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What makes a discreet resume different from an ordinary one? Read more and see how you can make a resume that stands out yet keeps your personal information protected.
Sep 8, 2022 3 min read

Job searchers who want to complete a confidential job search may opt for a more discreet resume. In this article, you will learn:

  • What should you do about keeping the name of an organization confidential on your resume?
  • What is a confidential resume?
  • Why do job seekers use this version of a resume?
  • What resume examples are there for you to use?

What is a confidential resume?

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Applicants structure a confidential resume similarly to a traditional one. Some use resume templates, while others choose to make their own resume layout.  

The fundamental difference is a confidential resume leaves out the name, previous employers, and education history.

A confidential resume can help job seekers who do not wish to broadcast that they are actively looking for work. Keeping a low profile can protect employees searching for new jobs while actively employed. It also ensures no one accidentally leaks details about an employee seeking new work opportunities.

Why use a confidential resume

Some employees do not want members of their current company to know they are currently searching for new employment. These employees may fear reproach or termination if the company is aware of their job search. Employees concerned about such action can write a confidential resume.

Using a confidential resume will keep job seekers anonymous until further along in the hiring process. Once an employer expresses interest in these qualifications, they will typically ask for personal details. A confidential resume keeps you safe until an employer shows serious interest.

How to Write a Confidential Resume

Building a confidential resume starts like any other, but with notable changes. List the name as “Confidential Candidate.” You may also wish to use a new email address with a name not easily traced back to you. Use a cell phone number as well.

List previous employers using general terminology. Instead of saying you worked for a specific company, list them as a “major retail chain” or “local brokerage firm.” For education, list the school with generic terms, such as “State University” or “Trade School.” The skills section on your resume requires no changes.

You can do all of this either locally on your laptop, or in an online resume builder like Enhancv

Example Confidential Resume

Confidential Candidate

Writer and editor with over five years of experience in journalism. Proven track record of increasing views and revenue. Capable in all parts of the creative process. Can create and execute marketing campaigns efficiently.

Work Experience
Managing Editor - 2018-Present
National Media Company

  • Edited stories daily at a high volume
  • Provided quality assurance for the finished product
  • Wrote daily breaking news stories for air
  • Increased viewership by 17%

Sports Writer - 2016-2018
Confidential Company

  • Provided commentary on breaking sports stories
  • Attended sporting events to shoot photographs
  • Improved reader share by 26%

Bachelor of Arts in English
State University - 2011-2015


  • AP Style
  • Editor
  • SEO Manager
  • Communication
  • Upwork


Writing a resume in this manner is the perfect way to partake in a confidential job search. It gives employees safety from retaliation from a company for seeking a new job opportunity.

These resumes remove identifying characteristics from a candidate, allowing the prospective employer to focus only on broad qualifications. Using the confidential resume example above, anyone can create a resume to keep their private information from being known until later in the hiring process.

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