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Networking Skills: Resume Guide, Examples & Skill Set

Here are the top ways to show your Networking skills on your resume. Find out relevant Networking keywords and phrases and build your resume today.

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Having strong networking skills means being able to build and maintain interpersonal connections. When appropriately developed, networking skills can help you accelerate both your personal and professional development.

People with strong networking skills are perceived as sociable, easy-going, and often even influential individuals.

But when it comes to your resume, talking explicitly about your networking skills and adding them to your skills section is a big ‘no-no’. (Actually, that’s valid for most soft skills.)

Instead, you should focus on pointing out that you’re an active listener, a confident communicator, and someone who’s always up for a challenge.

Why are networking skills important on your resume

Although networking skills shouldn’t be listed explicitly in your resume, they are highly valued by recruiters.

Why? Because they prove three main things: that you’re a skilled communicator, that you have (probably) built a large professional network, and that you can contribute to the development of the company you work at.

Even if you’re not applying for a position in sales or marketing, knowing the right people is always a good thing.

What’s more, strong networking skills help you generate and exchange ideas with others, which would inevitably lead to increased opportunities for growth for both you and the company.

Being good at networking also boosts your confidence and contributes to your well-being. It empowers you to aim higher and achieve more.

But how do you showcase your networking skills on your resume? By sharing how they’ve helped you do better in the past and how you believe they would benefit you in the future.

And trust us, it’s way easier than it sounds. Hop on!

What skills, activities and accomplishments help you highlight your networking skills

Networking is not a skill per se. Rather, it consists of several different skills that all contribute to your ability to build a professional network and use it efficiently.

  • Communication and active listening: sounds obvious, yet you’d be amazed how many people lack communication and active listening skills and wonder why they struggle to build a professional network.
  • Emotional intelligence and positive attitude: networking is a positive-sum game if you treat it as such. Unfortunately, there are many people who treat is a negative-sum game and devote their time only to those who they view as ‘superior’. Understanding this and keeping a positive outlook when you find yourself in such situations is crucial for acting professionally at all costs.
  • Patience and organization: being patient and well-organized are intrinsically linked when it comes to networking. Finding the best people to talk to usually takes time and effort, and recruiters know that. So if you want to make a strong first impression, link your strong organization skills to your ability to build a connection with just about anyone.
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How to demonstrate networking skills on your resume:

  • Share how your ability to listen actively has helped you build a connection with someone important.
  • Describe times when keeping patient was necessary for reaching a goal.
  • Point out your ability to keep a positive attitude when faced with a tough situation.
  • Demonstrate how your communication skills have made it easy for you to establish meaningful friendships and partnerships.
  • Talk about times when you had to work with an uncooperative colleague and how you dealt with it.

Remember: adding the phrase ‘networking skills’ to your resume skills section is pointless. Something more - it might make your resume appear unprofessional and shallow.

And if we have to be completely honest – it would make recruiters think that you have no networking skills whatsoever.

So just try answering these questions instead:

  • How have your networking skills helped you succeed in your previous job?
  • Have you closed any deals / attracted new clients / secured new partnerships thanks to your strong networking skills?
  • When was the last time you found yourself in a conflict you had to resolve yourself?

We’ve collected some of the best resume snippets from real EnhanCV users to give you an idea of how you can highlight your networking skills in real life. Use them as inspiration to build your own resume!

Example 1: Demonstrate networking skills in the experience section

Chief Organizational Development Officer
Startup Hub LA
Los Angeles, CA
  • Built a community of over 670 young tech entrepreneurs
  • Led monthly strategic planning meetings with senior staff and board members
  • Came up with a rapid growth strategy that resulted in a 64% increase in members in just 6 months
  • Acted as the first point-of-contact for potential members

This chief organizational development officer has done a great job at linking their responsibilities to their networking skills.

It’s clear that they have strong networking skills, even though they have not stated this explicitly in their resume’s experience section.

Building a connection with strangers? Check.

Using their networking skills to benefit the organization? Check.

Linking their experience to their soft skills? Check.

Example 2: demonstrate networking skills in the resume summary section

A sociable Partnerships Manager with 11 years of experience in the advertising industry. I know over 170 effective tactics that have helped me close even the toughest deals.

Your resume’s summary should be no longer than 3-4 sentences. It needs to highlight one or two of your greatest strengths.

The resume summary of this partnerships manager proves both their expertise and their networking skills.

As mentioned above, networking is all about communication, perseverance, and keeping a positive mindset. The same goes for closing tough deals. A great example of killing two birds with one stone.

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Example 3: Show your networking skills in your achievements sections

Key Achievements
Increased the company’s email database by 700%
Created a mailing list that increased the company’s email database by over 700% in 13 months
Networking Premium
Organized a series of premium networking events for entrepreneurs and investors
27 Podcast Invites
I was invited to 27 startup-oriented podcasts in 2021 where I discussed my experience in moving to the US and starting my own business here

If you’re not sure where to list your major achievements, go for a separate section. You can also call it a ‘Most Proud Of’ section if you like.

This resume snippet highlights the applicant’s networking skills in a subtle and professional way. They have emphasized their ability to build relationships and turn them into valuable opportunities.

Looking for more reasons to add an ‘Achievements’ section? Read this article!

Example 4: Demonstrate the skill through other sections of your resume

Training / Courses
A Course on Building Connections
Effective Networking
Cross-industrial Communication
Volunteer Section
Volunteer Consultant
360 Consulting
360 Consulting is an NGO aimed at matching students interested in the consulting industry with small companies who need help solving their operational issues.

If you can, it’s always better to share how you’ve developed your networking skills and used them for non-commercial purposes.

Whether it’s a course you’ve taken or some volunteer position – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is showing the recruiter just how passionate you are about building lasting professional relationships.

Networking skills: key takeaways for your resume

  • Don’t mention your networking skills explicitly. Rather, focus on the things that help you build your professional network.
  • Use all sections of your resume. Add some out-of-the-box sections to make a strong first impression.
  • Share how your strong networking skills can benefit your future employer.
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