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Complete Guide to Creating a Junior Java Developer Resume

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Mexico City, Mexico.
Java Developer
Lessard2015 - Ongoing
Mexico City, Mexico.
Lessard is a Mexican leading financial and retailing corporation. .
Analysed and developed new features in Java (EJB2, Spring, Hibernate, Swing) for the PMS
Fully re-coded 100% of the reporting module of the PMS
Developed and integrated 3 processes into bank tasks life cycle management system
Created more than 100 technical design documents and Implemented Business logic for 60 features.
Launched Bodog Live Dealer within 3 months of development
Java Developer
Blanchette2012 - 2015
Mexico City, Mexico.
Blanchette is one of the leaders in Europe in customs business processes management and development of IT solutions in the field of custom.
Coordinated all service management activities for the B2B Ecommerce platform of Nokia
Proposed & implemented 3-tier architecture.
Developed several automation systems - saved over $250,000 annually
(Internship) Java developer
Keeling Group2010 - 2012
Mexico City, Mexico.
Keeling Group is a company which specializes in load testing.
Developed around 30 API's for different individual features.
Promoted from Junior Java Developer to Mid-Level Java Developer within 3 months
Coordinated all service management activities for the B2B Ecommerce platform of Nokia
BS Computer ScienceUniversity of the Philippines
2008 - Ongoing
Mexico City, Mexico.
Developed an IPv6-enabled digital library as an undergraduate thesis
Was a Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) scholar
B.TechGITAM University
7.4 / 10.0
Industry Expertise
Requirements Engineering
Project Management
Consultant of the monthhttp://www.diversant.com/news/consultant-spotlight-hitesh-kumar-software-engineer/
Project ManagementManaged projects for 7+ clients with budgets up to 3.8M and 1500+ man-days
Team LeadershipManaged multiple cross-functional and distributed teams of 10+ direct reports
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The Java programming language is ubiquitous.

From Android to edge to IoT devices, it’s practically everywhere.

That means that you have a great shot at getting in on the ground floor as a Junior Java Developer.

To do that, you need a killer resume.

Why? Because senior developers will have more experience, and the competition for the junior developer slots will be intense.

To win over the hiring manager, you have to make sure your resume elevates you above the others.

First, you need to attract attention by marketing yourself, and your skills, with proper visual design.

Then, you need to impress the hiring manager by showing you’ve got:

  • Solid programming skills
  • Focus on the long term
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Desire to learn and grow

Getting the phone to ring will take a “best of the best” resume effort.

And that’s exactly what we’ll help you to do.

This Junior Java Developer resume guide will give:

  • 6 junior Java Developer resume examples that showcase depth, not breadth, of experience
  • The combination of technical skills and soft skills that sell your worth
  • How to showcase your passion and desire to the hiring manager
  • Why integrating specific keywords from the junior Java developer job description
  • Making the most of your education and achievements on your resume
  • Turn rejection into interviews with an amazing Java developer resume

Junior Java Developer Resume Examples

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How to write a Junior Java Developer resume

As a junior developer, you’re not expected to play by the same rules as experienced developers.

Your resume will be different, and it should be.

A Junior Java Developers will be part of a team of coders and developers. You’ll work on both front-end and back-end codes to build an application.

You’ll need to show extensive knowledge of coding and programming languages to develop and troubleshoot products.

Java is key, of course, but you should be familiar with data structures such as List, Map, Set, Vectors, and be able to perform some basic CRUD operations.

Your team will be tasked with running tests to pinpoint errors, migrating code and data, and ensuring the program is integrated with other platforms.

So, along with your technical skills, you’ll need to show that you can communicate with your team, ask questions, identify and solve problems, and learn new skills.

These soft skills should be listed separately, but also woven throughout your resume. How were your problem-solving skills beneficial? How well did you get along with colleagues and teammates?

Above all, tailor your junior Java developer resume to the pulse of the industry and, most importantly, to the job posting.

What a recruiter will look for in your resume:

  • Which programming languages do you have experience with?
  • Can you work within a team setting to support the common mission?
  • What is the extent of your programming background?
  • What are your long-term prospects in this field?
  • How will you develop over time to grow into an investment for the company?

The most important sections of a Junior Java Developer resume:

  • Detailed resume header
  • Resume summary
  • Resume experience
  • Technical and soft skills
  • Education and certifications

You need to sell yourself to the company as someone worth taking a chance on.

And it begins by writing a compelling resume header.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your Junior Java Developer resume header

When seeking an entry-level developer position, you may think that you need to stay basic. So your header may start out looking like this:

Jeff Zebos
Junior Java Developer
Freemantle, NY

When marketing yourself, you should avoid calling yourself a junior developer or programmer.

That could make the hiring manager see you as just a code-writing commodity. That won’t separate you from the pack.

Instead, use your junior Java developer header to market yourself better and build your personal brand:

Jeff Zebos
Java Developer

+359 88 888 8888



Freemantle, NY

Hiring managers want to know right off the bat that you’ve got the necessary skills for the position. That’s why it’s crucial to include links to elements that will market you and your skills.

Self-marketing is critical for a Junior Java Developer resume

As a beginner in the field, you need to build momentum for yourself. If you show a track record of getting things done, your potential employer will believe that you are capable of solving problems.

Your portfolio is your most important ally. Make sure you create a GitHub profile and create a portfolio website that is worth checking out.

Make sure your commits are clean, your code is well commented, and your work is original and not taken from others. You don’t want to sink your chances before you even get an interview.

Two other ways to self-market are:

  • Create an all-star LinkedIn profile that provides a comprehensive background
  • Start a blog that provides commentary on your development experience or the state of the industry

These tactics will put you in a better position than most software developers. Just be sure the content provides value and doesn’t conflict with the role you’re applying for.

Tell a compelling story in your Junior Java Developer summary

As a newbie to the industry, you may think that you have little to say in your resume summary.

That’s the wrong way to think. You may not have a lot of professional experience, but your programming background should speak for you here.

2 Junior Java Developer resume examples - summary

Without going overboard, list as much practical experience as you can here. You want the hiring manager to read through your summary and think, "Hey, that's similar to what we’ve been doing."

Here’s an example of what not to do:

Junior Java Developer in search of my first professional challenge. Willing to put my education and programming skills to work to benefit my employer.

That is not a summary that will strike a chord with the hiring manager. And here’s what’s wrong:

  • A junior developer position is entry-level, but saying this is your first rodeo screams inexperience and immaturity.
  • What kind of education and programming skills?
  • How will you benefit the company?
  • There are no specific skills or keywords from the job posting.

Here’s a better way to do it:

Skilled Java Developer with 2+ years of experience creating dynamic web applications. Team-oriented and coachable professional with the ability to implement and manage SQL database operations and data structures.

This summary provides a brief yet powerful statement showing experience, desirable traits, and specific skills tailored to the position.

How best to craft your Junior Java Developer resume experience section?

The Java development skills listed in your experience section should highlight two main areas: programming experience and personal/professional development.

You’ll need to know the most common aspects of Java and related programming languages. You should also show some background, or familiarity with, the tools and frameworks the company uses.

Also, front-end and back-end web development can be useful if the company is seeking more of a generalist.

It is important to know what the company is seeking before they interview you and include that in your resume.

In addition to the technical skills needed to perform the work, you need to show the soft skills needed to be part of the team. What makes you someone the company is willing to invest in?

How will you work with others to help the team elevate its performance level?

Next we compare two junior Java developer resume examples to show what works and what doesn’t for the experience section.

2 Junior Java Developer resume experience samples

This is where you need to show the skills that will make the hiring manager take notice. The most important aspects to focus on are:

  • What programming skills and languages did you use?
  • What were the benefits to the employer?
  • How were you team-oriented in your duties?

It’s tempting to pack this section with technical speak and a lot of outputs, but you need to show more than just your programming prowess. For example:

Java DeveloperAdventure Web
10/2017 - 12/2018
Allentown, PA
Wrote JSP and Servlets
Developed UIs with JSP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
Wrote SQL queries to retrieve data from the database using JDBC
Used J2EE design patterns to create applications

This experience section lists skills, languages, and outputs, but no real outcomes for the company. This doesn’t make the developer seem like a valuable asset.

Instead, show that what you did, and how you did it, actually made a difference for the company.

Java DeveloperAdventure Web
10/2017 - 12/2018
Allentown, PA
Collaborated with other developers on designing, developing, testing, and implementing new JSP pages, HTML pages, and Servlets.
Maintained company website and using own knowledge and experience resolved any problematic issues.
Developed databases and original eye-catching user interfaces; provided knowledge and expertise to clients on any web related issues.
Participated in weekly team meetings with managers; provided drafts and reports on the progress of the projects.

This version shows how you positively impacted both your team and your employer. You collaborated with teammates and superiors, utilized your skills, and made a difference.

What skills do hiring managers look for in a Junior Java Developer resume?

Most companies will not expect their junior developers to ship complex features for the first few months.

Rather, those opening months as an entry level developer will be all about learning. Learning how the team operates. Learning how to act in meetings. Learning how the codebase is architected. Learning how to ask the right questions.

The soft skills centered around that learning process can set you apart from other applicants.

Combining those soft skills with technical knowledge and the desire to work and learn will make you a very attractive entry-level candidate.

9 soft skills to include on your Junior Java Developer resume

  1. Professionalism
  2. Problem solving
  3. Understanding standards
  4. Intellectual honesty
  5. Time management
  6. Boundary setting
  7. Negotiation
  8. Curiosity
  9. Desire to learn

Technical skills to include in your Junior Java Developer resume

  1. Java-based web services
  2. JavaScript
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. SQL
  6. ORM
  7. J2EE framework
  8. Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  9. JSP
  10. EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)
  11. XML
  12. X query
  13. XSL
  14. Test-driven development
  15. Data structures & collections
  16. JVM
  17. Memory Management
  18. Thread pools
  19. WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere)
  20. File IO and Serialization
  21. Service Oriented Architecture
  22. JSON
  23. Applets

Does your Junior Java Developer resume need an education section?

Hiring managers prefer candidates who have varied life experiences and maturity, which are usually associated with higher education.

But there are also Java developers who are self-taught or who completed training courses to learn the craft.

Your resume should include all of your education and training, specifically related to the position requirements.

Whether it’s a 2-year or 4-year degree, or a six-month online course, be sure to list it.

An advanced degree like a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) may not be required for an entry-level developer position. But if you have one, be sure to tout that. (It shows future upward mobility.)

Also, if you don’t have much professional experience, use your education section to elaborate on your skills and training. If you performed development work, or any programming work, in college, that shows practical experience in the field.

Finally, list any training courses you’re currently taking, even if they aren’t completed. They show continued interest in expanding your knowledge.

What are the tips for writing the best Junior Java Developer resume?

  • Market yourself and your unique value proposition for the company
  • Summarize your past experience with an emphasis on skills related to the job description
  • Showcase the past experience that promotes you as a team-oriented skilled developer
  • Tout your education, training, and certifications, especially those that relate to your field
  • Use relevant technical and soft skill keywords from the job posting throughout your resume
  • Make sure your resume promotes you as someone worth investing in for the long term

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