Crafting The Perfect Hybrid Resume

Published on: 19 October 2018 Last updated: 10 September 2019

The hybrid resume is the perfect in-between for people who are strict on resume formats and those who need more fluidity. In a hybrid resume, applicants merge the traditional functional resume with a reverse chronological resume design. In general, it allows you to highlight your skills and work experience in a way that suits your job history best. Think of it this way, had Goldilocks been testing the resumes of the the three bears, the hybrid resume would have been “just right”.

The components of a hybrid resume

The hybrid resume is composed of a functional resume and reverse-chronological resume design. A functional resume focuses on an applicants’ skills and abilities rather than their work history. In these instances, the applicant describes their skills at the top of their resume and provides evidence of these skills being applied. At the end of a functional resume, a brief description of their work history is provided.

A reverse-chronological resume describes your work history from most recent to least recent position. There may or may not be a dedicated section to additional skills towards the end of the applicant’s reverse-chronological resume. In general, skills are discussed within the description of their previous positions.

Comparing focus

Enhancv Crafting The Perfect Hybrid Resume Hybrid resume

The benefits of a hybrid resume

Making a career change

With an equal focus on your career history and skills, the hybrid resume is the perfect choice when changing careers. Using this format, you can highlight the transferable skills that you have built-up that will be relevant for your new position. This is beneficial if your experience doesn’t appear immediately relevant. For example, discussing all of your sales experience when applying for an operations role. In these circumstances, discussing your skills at the beginning of your resume will be most impactful.

See how Sam made the change from investment banking to Spotify.

Inconsistent job history

Nothing can leave a worse impression than having three jobs in one or two years. This can leave the recruiter with many questions – what happened in those years? Were you fired? If so, why? With little time given to each individual resume, this moment of questioning could leave your resume in the No pile very quickly. With a hybrid resume, you can give greater weight to your skills section to show how you can apply yourself to the new role and later describe your previous positions. This way, the recruiter is less likely to care about the inconsistency in your history as you’ve shown how you can perform.

Multiple roles in one company

Let’s face it, we all perform tasks that don’t fall within our job description. Sometimes you work on long-term projects that may seem out-of-place to describe. Using a hybrid resume, you can discuss all of the skills you have developed no matter what your official role was in a previous company.

Re-entering the workforce

Re-entering the workforce can be challenging. It can be especially difficult when there’s a considerable gap between your most recent position and now. Taking the hybrid resume approach, you can change the recruiter’s perception of you as someone that has been out of work, to someone that has great skills that they need.

Beating the competition by playing a different game

The hybrid resume can help you play by a different set of rules. With resumes that focus on your previous work experience as your selling point, the people who have worked with big names are those that make the greatest impact. When comparing someone that has worked in a major company to someone that has worked in a smaller company – no matter if the skills are the same – you’re going to lose bargaining power. By changing the focus of your resume, you can avoid this issue.

The new hybrid

Until recently, the conversation on hybrid resumes has focused on what sections you should highlight first. The idea strictly focuses on your resume format. But what about the content of your resume? The true future of hybrid resumes centers on what content we include, rather than how we present that content.

At Enhancv, we have followed the stories of our users that have gone on to get hired at Spotify, Verizon DMS, Amazon, Tesla, PwC, Hotjar, and more. One thing all of these users have in common is that they do not shy away from showing who they are on their resume. Long gone are the days of the impersonal resume. Despite this topic generating controversy, the benefits of merging your professional experience and personal attributes are substantial.

Case Study: Making a career change and getting hired at Spotify

Sam had been working in investment banking for several years. Eventually, she decided it was time to make a change. When designing her resume, she knew she’d have to show who she was along with what she could do. Bringing personality into her resume (such as including her Life Philosophy and Favorite Books) led to real conversations with recruiters. They related to her more easily and were able to determine her culture fit which eventually led to her getting the job.

Enhancv Crafting The Perfect Hybrid Resume Hybrid resume

Case Study: Using a volunteer resume to work on project of with AIESEC

Avery was looking to volunteer with AIESEC in Indonesia for two months. They had little work experience but knew they were right for the role. With volunteering, it’s important for organisations to see who you are and understand your motivations in going for this particular work. To do this, Avery spoke on their achievement of being one of eight students chosen to study Global Business in Ireland from France. They also described their strength of adaptability and included a personal photo. This way, it was easier for AIESEC to see Avery in the role and a rapport was built.

Enhancv Crafting The Perfect Hybrid Resume Hybrid resume

Case Study: Remote working in customer support at Intercom

Daniel has been involved in remote working his entire career. Finding an organisation that would facilitate his preferred working style was important to him. Working remote comes with its own set of challenges, however. Recruiters are interested in seeing how well a person is equipped to mesh with a team despite distance. With this in mind, Daniel made it his mission to give insight to his personality to show he would work well with everyone at Intercom. To do this, he included some “Useful Links” that gave more information on who he was and began his resume with a summary. Now, he works remote and does so at one of the biggest customer support organisations in the world.

Enhancv Crafting The Perfect Hybrid Resume Hybrid resume

Building a hybrid resume

Putting your hybrid resume together is made easy using Enhancv. Using our builder, your resume sections become drag-and-drop puzzle pieces that can be moved with ease without compromising on format. You can also take advantage of our unique resume sections including our exclusive My Time section which allows you to describe your typical work-day. All of our components are customizable, too.

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