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A Comprehensive Guide to a Job-Winning Pricing Analyst Resume (Examples Included)

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Updated on 2021-04-21

Every business dreams of skyrocketing their revenue.

As a pricing analyst, you’re a vital part of helping them achieve that goal.

But how can you prove that on your resume?

Pricing analysis is a complex job. Hiring managers are looking for candidates that have what it takes to excel.

They want to see that you have:

  • The technical skills
  • An ability to communicate well
  • Relevant training and experience

If you can’t prove that you have these three factors on your resume, you won’t land an interview.

But don’t worry, this guide will teach you how to write a pricing analyst resume that sets you apart.

This Pricing Analyst Resume Guide Will Teach You:

  1. 6 pricing analyst resume samples that show your technical competency
  2. How to personalize your resume for the job you’re applying for
  3. Ways to integrate quantitative data that builds trust with the hiring manager
  4. 29+ examples of technical and soft skills to showcase in your resume

Pricing Analyst Resume Samples

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How to Write a Pricing Analyst Resume

You are the mediator between a mountain of complex data and industry-specific pricing recommendations.

Your resume shows how you’ve done this in the past.

Pricing analyst jobs require human psychology and analysis skills.

The most successful pricing analyst applicants showcase a balance of math and analytics with a range of essential soft skills.

Add in technical skills that show you can handle financial modelling, price response estimation, and marketplace analytics.

Highlight your communication and problem-solving skills in your work experience section.

How did you work with the sales and marketing team to boost profits every quarter?

Did you work on multiple accounts at once, liaising with high-profile clients?

Quantitative data will set you apart from other candidates on your Pricing Analyst resume.

For example, how did your pricing recommendations increase profits?

Most importantly, personalize your Pricing Analyst resume to the job’s industry and the job posting itself.

Are they looking for a pricing analyst experienced in the pharmaceutical industry? Do they want someone experienced with large companies that generate over $50 million in revenue per year?

Make this the focus on your resume.

Here’s What a Recruiter Will Look For In Your Resume

  • What industry are you most experienced in? Agricultural? Food and beverage?
  • Do you have a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree?
  • Do you have the required soft skills to do well? (Examples: written and verbal communication)
  • Do you have proven results in price analysis? Have you generated more revenue for a company in the past?

The Most Important Sections of a Pricing Analyst Resume:

  • Resume header that grabs the recruiter’s attention
  • Resume summary that keeps them reading
  • Resume experience
  • Education and certifications are essential
  • Technical and soft skills — both are needed in pricing analyst resumes

Answering these questions will improve the impact of your resume. It all starts by writing a captivating resume header.

How to Write an Informative Pricing Analyst Resume Header

First impressions are made from your resume header. It’s at the very top of the page!

Let’s say you’re applying for a large food and beverage company as a senior-level Pricing Analyst.

This is what your original header may look like:

Taylor Wayne
Pricing Analyst


San Diego, CA

This resume header is basic and general.

It won’t stand out from other candidates who’ll have an identical header.

Let’s paint a better picture about who you are with more context in your pricing analyst resume header.

Taylor Wayne
Food & Beverage Sr. Pricing Analyst



San Diego, CA

Hiring managers know right away that you’re a senior-level Pricing Analyst with food and beverage experience. 

It’s also a good idea to include your LinkedIn profile URL in your header. The hiring manager can take a look for more information about you.

Tell Your Story in Your Pricing Analyst Resume Summary

A Pricing Analyst resume summary should instantly prove to the hiring manager that you’re qualified for the role and passionate about the industry.

Not only can prepare and analyze pricing proposals, but you can present them in an engaging way to key decision makers too.

Here are two summary upgrades that will impress the hiring manager:

  • Include real-life quantitative data that proves your past success
  • Research the job posting and use the same keywords they do in your summary

2 Pricing Analyst Resume Samples - Summary

Here’s an example of what not to do.

Experienced pricing analyst seeking a new full-time role at an innovative company.

This example will not land the candidate an interview. Why not?

  • It doesn’t list how many years of experience they have as a pricing analyst.
  • There’s no indication of what industry they’re familiar with. Transportation? Agriculture? Who knows.
  • Uses fluffy words like “innovative”, which makes it obvious that the candidate hasn’t personalized the resume to the job role.
  • There is no mention of their past success in their roles, or any note of their qualifications as a pricing analyst.

Let’s give it another try.

A senior-level pricing analyst with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Evaluated Competitive Price Index and identified opportunities to optimize profitability. Increased profit margins at top pharma brand by 25% in two years.

This summary makes a strong impact. It’s clear and concise, while still being specific and personalized to the job role. It includes those summary upgrades we talked about before in the form of clear numbers and relevant keywords.

PRO TIPPersonalize your resume summary to the position you’re applying for and mirror the same keywords they use. Do they want someone with 10+ years of experience? Or is presenting proposals a key responsibility of the role? Mention these points in your summary!

Quantitative Data Is Key on a Pricing Analyst Resume

A Pricing Analyst resume should be supported with data. Add quantitative data highlighting your past success throughout your professional summary.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Did you boost company efficiency?
  • How much did you increase their profit margin?
  • How many accounts did you manage at once?
  • What size team did you collaborate with?

Where’s another spot that quantitative data can really shine?

In your work experience section.

Let’s walk through how to write the most important section of your resume.

How Should You Describe Your Pricing Analyst Resume Experience?

The work experience section is where the hiring manager will be focusing most of their attention. If you want to land your dream pricing analyst job, it’s important that you get this section right.

We’ll show you how.

Your work experience section should emphasize two points:

  • Industry background
  • Positive impact

Read through the responsibilities listed in the job posting to grasp what the ideal candidate will be like.

For example, does the job role say you’ll need to monitor and update commercial price lists? List how you’ve done this before in your experience descriptions.

Pricing analysts can span across many industries. It’s important that you highlight which industries you have former experience with, since the industry standards will all be different.

And finally, show that you have the right mix of technical and soft skills through your work experience section. Later on, we have 29+ technical and soft skills you can choose from for your resume.

Let’s compare two pricing analyst resume examples for what works and what falls flat in the experience section.

2 Pricing Analyst Resume Experience Samples

Pricing AnalystSandkey Company
Maintained price lists
Reviewed price quotes
Used pricing strategies to create RFP’s

This experience section doesn’t inspire any confidence in the hiring manager reading. It only lists a few responsibilities, and doesn’t say anything about the positive impact the candidate made for the business.

When writing your experience descriptions, ask yourself, how did you help the company achieve their business objectives with your pricing strategies?

Pricing AnalystSandkey Company
Analyzed market rates and industry trends to develop pricing models that generated $10 million of profit.
Prepared 500+ RFP’s and presented them to key decision makers
Created excel macros within the pricing model to reduce the team’s workload by 500 hours
Boosted the profit margin by 20% in 2 years

This example uses real data to prove the impact the candidate made at the company. They helped generate profit, communicated their findings effectively, and improved the team’s efficiency.

All glowing remarks that will impress the hiring manager.

How to Describe the Duties of a Pricing Analyst on a Resume

Here are some examples of pricing analyst responsibilities you can add to your resume:

  • Provide pricing analysis
  • Evaluate industry standards and competitors
  • Use pricing models to measure product profitability
  • Monitor and update commercial price lists
  • Validate sales quotations for accuracy
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to craft proposals
  • Study consumer habits and pricing psychology
  • Create budgets

Does Your Pricing Analyst Resume Need an Education Section?

Education is essential as a pricing analyst, so your resume must have a strong education section.

A Bachelor’s degree is usually required for landing a pricing analyst job, and a Master’s degree will further boost your chances of getting hired. Relevant degrees include:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Accounting