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Comprehensive Guide to Your Inside Sales Resume

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Updated on 2021-04-21

You keep applying for quality jobs with your Inside Sales resume, but get no offers in return.

Eager to land a good sales position, you rinse and repeat. Just need to send out 100 resumes, and you’ll get a job. After all, sales is a game of numbers, right?

Wrong. Ok, eventually you’ll get a job.

But don’t act all surprised when you end up in a boiler room of some shady business loan company with a 1-page script on your desk that screams: “150 calls a day. Go!”

If you want to land a good job in inside sales, and not in telemarketing, your resume should sell you that way.

Well, how do you write your resume then? That’s what this guide is for.

Our Inside Sales resume guide will show you

  • Examine 11 Inside Sales resume examples and identify their strong and weak sides
  • How to write an Inside Sales resume that convinces recruiters you’re the only candidate they need
  • How to make sure your Inside Sales resume presents you as an inside sales expert and not a telemarketer
  • How to structure your Inside Sales resume even if you don’t have much inside sales experience
  • What Inside Sales resumes grab recruiters attention and which ones are tossed out immediately

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Tips and tricks to write a job-winning Inside Sales resume

See, the thing is, there are quality inside sales jobs and then there are the rest.

With quality jobs, you generate high-grade leads, nurture and build rapport with your clients, utilize latest sales tools and CRMs, and sell good products along the way.

You also enjoy sweet sales commissions. That’s inside sales.

With other jobs, you call people on Sunday mornings, hear them shouting at you for interrupting  a family dinner, and then eagerly wait for them to hang up the phone.

That’s not inside sales, that’s telemarketing.

Every section of your resume should either properly present you as an experienced inside salesperson or a high-potential candidate for this job.

It matters a lot how you write about your experience, how list your technical skills and even how you shape your resume Summary.

Let’s take a look at the crucial sections of your inside sales resume.

Inside Sales Resume - Top Sections

  • Header with a proper title and a link to your LinkedIn social profile
  • Concise and eye-grabbing Summary section with your key sales achievements
  • Experience section with convincing results, inside sales technique, and workflows
  • Skills section tailored to the job opening you’re applying for
  • Education and Certification sections with relevant certificates and coursework

Recruiters scan your resume within seconds, and if they don’t find what they are looking for, they’ll toss it out and move to the next candidate.

This is what recruiters want to see in your Inside Sales resume

  • Results, results, results: your achievements should speak for you
  • Technical skills and soft skills acquired and tested in a real-world context
  • Relevant work experience, the ability to follow the whole sales cycle through
  • Your passion and ambition: use strong language, more verbs, less adjectives
  • Relevance: experience with modern sales techniques and tools

Which Inside Sales resume format should I choose?

With an inside sales resume, follow a standardreverse-chronological resume layout if you have consistent sales work history.

If you’re just starting in sales or switching industries,consider a hybrid resume layout where you can combine relevant work experience and skills to make a good impression with recruiters.

Writing an Inside Sales resume header - what (not) to do

If you want to distinguish yourself from telemarketing, you obviously should not combine both Inside Sales and Telemarketer titles in your header.

That is, of course, if you’re not doing it intentionally.

Some job openings can be titled as “Inside Sales Representative”, but if you look closely at their descriptions, it’s just a cold-calling factory:

Merchant Cash Advance/Business Lending Company is looking to hire aggressive hungry phones sales individuals who want to go to make serious income

Of course, you can’t be 100% sure if that’s the case, but if you see a lot of overly flattering adjectives in a job description, that can be a warning sign that they need a phone killer.

It’s true that “inside sales” is quite a broad term that is referred to any sales made remotely, via phone, email, etc.

That’s why for many companies inside sales can mean different things.

For some companies, inside salespeople are telemarketers in disguise.

For others, inside salespeople are highly trained sales professionals who can support long, complex remote sales cycles and are usually oriented towards high-grade product deals.

In any case, you’re safer when you tailor your header accordingly to the position you’re applying for.

2 Inside Sales resume header examples

John Dallas
Inside Salesman / Telemarketer

+359 88 888 8888



Sacramento, KY 42322

Also don’t forget to include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Inside sales are heavily dependent on your ability to network and connect with people online, and a well-developed LinkedIn profile is a great indication of these skills.

John Dallas
Inside Sales Associate

+359 88 888 8888



Sacramento, KY 42322

When your header is set up, it’s time to work on your Summary section.

Making sure your Inside Sales resume summary gets noticed

2 Inside Sales resume summary examples

Both sales recruiters and business owners like numeric results and achievements in sales resumes.

But only those results that added to the business’s bottom line.

So if you brag about being the worker of the month in your resume Summary, chances are it won’t impress that many people.

An experience sales associate with 2 years of sales experience. A former member of high-achievement sales team in finance corporation.

Your inside sales resume should be about business results, but there’s only so much you can  talk about in your Summary section.

So focus only on your biggest achievements and results. The rest you’ll feature in your Experience and Skill sections.

If you’re applying for a sales position in a specific market and have relevant experience, mention that too.  

Just don’t forget to focus on the bigger picture objectives, like annual quotas, revenue targets, or other achievements that directly correlate with business profits.

An ambitious Inside Sales professional with 2 years of inside sales experience and a proven record of consistently surpassing sales quotas by a minimum of 20% in high-end B2B retail, insurance, and financing markets.

Don't have a direct inside sales experience? No worries. Read this next section.

Entry-Level? Here are tips for your Inside Sales resume objective

If you’re applying for an entry-level inside sales position and have no inside sales experience, that’s not the end of the world.

If you have any sales experience, that’s a good start. It doesn’t matter whether you were selling remotely or in the field, just focus on your results and achievements.

If you don’t have any sales experience at all, don't give up that easily.

Find anything that is relevant to sales, even if that was just a summer gig, or a side project of yours.

2 Inside Sales resume objective examples

A highly-energetic individual is eager to join ABC company in order to prove myself and my ability to sell.

If you have no sales-relevant experience at all, at least focus on why you’re a good fit for the particular company.

A recent marketing graduate with a passion for engineering, who led and promoted a student team that earned a regional award for petrol-efficient solution, is eager to join the automotive sales department at ABC company.

With your Summary section up and running, let’s get to the gist of your inside sales resume — its Experience section.

Inside Sales resume experience section - here’s what you should know

There are three things that differentiate a great, convincing inside sales resume form a bad one.

Sales achievements that contribute the business bottom line

  • Bad example: made 50 outbound calls every day;
  • Good example: made at least 50 outbound calls per day, while meeting a $1.9 million quota.

Specific inside sales workflows

Technology plays a major role in the inside sales world, and a phone is not the only tool that inside salespeople utilize.

Your abilities to generate leads and build relationships remotely using a wide range of online platforms and services is a huge advantage.

Examples: Facebook campaigns, Instagram advertising, Google Ads, LinkedIn prospecting, email funnels, content marketing, etc.

Technical expertise with inside sales processes and tools

Inside salespeople follow the whole sales cycle with their leads: generation, nurturing, product demonstration, and then following up with an offer. All while staying remote.That’s why serious companies have a very complex sales process that involves CRM systems, social intelligence software, email tracking software, etc.

If the company you’re applying for requires a knowledge of some CRM in their job description, gently weave your CRM experience into your workflow as well.

Don’t forget that in order to create