a young audience, young management, and young staff. If you apply to companies such as Google, Tesla, Shopify, Facebook, Spotify, and others alike then a sleek modern resume template is the right choice.

  • Position: The modern resume template could be appropriate if you apply for any position and at any level of the hierarchy. They can do magic if you have limited work experience because with them you can add sections such as Social Media, Hobbies, Skills, and Achievements. These sections may not be entirely related to your official job experience but it’s a trick you can use to turn a problem into an opportunity. As a result, your resume will look completed and will present you in the best light possible, showing some of your advantages that might otherwise remain hidden. Nevertheless, avoid using modern templates for conservative industry applications.

  • Background, Education: Modern resume templates are extremely suitable for someone with a creative background and education. They are also excellent choices for tech persons. If you have received an education in the field of design, the modern resume template could turn into your drawing board and give you a chance to shine.
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Pro tip
Use vivid colors to highlight the headings of your modern resume sections. This will add personal touch and flavor to your resume. Do not use more than three colors. The bold structure and attractive design elements help you achieve a more professional look and could compensate if you lack work experience.

10 Tips to build the best modern resume


The use of graphics and icons is a strong advantage of modern resumes. They will attract the attention of the recruiter and could be used as an accent for different sections such as Achievements or Skills. Use icons and graphics in moderation, otherwise you risk looking immature.

The sections of the modern resume template are divided by white spaces and lines. This results in much higher readability and makes the resume skimmable.


We recommend you use bold and light fonts such as Rubik, Verdana, Helvetica Neue, Georgia. The use of bolded words is also acceptable in case the candidate wants to emphasize something.

Fonts such as Times New Roman are considered not that screen-friendly nowadays. They are outdated, and you will make a bad impression if you use them.


If you want a modern resume, try bright and vivid colors that catch attention. You can use blue, green, purple, or orange but do not use more than 3 different colors on your resume. Use darker colors instead of lighter ones such as yellow because they are more appropriate if the background is white.



The header plays an important role in modern resume templates. It includes a name, contact information, and sometimes social media links. The name is bolded, which speaks of your confidence. It is one of the main accents of the resume. You may include a headshot or some type of avatar to even further accentuate your confidence. Photos of candidates are not required by law in many jurisdictions to avoid any chance of discrimination. Nevertheless, modern resumes often include a photo, logo, or avatar to demonstrate to the recruiter that behind the application there is a real person. Another strong accent is a heading statement that tells the recruiter who you are in a few words. Below the header, you could divide your content into two separate columns. After that, you can start with your Summary section on the left side column, packing it with action verbs and describing your highest achievements and advantages in 2-3 sentences.

Main Sections

On top is the Job experience section, where each position’s description is listed out using bullet points in reverse chronological order starting from the most recent one. Try to use action verbs that are relevant to the job posting. Then follows the Education section, designed in the same manner. Your most recent education course is first and then the other ones. Use bullet points and short descriptions of your education courses, especially if they are related to the position you apply for. On the right side column, you can include an achievement and/or a Skills' section just opposite of the Summary and Job Experience sections. Both sections only include claims that are backed up by the information in the Job Experience and Education sections.

Additional Sections

Another unique feature of the modern resume template is the possibility to include additional sections such as Quotes, Interests, Hobbies, Projects, etc. that will give the recruiter a better idea of who you are and will compensate in case of little work experience.

Sections to Skip

That would be the Resume objective section. Nowadays, you can easily customize your resume when applying for different jobs. The practice in the past was to just walk in personally and hand your resume to a receptionist for further consideration. Today you can apply for a particular job and there is no need to explain your objectives because they are self-explanatory.

Number of columns

There is no real rule here. You can use one or two columns. Although we recommend using the two columns format for the simple reason that the most important information in the form of Contact Information, Summary section, Achievements, and Skills are in the upper part of the template and right in front of the eyes of the recruiter. The two columns look more presentable and professional and show you made an effort to arrange your resume.

Number of pages

The Industry standard applies. Expect an additional page for every 10 years of work experience. Ensure the content is relevant and not just filler. One-page resumes are great, but if you need to include more information better do it on two pages instead of using smaller fonts. The recruiter would rather read a longer resume than try to make sense of cluttered documents.

What language/tone of voice to use

The modern resume contains strong action verbs that present the candidate as an energetic and eager employee. The content needs to create a feeling of freshness as opposed to dry, artificial resumes.
If you're applying for a creative position, don't be afraid to get a little creative on your résumé.
Rebecca Serle, author and television writer

Modern resume template pros and cons

  • The Modern Resume Template has a bold style that makes your resume stand out compared to others.
  • This type of resume template helps you make the point that you understand startup culture and will blend in with a certain type of team.
  • Unusual colors present you as a modern and innovative person. The resume stands out compared to standard resumes.
  • Modern Resume templates do not work well if you look for a more formal look.
  • The main advantage of the modern resume template, which is the clear layout can also be a challenge as it adds up to the overall length of the resume.
  • Skillfully used color will make the resume stand out but using too much color will distract the reader from the core content

Frequently asked questions about modern resume templates

How do you write a modern resume?

The modern resume is all about focusing on relevant content that is emphasized by vivid colors, bold fonts, a two-column layout (in some cases), and a lot of white space. Strong start with action verbs packed in the Summary section and accents on the Achievements and Skills sections on top of the resume is another significant characteristic of the modern resume.

Should your resume have color?

Yes. Bright and vivid colors are used as accents on the sections' headings. The colors give a modern look and feel to the resume.

Is a modern resume template better than a traditional one?

If done the right way, it will give you an advantage over other candidates. If you apply for a more formal position, then you better stick with the traditional form.

Is it unprofessional to use a modern resume template?

Not at all. When you have relevant content styled in a bold, attractive, screen-friendly, easy to read format then you have a head start. Just be aware that in a very conservative industry, modern layouts are not appropriate.