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Typo on your resume? Here's what...
What do you do if you send a resume that has a typo? No worries, because we're here to help you with that.
Sep 8, 2022 3 min read

You’ve carefully written and reviewed your resume, hovered over the send button for a long time, and finally sent your resume to your next potential employer. But wait a minute. There’s a typo on the resume.

Your stomach drops as you realize the mistake. What should you do next? Read on to find out.

In this article, you'll learn

  • The consequences of a typo on your resume
  • If you should resend the resume after noticing the error
  • How to avoid typos on your resume

What if I made a typo on a resume? Is this a dealbreaker or not?

It might seem like the end of the world when you first realize there is a typo on your resume. However, a minor typo is unlikely to bar you from the job during the application process.

Minor typos happen occasionally and are not something to worry about. Minor typos include simple grammatical or spelling errors and maybe a mistake in tense use throughout your employment history.

On the other hand, major typos or mistakes on your resume might end your consideration for the position. Typical examples of these significant typos include misspelling the company name or providing incorrect information about your employment history.

Minor typos can become a more prominent issue if they happen consistently throughout the resume. While hiring managers will likely overlook one small error, a resume plagued by them presents an image of the applicant as sloppy and lazy.

Should I resend my resume if I notice the error?

Consider resending your resume if you notice multiple typos or other major resume mistakes after you click send. While it might feel awkward, there are professional ways to resend a resume.

Don’t try to resend your resume without acknowledging the corrections. A second email without an explanation is confusing for hiring managers and can lower your chances of getting the job.

It’s best to include a short explanation with your updated resume. Politely explain that you are sending an updated file and to please excuse you for the mistake. Communicating your actions is the best course of action, even if a few days have passed since you sent a resume with significant errors.

How to avoid typos on my resume

Let technology help you avoid typos on your resume to prevent making the mistake again. There are plenty of free and paid tools available to proofread your work.

Consider using the Enhancv resume builder to avoid typos. The built-in Content Suggestion software automatically checks your work for errors. It also provides specific feedback and language to improve your resume.

You can also enable grammar-checking on Microsoft Office or Google Docs to proofread as you write. Another excellent option is Grammarly, which provides plug-ins to further enhance the grammar check on Microsoft or Google Docs products.


A minimal typo on a resume you already sent to your potential employer probably won’t ruin your chances at the job. However, you can always send a corrected version a few days later.

Remember to proofread your resume carefully for typos to avoid the issue entirely. It is best to use grammar-checking software to assist you, such as the content suggestion tool on the Enhancv resume builder.

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