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Let each role you’ve had within the same organization tell a story of growth, skill acquisition, and increasing responsibility.
Apr 13, 2023 5 min read

If you have held multiple positions within the same company, it's best to list them under a single heading for that company, with the job titles and dates of employment listed below. This way, the employer can see your progression within the company and the different responsibilities you took on. It's also a good idea to include a brief summary of your overall experience at the company, highlighting key achievements or notable accomplishments.

Career progression within the same organization

The aftershocks of the Great Resignation continue to ripple through the US job market. A Pew Research Center survey pinpointed the lack of advancement opportunities as the second biggest catalyst for the quitting spree.

Here's where we spot a silver lining.

For those who’ve climbed the ranks within the same company, there's a golden opportunity to stand out with your loyalty, growth mindset, and resilience. Crafting your resume to highlight this progression is also a chance to demonstrate your dedication and make your application resonate on a deeper level.

Why does this matter? Because stories move us. The human brain is wired for storytelling; we're naturally attracted to narratives that unfold, reveal, and forge connections. By framing your career as a narrative of continuous development, you're inviting potential employers into your professional story.

This article is filled with actionable strategies for organizing your resume into a compelling story of progression. Here's what you'll discover:

  • Effective ways to present multiple job titles, tailored to your unique career trajectory.
  • Insights on the most favorable resume formats for those with substantial experience at a single company.
  • Practical advice on structuring your resume to spotlight growth, versatility, and skill enhancement, ensuring you communicate your distinct value persuasively.
  • Tips for tailoring your experience to the role you're targeting.
  • A collection of customizable examples showcasing how to illustrate career advancement within one organization.

Let’s go straight to the resume experience writing strategies.

Our extensive guide, How to List Your Work Experience on Your Resume, offers dozens of practical tips and examples, including what to do when you have employment gaps and how to properly format your experience section.

Listing multiple positions under one company

If you've held multiple positions in the same company, list them under a single company heading to highlight your progression. This format is arguably the most common way of showing your job moves within a company, especially if you want to emphasize your versatility, and upward mobility, or draw attention to a promotion.


  • Most recent position title
  • Company name
  • Tenure (Year–Year), location
  • 3-5 bullet points detailing responsibilities, achievements, and range of skills.
  • Previous position title
  • Same company name
  • Tenure (year–year), location
  • Up to 3 bullet points detailing responsibilities, achievements, and skills developed.

Notice how the bullet points describing your responsibilities are fewer in number for older positions. Due to the limited space on a resume, it’s best to prioritize your most recent successes, so we recommend sticking to the 3-bullet format for previous positions.

Now, look at how this can be visualized on your resume.

Product Manager
Acme Inc.
San Francisco, CA
  • Conducted comprehensive market research across 5 major markets, utilizing surveys and focus groups to gather insights from over 1,000 potential customers, leading to the development of a product that addresses the top 3 identified customer needs.
  • Developed a detailed project roadmap spanning 18 months, successfully managing a budget of $500,000, which resulted in the project being completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and 5% under budget.
  • Led a cross-functional team of 20, including designers, engineers, and marketing professionals, facilitating over 50 collaborative sessions to ensure alignment and execution of the product launch plan.
  • Implemented advanced analytics and A/B testing methodologies that increased product performance metrics by 35%.
Senior Marketing Manager
Acme Inc
San Francisco, CA
  • Managed a dynamic team of 15 marketing professionals to execute multi-channel campaigns, covering digital, print, and social media.
  • Developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy, resulting in a 40% increase in website traffic over 6 months and a 20% uplift in organic search rankings.
  • Leveraged analytics tools to implement and track key performance metrics for marketing campaigns, identifying a 20% improvement in ROI and a 25% reduction in customer acquisition costs over 12 months.

Using separate entries for each role is the best strategy for ATS optimization—your resume won’t confuse the software. You don’t want to land in the rejection pile just because you didn’t make your experience section ATS-friendly.

Stacking positions with similar job descriptions

This method is ideal for almost identical positions or lateral career changes. Moreover, this approach is less repetitive and allows for a consolidated presentation of achievements, which makes it easier for the reader to grasp your overall impact.

Many people opt for this way of displaying multiple positions to compensate for employment gaps or short tenures. This strategy turns such gaps into periods of growth or personal development, even if they are internally focused.

Format: List each position with its corresponding dates followed by a collective set of bullet points that highlight achievements across all roles.

  • Workplace
  • Most recent position title - tenure (year-year)
  • Previous position title - tenure (year-year)
  • 3-5 bullet points detailing the shared responsibilities and achievements

Listing non-consecutive jobs at the same company on a resume

For situations where you've left a company and then returned, or when you've transitioned into significantly different roles within the same organization, use this method. It’s a less common but still valid career move, so no need to worry that you might look inconsistent. Quite the opposite—such rehiring decisions show your adaptability and the desirability of your skills.

Format: Treat each tenure or role as a distinct entry, just as you would for positions at different companies, only make sure the company name remains consistent across entries. It's a good idea to include a brief explanation about why you joined the company again or shifted roles. This is your opportunity to highlight the unique value you bring and the trust the organization places in your capabilities.

Look at the example below to see how it’s done.

Chief Marketing Officer
New York, NY
Rehired to develop the company’s new digital marketing strategy after a major rebrand exercise.
  • Spearheaded a multi-channel digital marketing campaign that increased the agency’s client base by 35% within one year, leveraging tailored content strategies and precision targeting.
  • Enhanced the agency’s SEO and PPC strategies, leading to a 50% increase in organic traffic and a 40% improvement in ad conversion rates, significantly boosting client satisfaction and retention.
  • Led cross-functional teams to align marketing objectives with business goals, ensuring cohesive brand messaging and maximizing ROI on marketing investments.
  • Led a digital transformation initiative that integrated advanced analytics and machine learning technologies, improving marketing campaign efficiency by 25% and reducing overall campaign costs by 15%.
Marketing Manager
New York, NY
  • Implemented a targeted email marketing strategy that enhanced open rates by 25% and click-through rates by 15%, directly contributing to a 20% increase in lead conversion rates.
  • Led a content marketing campaign that boosted website traffic by 40% and increased social media engagement by 60% within six months, utilizing SEO-optimized and user-centric content.
  • Overhauled the content production process, introducing content management tools and collaboration practices that reduced content development time by 30% and increased team productivity by 20%.
Content Marketing Specialist
New York, NY
  • Led SEO initiatives that improved organic search rankings for 80% of targeted keywords within the top 10 results, driving a 50% increase in organic traffic to the company’s main website and contributing to a 35% growth in lead generation efforts.
  • Developed and managed a cross-platform content calendar that coordinated efforts across blogs, social media, and email marketing, resulting in a consistent 25% month-over-month increase in user engagement.
  • Designed and executed a comprehensive content marketing strategy that resulted in a 300% increase in blog traffic and a 200% boost in newsletter subscription rates over 12 months.

The best way to format multiple positions at the same company on a resume

When in doubt, use the failure-proof approach—the reverse-chronological resume layout. It’s the most logical format when it comes to career progression, as you start listing your experiences from the most recent jobs to older ones. It’s the one we’ve been demonstrating in the article so far.

Another great visualization tip is to use the Timeline resume template which allows you to clearly demonstrate your career progression. Have a look:


Make this your resume

Use Enhancv’s Resume Builder and make a resume that stands out.

How to tailor your resume experience to a job description

This may not come as a surprise, but you should always tailor your resume content to the keywords listed in the job posting. You don't need to list every single job you've ever had. We recommend you to include only those that are relevant to the prospective employer. Below are the steps to achieve this:

  • Study the job advertisement and highlight the keywords—responsibilities and skills needed.
  • Match those keywords with your own strengths.
  • Ensure you include these words in the appropriate sections of your resume (but don’t force their inclusion).
  • List relevant work experience and omit jobs that are unrelated to the position you're applying for.
pro tip icon

One of the most crucial aspects of the experience section on your resume is the measurement of your impact in previous roles. To truly stand out, go the extra mile by quantifying your achievements and providing concrete evidence of your successes.

Listing multiple positions within the same organization allows you to diversify your professional profile by incorporating a wide range of action verbs, skills, and quantifiable achievements. This approach can weave a compelling narrative of your work history, reinforcing your image as a loyal, versatile, and valuable employee. Therefore, instead of merely listing responsibilities, strive to build a genuine story about your work experiences.

Key insights

Hopefully, this guide made it easier for you to craft a resume that highlights career progression within a single company. Let’s recap the main points.

  • Listing multiple jobs within a single organization gives you the chance to create a solid work narrative and stand out as a loyal and growth-driven individual.
  • Choosing how to list your job moves depends on your preferences, but the most common way to do that is by writing two separate experience entries under the same heading.
  • Opt for a reverse chronological resume to best highlight your career progression and visualize your experiences with a timeline template.
  • Enhance your career narrative with quantifiable achievements and strong action verbs at the beginning of each entry.
  • Only list positions that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

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