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Must-Have Skills in the Customer Service Industry on Your Resume for 2024

Here are the top ways to show your Customer Service skills on your resume. Find out relevant Customer Service keywords and phrases and build your resume today.

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Customer service is one of the foremost branches in every company that sells products or services. The advance in technology made customers expect and demand rapid fulfillment and quick solutions to problems in the digital era.

The business world has to keep up with the latest technological advancements and try to improve customer service and client experience at any given time.

That’s why hiring managers are looking for experts who are keeping up with the current customer service trends and have the needed skills to face the ever-changing technological world.

So, we prepared this detailed guide with the most crucial customer service skill trends for 2022.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Definition and explanation of the top hard and soft Customer Services skills with examples;
  • How to list Customer Service skills on a resume;
  • Where to include customer service skills on your resume;
  • How to match your skills to the job position;
  • Resume examples with Customer service resume skills.

Top customer service skills for your resume

Companies now are investing many resources to improve their customer service experience, and as a customer services employee, you should have the necessary expertise to manage your clients’ needs. To emphasize your customer services skills on your resume, you should demonstrate the most on-demand hard and soft skills a customer support person should possess.

Most popular customer service hard skills for your resume in 2022

Technical skills

To provide flawless customer service, you need some technical support skills and knowledge to use certain tools and the technologies required to use those tools. Here is a list of some of the most required tech skills in customer services and how to emphasize them on your resume:

Computer skills

Most jobs now require computers, mobile devices, or software applications, and customer services is one of those jobs. Computer skills help you efficiently use computer programs and applications. Some of the most common computer skills are using Microsoft Office, email communication, data visualization, spreadsheets, communication, and collaboration platforms or software.

Here one example to illustrate your computer skills: Created Excel spreadsheets to track customer data and perform an intense reconciliation process

Find out more about Microsoft Office skills in this article.

Data entry

Data entry is a large part of most customer service positions. It is the process of collecting and accurately entering customer information. This skill includes knowledge and understanding of using some specific software.

Here one example to emphasize your data entry skill: Utilized Siebel software for data entry of customer service information for accuracy and quality control

Read more about data entry on resume in this article.

Data analysis

Data analytics in customer service is collecting and analyzing data from customers to improve their experience and have a better understanding of the customer journey and behavior.

This is an example to showcase your data analytical skills: Reviewed live and recorded customer service and sales calls for quality assurance. Designed and implemented the customer service call scoring process to ensure exceptional customer service.

Read more about how to emphasize client management on your resume.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

CRMs should be familiar with the software and other equipment related to their industry. CRM for an online learning platform should understand the basic principles of how the software works, common user functions and installation.

This is an example to showcase your CRMs skills: Developed CRM training curriculum, instilling best practices for instructor led classes.

See examples of how Relationship Management is used in resumes.

Email management software

Email Management Software is an essential tool for communicating and reaching out to your customers. The ability and the knowledge to use email management tools can help evaluate and provide on-time support, reporting, and analytics insights of all the received emails.

This is an example to showcase your CRMs skills: Managed and tracked weekly large-volume (1 million and up) email blasts, triggered sends and email alerts within Front email platform

Read more how to emphasize client relations skills on your resume.

Communication tools

Most jobs now require computers, mobile devices, or software applications, and customer services is one of those jobs. Computer skills help you efficiently use computer programs and applications. Some of the most common computer skills are using Microsoft Office, email communication, data visualization, spreadsheets, communication, and collaboration platforms or software.

Here one example to illustrate your computer skills: Organize an open and connected structure for internal communication and managing all the projects between the customer service and sales team using the Basecamp platform. Increase the team’s efficiency by 40%.

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Digital literacy

Digital literacy skills are a person's ability to find, evaluate, and clearly communicate information through typing and other media on various digital platforms and continuously learn about new and emerging platforms and the appropriate communication styles for each of them.

Here one example to illustrate your digital literacy skills: Monitored phone, fax, and electronic database systems for incoming customer inquiries and responded in a timely manner via telephone, email, or in writing.

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Information and communications technology

ICT plays a vital role in new age customer service industry. There are basic ICT skills and technology needed to communicate efficiently. Candidates with theoretical understanding of topics like computer science and web development are on-demand in customer service industry.

Here one example to illustrate your ICT skills: Participate in the design and development of chatbots, AI, and system integrations. Find out more about artificial intelligence skills on resume

Selling Skills

A customer service team in the company has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the sales team. Forward-thinking sales organizations align their sales and customer service teams to improve customer experience and increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Here is a list of selling skills to emphasize on your resume.

Cross-Selling / Up-Selling

Upselling is the practice and the ability to encourage customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.

This is an example to showcase your Cross-Selling / Up-Selling skills: Achieved an 80% closing rate on upgrading systems to current clients and 40% in up-selling antivirus software to the existing clients.

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Telesales skills refer to the skills and qualities necessary to relate to the customer's needs and reassure them of your service may increase the customer satisfaction and comfort level. Telesales skills can improve customer satisfaction, help customers' journeys, and increase sales.

This is an example to showcase your Telesales: Converted 89% of phone calls into upgraded services. Check out our guide to Technical Sales Representative Resume

Business Communication

Business communication skills can encompass both hard and soft skills that help customer service professionals succeed in the workplace. Describing how your skills contributed to your past role can help employers get an idea of how you perform on the job.

Here is an example to demonstrate business communication skills. Maintained a strong knowledge of all products, services and promotions to guarantee the best service and experience for all clients.

You will also be interested in how to emphasize persuasion skills on your resume

Sales presentation

Sales Presentations skills are the abilities needed in the customer service industry to deliver a clear and short presentation of a solution to a client's problem that your product or service will give them a satisfying resolution.

Here is an example to demonstrate your sales presentation skills. Demonstrated excellent sales presentation skills by presenting the new product to current and new clients and was responsible for 20% of the total sales.

You will also be interested to learn more about Presentation Skills on resume.

Product and industry knowledge

Product and industry knowledge is a vital skill each customer service professional and sales manager should have. It is the ability to have a deep understanding of the industry of the business one works. Be highly knowledgeable about a product’s or service features and can clearly explain its benefits to a customer.

Here is an example to demonstrate these skills. Increased customer retention by demonstrating exceptional knowledge of our products and service - by 15% and added new customers increasing company production by 20%.

See more essential skills to add on your resume in 2022.

Top soft skills for customer service industry positions

Nowadays, employers consider soft skills either as important as or more important than hard skills. The key customer service skills are soft skills, because customer service role is considered as the human face of the company. This industry relies on employees who have positive attitude and create effective dialogue with customers, be helpful, emphatic and keep the positive image of the company.

Interpersonal skills

Every great leader is an even greater team player. Being able to be both a leader and a follower is an exceptional quality that’s highly appreciated by recruiters.

Some other interpersonal skills besides teamwork and leadership include communication skills, accountability, patience, conflict management, and even emotional intelligence.

A great way to mention interpersonal skills on your resume is by sharing how they’ve helped you resolve issues and gain success.

Read this article for some additional tips and tricks on showing strong interpersonal skills in your resume.

Active listening

Active listening is one of the most important skills in a customer service role. This is the ability to listen attentively and understand what customers are saying to provide appropriate feedback, help or assistants to them.

You can demonstrate your listening skills by give an example how you solve a problem or provide effective assistants to a customer

Read more about interpersonal skills in this article.


Conflict resolution

Conflicts at the workplace are common, but the more important thing is how you deal with them, especially if you are in a customer service role. The possibility for conflict exists when you have to communicate with different customers.

That’s way employees in customer service sector need to know how to resolve conflict and be equipped with the necessary skillset, like excellent communication skills, problem-solving and critical thinking.

You can demonstrate your conflict resolution skills by giving an example how you resolved a conflict issue with a customer or coworker.

You will also be interested to read about transferable skills on resume.

Time management

Time is of the essence in the customer service industry, and for many employees it is difficult to find the balance between speed and quality of service. Time management is the ability to organize your time efficiently, so you can finish your daily task on time.

You can incorporate your time management skills in your resume by using effective phrases on the summery and achievement section, like organized, planned, and prioritized work to finish your daily goals on time.

Learn more how to demonstrate your time management skills on your resume.


Decision-making is the process of evaluating risks and opportunities, gathering information, and taking action after analyzing the available options and circumstances. The ability to make a quick decision can help you do your job efficiently.

Demonstrated your decision-making skills on your resume by showing examples of how you evaluated risks and opportunities and made the best decisions to achieve your goals.

Detail tips and tricks how to emphasize your decision-making skills you will find in this article.


Problem-solving skills are the ability to define problems, come up with alternatives, assess the best course of action, and act on it. Problem-solving is an excellent customer service skill.

Demonstrate your problem-solving skills by providing an example of how you proactively sought out information to solve a problem and provide better customer service.

Read more about how to show your problem-solving skills on your resume.

How to list Customer Service skills on resume

Make sure the skills you list are relevant to the position

Before you start to write your resume for the chosen customer service job, you should carefully read the job description. Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills listed, so you can emphasize them on your resume section.

Remember to explain why your experience, skills, and prior achievements will benefit the company and help it grow. Customer service jobs are all about providing solutions, and prioritize the customers' needs at each step of the process.

To stand out of other candidates, you should list the skills that highlight your expertise in customer service software and tools.

Provide concrete examples with numbers

The hiring managers want to see on your resume how you apply your skills in real work situation and what make you an exceptional employee.

Describe your skillset with concrete examples with numbers to give the hiring manager a clearer picture of your accomplishments.

This examples with numbers can be how many calls you handle on a daily basis or what are your customer satisfactions rating compared to company average.

Be specific

This examples with numbers can be how many calls you handle on a daily basis or what are your customer satisfactions rating compared to company average.

One example can demonstrate more than one skill. These examples help the hiring manager to understand your skills and the scope of your abilities.

Where to include Customer Service skills on your resume

In the header section of your resume

The header of your resume is the section where you place your name and contact information. One of the most important lines there is the name of your current job tittle. Write it as specific as it can be because it represents your main skills and expertise.

Hari Parry
Customer Service Representative
+1 219-208-2791
Indiana, United States

Communicating your customer service skills in the summary section

The summary section of your resume is to summarize your experience and important skills in 1-3 sentences. Include your soft and hard skills that are more consistent with the job application.

Customer Service Representative with over two years of experience in answering inquiries, giving instructions, promoting products and services and solving complaints. Knowledgeable in working with the most popular customer service software, computers and telephone systems. With very good communication skills, ability to manage conflicts and to solve problems.

Showcasing your customer service resume skills in your experience bullet points

The resume experience section is where the hiring manager look to get to know your work experience better and see if you will be a good fit to the company. Spend an extra effort to provide detailed information about your employment history and how you apply your skills.

Customer Service Representative
Sensata Technologies
Attleboro, MA
  • Increased customer retention by 15% and added new customers, increasing company production by 20%
  • Demonstrated a strong record of accomplishment for working collaboratively on cross-functional and cross-culture teams
  • Tailored my communication to meet customer needs in an efficient and exemplary manner whether via phone, Email, or post
  • Utilized Siebel software for data entry of customer service information for accuracy and quality control

How to match your skills to the job position

Recruiters are leaving you lots of clues about what skills and experience they're after in the job description, advertisement or other media.

To really match your resume to the company you are applying in addition to reading the job description, check out the company LinkedIn page and corporate blog. Big companies often share information about their teams, human resources and key employees.

Spending a bit more time on the company online presence, you will get the bigger picture of the work and what your future employers will expect from you.

Related resume examples with customer service resume skills

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Key takeaways

  • Emphasizes your hard and soft skills that are specifically mention in the job application.
  • Use an attention-grabbing resume summary by listing your hard and soft skills.
  • Demonstrate your skills and abilities in the experience section by highlighting your relevant achievements rather than your daily responsibilities.
  • Match your resume to the company you are applying by adding phrases mentioned in the job description.
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