Web Developer Resume Examples Guide + Expert Tips for 2020

Web Developer Resume Examples Guide + Expert Tips for 2020

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A great web developer resume template is just the start

It’s a great start, but just a start. Getting to the perfect web developer resume requires paying careful attention to the content of the resume, not just its format. Luckily, this guide breaks down everything you need to know.

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Listing every skill you can think of isn’t going to translate into an effective web developer resume. The key is matching your skills to the ones the job requires. Here’s how to do that:

What's the average experience on resumes VS job description for a Web Developer

avg. experience on resumes
avg. experience on job offers
From our research it appeared that an average experience for a web developer job required by an employer is 2.8 years. But the average experience people have in their web developer resume is over 3 years. The more experience the better, but if you come across as overqualified to a potential employer, you might loose your chances of getting hired. The rule of a thumb is to tailor your resume to the job description and only leave the relevant experience in your web developer resume.

What keywords and skills should your sales resume include?

What keywords and skills should your web developer resume include?

4 steps to follow when adding skills to your web developer resume

  • Begin by carefully reading the web developer job description and writing down all of the skills it mentions.
  • Write down all of your own skills, these could be hard skills like knowing a language or soft skills like working well in groups.
  • See which skills match up (they don’t necessarily have to be exact matches)
  • Think about how you can SHOW that you have these skills by giving examples instead of simply saying that you have them.

Best skills for a Web Developer resume

The top 5 skills for Web Developer resumes based on 1,000+ real examples

Based on our analysis of hundreds of web developer resumes, we found that these were the 5 top web developer skills to include. This is based on the skills most in demand by employers.
  • html
  • wordpress
  • jquery
  • javascript
  • bootstrap

Top 5 Skills On Resumes vs Job Offers

SkillIn resumesIn job offers

 Source: enhancv.com

How to get a referral on LinkedIn for the web developer role you want

Relying on nothing but your resume can leave you with less than a 2% chance of getting an interview. As you can see, it’s important to give yourself the best shot possible at getting hired. This includes leveraging personal connections to get referred to a job.

So before you start applying for a new web developer role, check your 1st and 2nd degree contacts in both LinkedIn and in any other relevant groups you may belong to. If you don’t have strong connections in the industry you’re looking to establish yourself in, start making them now!

Check out our guide on getting referrals for any job you’re applying for.


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