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8 Java Developer Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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Applying for a Java developer position?

Java is still one of the most in-demand coding languages in the job market today. Thousands of companies post new job offerings each month, looking to hire qualified developers.

And the reason for that high demand is evident:

Your presence is crucial to the success of the majority of web applications and platforms. And your java development skills play an integral part in allowing companies to develop new technologies and systems.

You're an asset to any company that's looking for serious growth. And that reputation puts you a few steps away from landing the job of your dreams.


Before anyone can hire you, you need to prove your competence, demonstrate your worth, and showcase your job abilities.

And you must do all that before the job interview.

So, here's the thing:

Whether you're already a java developer or looking to step up into a new role, need a powerful Java developer resume.

That's why we crafted this comprehensive guide for you.

Today, we're going to teach you how to create a unique, modern layout for your resume and make it stand out.

We'll also show you how easy it is to build a functional resume and include all the necessary ingredients to get you hired.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Best structure, layout, and sections to keep your java developer resume short yet interesting
  • Top tricks to write a resume header that grabs attention and gives recruiter what they need to know about you
  • How to impress hiring managers with an impactful experience section that features your relevant job history
  • Top skills and personal qualities hiring companies look for in java development candidates

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How to make an outstanding Java developer resume

The way you'll make your resume is going to differ based on the nature of the job. You must be clear from the beginning on what the hiring company is looking for.

There are two types of Java developer roles in the job market today:

  • Expertise and productivity
  • Intelligence and ability to learn

Some companies already know what technologies and skills they need from you. They'll detail everything in the job offer to let you know what they want and how you might help.

So, they're looking for job experience and efficiency.

Other companies are willing to be patient and give you time to adopt new technologies as long as you can do that.

You must be qualified to write algorithms and be creative in solving problems. They want candidates who can quickly learn new technologies and adapt to the work environment.


You need to pick a layout for your resume.

A reverse-chronological resume layout is best for your java developers as it allows you to best feature your experience. It helps your resume be more impact-oriented and well-organized compared to any other format.

You'll start from your most recent job position and continue further down.

You won't include every single task you completed in your career. Instead, you must carefully curate what experience and skills to show based on the job offer.

The key here is to make tough choices and only include what a recruiter wants to see.


Most recruiters go hundreds of resumes each day. So, as far as they're concerned, you're all the same, unless you show them the difference.

Your java developer resume must be outstanding for the right reasons. That means showing who you are as a person and not just an applicant.

Recruiters are after hiring real people with a genuine interest in the job. They don't want to see you just as another cog in the system.

Since you'll be working with many people daily, showing personality is essential!

You can do that by including a personal website, talking about your passions, sharing facts about yourself, etc.

You may also share personal stories about overcoming hardship, learning an important lesson, or just a triumph you had that means a lot to you.

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Recommended sections for a Java developer resume

  • Header
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Additional sections: passions, languages, stories, awards, etc
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What hiring managers look for in a Java developer resume

  • Relevant experience to the job/developer role you’re applying for
  • The right soft and technical skills for the job (based on the job posting)
  • Quantifiable achievements and tangible results to differentiate you from others
  • Examples of what makes you unique and special (a day in your life, your favorite books, languages)
  • Your proudest career achievements displayed in a creative manner

How to write an attention-grabbing header for your Java developer resume

This is the section where you’ll give recruiters a glimpse into who you are.

You won’t do a lot of convincing or try to prove your competence. Instead, you’ll only feature personal details as a way to introduce yourself.

Your resume header must provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Location

The way you’ll structure all that is simple. Your full name comes at the top with bigger font size so that it stands out.

Right below comes your job title to establish some hierarchy.

The rest of the information will be placed together with the same font size and color to make things easier for hiring managers to understand.

Let’s see an example to see what we’ve got so far:

Emanuel Teems
Java Developer
(914) 4123-554
Buffalo, NY

The previous example might look good enough for you, but it still lacks a final touch.

Here’s the secret:

You want to give hiring managers a chance to learn more about your past work and have something tangible at their hands.


Always add a link to your portfolio, whether it’s on your own site or Github. If you don’t have any of that, a link to your LinkedIn profile will suffice.

Another thing you can improve on is the email address:

In a professional work environment, every small detail matters.

A random email address may leave a negative first impression on headhunters. You must create a professional-looking address that includes your first and last name.


Be sure to use a popular email provider such as Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, etc.

If an email address is already taken, try out these different variations:

  • firstlast@domain.com
  • first.last@domain.com
  • flast@domain.com
  • firstl@domain.com
  • first.last@domain.com
  • f.last@domain.com
  • first.l@domain.com

Let’s see now how your header looks after the improvements:

Emanuel Teems
Java Developer
(914) 4123-554
Buffalo, NY

The right way to feature your Java developer experience.

Every Java developer resume needs a list of professionally presented experiences.

But how do you do that?

For starters:

Keep your bullets simple, short, and straight to the point.

In each bullet, mention the impact you had in your previous position. And make sure every point is accompanied by a concrete example.


We compared 114,000 resume examples and job offers and found the following:

The average experience required for a java developer job is over 2.9 years. However, the average amount of experience in a java developer resume is around 3.7 years.

That's a great sign! But…

If you come across as overqualified to a potential employer, you might lose your chances. So, the rule of a thumb is to tailor your resume to the job description and only leave the relevant experience in.

More importantly:

Recruiters don't like overused buzzwords.

They've read a thousand times about how someone managed, improved, or optimized something. But without any concrete numbers to back it up, that doesn't mean anything.

The solution is straightforward:

Focus on accurate numbers to manifest your impact as a java developer. Feature reliable metrics to prove your competence instead of vague promises.

Here's a quick example of what every lousy Java developer resume looks like:

Java Developer
Discover Ltd
New York City, NY
Financial Services Telecommunications
  • Provided support for software products in user environments
  • Wrote efficient, well-designed code for system applications
  • Responsible for debugging and resolving technical issues

We must make a few changes to the previous example to make it better.


The duties need to be more specific to the job by featuring unique skills and technologies.

Anyone can claim to write code efficiently, but very few can match the company's description for the perfect candidate.


Go back to the job offer and find out which duties you must focus on. Then choose the most relevant and add them here.


Be sure to speak in an active language and use action verbs to solidify your claims.

For example, instead of saying "responsible for" or "Handled", use the following action verbs:

  • Programmed
  • Operated
  • Launched
  • Reduced
  • Improved
Java Developer
Discover Ltd
New York City, NY
Financial Services Telecommunications
  • Reduced data loading time by 65% by writing clean code and using StringBuilder
  • Developed reusable component libraries using J2EE technologies and Application servers to save time and increase productivity
  • Trained and mentored 5 junior Java developers on the development of applications using J2EE and Spring Boot

Which Java developer skills should you feature in your resume?

Java developers can fill multiple roles and wear different hats, depending on what the job requires. There are lots of technologies and frameworks you need to master for you to excel at your job.

This section is where you’ll showcase all that.

You’ll make sure to highlight your best, most relevant skills and feature the unique technologies and tools you have experience with.

But first, you must ask yourself:

What is the company looking for?

To answer that, you have to go back to the job offer and read it carefully.

Identify the essential tools, technologies, and keywords mentioned there and to add them here.

Your resume must combine to types of skills to ensure that you’ll get hired:

  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills

Technical skills are tools, technologies, and abilities specific to Java development. They’re more measurable yet super-specific to your role as a backend developer.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are personal skills to help you do your job better. They’re transferable across multiple job positions, yet they’ll remain crucial to your success at any company.

Here’s the truth:

Listing a higher number of skills than your competitors doesn’t mean better chances of being hired.

Quality beats quantity when it comes to java development skills.


You must only include skills that are important and unique to your position. And that will help you come out as a specialist in your domain, which makes your profile more interesting.

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Best technical skills to feature on a Java developer resume

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Most sought-after soft skills for Java developers

Key takeaways

  • Start by reading the job offer to extract the core criteria, required experience, most relevant skills, projects, and other keywords
  • Keep your Java developer resume one page long and choose an appropriate layout
  • Include the primary sections - header, experience, skills, education, and certifications
  • Make a well-structured header section and be sure to include a link to your site, portfolio, or LinkedIn profile
  • Keep your professional work history compact by listing your experience and most relevant accomplishments
  • Expand on your skills and abilities in the skills section and be sure to highlight the overlap between your old and new job

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