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Microservices Developer Resume Examples Guide + Expert Tips for 2022

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Volen Vulkov Avatar
Volen Vulkov
8 minute read
Updated on 2021-12-20

Microservices are tricky.

A few years back it was a trendy word every developer or architect was eager to feature on their resumes. Simply put, it worked like a magnet for technical recruiters.

These days, Microservices is an overused word with potential to completely sabotage your job search.

Inserting “Microservices” into every section of your resume won’t guarantee you an interview anymore.

Recruiters now need more than that. They need to know exactly what kind of experience you had with Microservices, if you were successful and if you’re useful to the particular company.

Luckily, we got your back.

In this guide you’ll see:

  1. Real resume examples from Microservices developers who got hired
  2. What recruiters are looking for in Microservices resumes
  3. What are the best resume sections to emphasize your knowledge of Microservices
  4. Points and keywords that will make your Microservice resume the most convincing on the job market

Microservices Resume samples