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Full Stack Developer Resume Samples and Writing Guide for 2021

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Volen Vulkov
8 minute read
Updated on 2021-01-14

Full stack developer’s resume == a Swiss army knife

That’s 100% true!

All you need in order to get that job is to prove that:

  1. You’ve mastered at least one relevant server side scripting language
  2. You’re good at at least one of database technologies
  3. And you can handle the client side

But that’s easier said than done.

Take a look at your old resumes and you’ll notice that you’re missing something.

You’re looking at your resume in isolation.

When you throw your resume between 100s of other resumes you’ll start noticing how difficult it really is to stand out.

Anyone who wrote a “Hello, World!” program (in any language) will call shotgun for the language proficiency within their resume.

You’ll have to demonstrate in depth that you know what you’re talking about. But, at the same time writing a 3+ page resume will risk you rejection too.

Writing a full stack resume is like walking on thin ice - you try too hard and you fail, you try less and you look lazy.

But, don’t worry!

We’ve prepared this guide to give you exactly what you need to win that job and have attached full stack resume samples too!

In this full stack developer resume guide you’ll learn the following:

 ✔ How to include full stack developer skills on a resume that reflect the job description

 ✔ Choose the right full stack developer resume template for your stack experience

 ✔ Creating the most powerful full stack developer resume summary or objective you can

 ✔ Even an entry level full stack developer resume can be effective by showing relevant skills

 ✔ How to include the right certifications on a full stack developer resume

Once you finish reading this guide, you’ll find your resume completely reinvented.

2 Full Stack Developer Resume Samples