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Process Improvement Skills: Example Usage on Resumes, Skill Set & Top Keywords in 2021

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Updated on 2021-07-26

A Process Improvement Manager is responsible for maintaining efficiency in the workers and overall quality in the workplace. It’s a key role whose sole focus is to oversee existing business practices and improve it to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, reduce operation cost, and maximize company resources.

This is a key role but the same rule applies to it when it comes to the recruitment process. You need to state the right words and package your value proposition effectively to capture the recruitment manager’s attention in one look or bypass an ATS.

Here’s how you can do that.

How to use Process Improvement skills on your resume:

Project ManagerHeadsbase Inc.
Optimized payables and accounting processing times by 60% by executing six sigma process improvement to operations.
Identified loopholes & rolled out process improvement plans on projects generating 36% better cost performance (CPI)
Achieved $300K (26% of budget) savings in 2019 H1 via automation, process improvement and HC planning
Introduced new process improvement initiatives like C360, change management, RAPID model, etc
Launched a new smartwatch franchise (300+ SKUs) in over 20,000 channels across 40+ countries.
Launched several smart-phones in over 140 countries generating revenue in excess of $4B.
Led several high volume, low cost wireless products generating revenue in excess of $70M/Qtr.

Process Improvement fundamental skill set:

  • Data Analysis
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Project Management
  • Microsoft Office

PRO TIPSpeak in numbers when you’re gunning for a Process Improvement post. It’s the language of Improvement and it speaks of the results that you can bring to the company based on the past results you’ve achieved. Whether it’s for employee efficiency or business process, the ultimate measure of its success are numbers.

What jobs require Process Improvement skills:

  • Project Manager
  • Head Of It
  • Director Of Business Development Asst Director Of Sales
  • Consultant
  • Coo
  • Md, Leader Of Alliances With Doubleclick & Hp
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Finance Director
  • Managing Director (md), Google Cloud Alliance

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Process Improvement skills courses and certificates:

Here are the top related skills to Process Improvement:

Process Improvement popularity over time:

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While those skills are most commonly met on resumes, you should only use them as inspiration and customize your resume for the given job.

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