Full Stack Developer Resume Samples and Writing Guide for 2021

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Full Stack Developer Resume Samples and Writing Guide for 2021

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-01-14

Full stack developer’s resume == a Swiss army knife

That’s 100% true!

All you need in order to get that job is to prove that:

  1. You’ve mastered at least one relevant server side scripting language
  2. You’re good at at least one of database technologies
  3. And you can handle the client side

But that’s easier said than done.

Take a look at your old resumes and you’ll notice that you’re missing something.

You’re looking at your resume in isolation.

When you throw your resume between 100s of other resumes you’ll start noticing how difficult it really is to stand out.

Anyone who wrote a “Hello, World!” program (in any language) will call shotgun for the language proficiency within their resume.

You’ll have to demonstrate in depth that you know what you’re talking about. But, at the same time writing a 3+ page resume will risk you rejection too.

Writing a full stack resume is like walking on thin ice - you try too hard and you fail, you try less and you look lazy.

But, don’t worry!

We’ve prepared this guide to give you exactly what you need to win that job and have attached full stack resume samples too!

In this full stack developer resume guide you’ll learn the following:

 ✔ How to include full stack developer skills on a resume that reflect the job description

 ✔ Choose the right full stack developer resume template for your stack experience

 ✔ Creating the most powerful full stack developer resume summary or objective you can

 ✔ Even an entry level full stack developer resume can be effective by showing relevant skills

 ✔ How to include the right certifications on a full stack developer resume

Once you finish reading this guide, you’ll find your resume completely reinvented.

2 Full Stack Developer Resume Samples

Go through our full resume header guide for extra insights.

We hope those resumes inspired you!

That’s a great first step.

How to write a great Full Stack Developer resume?

Being full stack developer doesn’t gives you the license to whack a hiring manager with everything you know technically.

Instead you should try to focus on showcasing that you’re the right “T-shaped” full stack dev for the job.

And, if you aren’t being careful enough, your resume might just say “I copy paste code from Stackoverflow blindly and deploy it to production”.

You resume has to provide context appropriate information to exactly show them(hiring managers) that:

  • You know the programming languages(server side, client side) and database technologies the role expects you to work on
  • That you don’t cost them a century worth of refactoring once you write a module
  • You’ve learned a lot and grown throughout your work experience
  • Blind “Cmd + C” from Stackoverflow is not the way you code
  • How you work with a team,  and that you help others become better at their work

The real challenge in writing a Full Stack developer’s resume

If you were to write a full stack resume a decade ago, you pretty much were covered just by ensuring that you’ve LAMP stack if your experience, summary and skills.

But full stack used to be small, and usually implied a precise set of skills at that time. Now, our what defines “full stack” is way bigger than before.

Take the simple movement of LAMP -> MEAN. That simple change implies that someone should be proficient with:

  1. Architecting modular front ends using Angular, Express
  2. Can optimize CDN
  3. Tweak hardware layers for faster rendering
  4. Write scalable architecture on AWS
  5. Knows security layers

So, how do you convey a huge information like with your tiny resume? Are you going to write a resume summary of 10 lines? Or, should you cram everything under your work experience?

That the real challenge!

Solution: Start with a resume layout

You’ve three standard resume layouts to select from:

  1. Functional layout
  2. Reverse chronological layout
  3. Hybrid resume layout 

There’s a 4th category too - “Creative resumes” but building a creative resume gets risky and often results into rejections(more than 70% of the times).

The best one is - Hybrid resume layout. Read more about why it isbetter than other resume layouts here.

Next thing that you should know is what resume sections to consider for building a full stack resume.

Top 7 sections to consider while writing a full stack resume

  1. Resume header with title in it
  2. A section for your professional summary
  3. Resume experience
  4. Resume skills
  5. Achievements and Awards
  6. Certifications

But, a format alone isn’t going to get you the job.

Writing a good Full stack developer resume header

Honestly, a full stack resume header needs just 4 critical things that it should have:

  1. Name
  2. Contact (email and phone number)
  3. Github, NPM or Stackoverflow links
  4. Personal blog link

While this may seem like a tiny detail, this actually helps you connect with the right employer.

When you add a personal blog or a portfolio link, you help them dive into a bit more about you.

Else, your resume will be scanned and evaluated in less than 6 seconds.

Jeff Atwood of Stackoverflow once wrote that

“If your Stackoverflow reputation is less than 125 and you’re a developer, you bring shame to your family”

That’s how important those links really are to a hiring manager.

Here are a few full stack resume samples that show you the difference.

2 .NET Full stack developer resume header samples

Markus Alonso
Full stack .NET developer

+359 88 888 8888


72 Harvey Ave, San Diego, CA 92115
Markus Alonso
Full Stack .NET Developer

+359 88 888 8888


github.com/markusal, markusal.com

San Diego, CA

Writing a good Full Stack Developer resume objective or summary

Believe it or not, but there’s a COBOL code somewhere out there that’s going to outlive you in production.

Still, technology is ephemeral - your hiring manager knows that well. Full stack developers have to work with quickly evolving technology parts.

That’s why they’re concerned, they don’t want to hire someone who is going to fall short with the pace of change technology brings.

And, that’s why your resume summary shouldn’t reflect “my code will be unmaintainable after Angular 9”.

Instead, you should highlight that throughout your professional working experience, you’ve grown, learned new systems and technologies.

It’ll be highly convincing for a hiring manager if they can see that you quickly adapt to technology changes and mastered at building high performing/efficient systems using them.

You can do that simply by adding the following to your full stack resume summary:

  1. Mention the front end, backend and database technology that you’ve worked upon
  2. Make sure these technologies/frameworks you add are relevant to the role
  3. Add number the total work experience you have
  4. Must add details to showcase the scale and your business achievements

The full stack resume summary examples below will show you the difference of using a good vs bad resume summary.

Full Stack developer resume samples - Summary

Innovative optimized solution seeker. I am ambitious, adventurous, assiduous, animated, and an alliteration advocate.

A good resume summary should look something like this:

A Full Stack Developer with 5 years of experience in Python, Django, Flask for Retail eCommerce, Javascript, MERN, etc. Received SPOT Award and Best Scrum Team while working at Digitalico.

How to include Full stack experience on your resume

Unlike your resume summary, a hiring manager here wants to dive deep in your work experience.

That means, you need to step back and bit and see what programming languages does the job demands.

Now, don't worry if you don't know all of these languages or frameworks. You still got a chance if you can show you learn quickly.

You resume skills will prove that.

But for now, let's take a look at couple of resume experience sections. See for yourself what makes a good work history in resume.

2 Full Stack Web Developer resume samples - Experience

 Let’s say you’re going to send your resume to John, the (fictional) COO of Intercom. You wrote your resume experience like this: