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24 Web Developer Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your web developer resume must highlight your technical skill set. Include proficiency in languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like Angular or React. Showcase your experience with responsive design and cross-platform compatibility. Also, emphasize your ability to work with version control systems like Git.

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Creating and maintaining websites is no small task. Whether you’re loyal to HTML/CSS or are navigating new technologies, you know the importance of keeping your programming skills sharp.

Those skills are evident in the impressive projects in your GitHub portfolio. Now you’re shifting your focus to developing something else.

Your web developer resume.

You’re a coding pro but don’t rely on your front-end skills to land you the job. Your web development resume needs to show recruiters that you have what it takes to identify problems, debug code, and develop a user-friendly site.

Our guide will show you how to do all of that and make a great first impression on your next potential employer with an outstanding web developer resume.

Read below to learn:

  • How to use web developer resume examples to find the best fit for your target job
  • How to impress hiring managers with your experience section by using quantifiable metrics
  • The skills recruiters look for that show your commitment to the job and industry specific knowledge
  • What other sections to add to your web developer resume that will make you stand out from other candidates

Additional job-specific developer resume examples that might be helpful to you:

Web developer resume example

What makes this web developer resume example great:

  • Specialized Skills & Tools Highlighted: The resume does a good job of emphasizing proficiency with specific tools relevant to web development, especially for WordPress such as Elementor and WPBakery. Listing these specific tools can be essential to show expertise in areas that potential employers might look for.

  • Quantifiable Achievements: Instead of just mentioning tasks and responsibilities, Alex Johnson includes quantifiable achievements in their work history (e.g., "improving website performance by 30%" or "contributing to a 20% increase in team productivity"). This provides evidence of the impact they've made in their roles.

  • Open-Source Contributions: The "MY OPEN-SOURCE WORK" section provides concrete examples of Alex's capabilities and contributions to the tech community. Including direct links to GitHub repositories gives potential employers an opportunity to see actual work, code quality, and contributions.

  • Summary Section: The summary section at the beginning effectively encapsulates Alex's skills, experience, and strengths in a concise manner. This provides a snapshot for potential employers, giving them a clear idea of Alex's expertise before diving into the detailed sections of the resume.

  • How to format a web developer resume

    The format of your web developer resume is just as important as the content. It is the first thing recruiters will notice when your resume comes across their desk.

    Web development requires strong technical skills and clear organization. Show potential employers you’re the right candidate with a clean and professional design.

    A few points to keep in mind when writing your web development resume are:

    • Use a reverse chronological order layout
    • Give a good first impression with a strong header and professional contact info
    • Highlight technical skills and quantifiable achievements that are valuable for web developers
    • Keep your web developer resume to one page and in PDF format

    A reverse chronological resume is the most commonly recognized resume formats. As the name suggests, it lists work history in reverse chronological order and makes the experience section the main focus.

    This is the ideal format for web developers with at least a few years of experience in the industry, especially upper-level positions like senior full-stack developer.


    If you are just breaking into the field or have recently graduated from school, consider following a functional resume format. This puts the focus on skills rather than lack of experience.

    After putting so much time and effort into perfecting the design of your resume, the last thing you want to happen is to lose the format by choosing the wrong file type.

    For file type, choose PDF over doc. PDF files have more security and less compatibility issues across devices.

    Send your PDF resume and rest assured that it will look exactly the same when opened on the other end.

    Potential employers will expect that a web developer has the technical skills to make their resume file easily accessible. Don’t miss an opportunity by submitting a file that HR can’t open.

    Select one of our ready-to-use web developer resume templates to easily add your own information and download it in PDF format.

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The top sections on a web developer resume

  • Experience section that quantifies impact and shows companies how you will achieve results

  • Skills that show your technical abilities as well as interpersonal strengths

  • Education and certifications that show potential employers that you’re committed to the industry

  • A web developer resume summary that will grab recruiters’ attention and increase your chances of getting an interview

  • Additional sections that highlight projects, awards, and accomplishments that have contributed to your web development skills

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What recruiters want to see on your resume

  • The most in-demand web development skills like responsive web design, mobile app development, and debugging

  • Expertise in the top programming languages for web developers like JavaScript, Python, and HTML

  • Link to a github or other web portfolio

  • Work history that shows career growth and development in the industry

How to write your web developer resume experience section

A good resume experience section lists your previous relevant work roles along with 3-4 bullets highlighting quantifiable achievements that are tailored to your target job.

Potential employers want to see how you will impact success at their company and your level of expertise in their current tech stack.

Let’s look at an example of a web developer experience section.

Web Developer
Boston, MA
  • Monitored website traffic and expanded reach to new users
  • Fixed errors in back end code
  • Wrote a new program to track sales in product department

What’s wrong with this example:

  • Does not include any measurable results
  • Unclear about whether initiatives were successful or not
  • No mention of specific technical skills or programming languages

A common mistake that candidates make on resumes is simply listing job duties without any achievements associated with them.

Don’t just tell potential employers what you did every day. Show them how you have achieved success in the role.

It’s important to always quantify your achievements. Don’t expect hiring managers to assume you reached excellent results just by writing “expanded reach”.

More on that later.

Now let’s look at an improved version of the same example.

Web Developer
Boston, MA
  • Increased website traffic by 42% and expanded reach to 1200 new users in Q1
  • Located errors and debugged back end, improved customer satisfaction by 25%
  • Wrote a new program using HTML/CSS that resulted in an additional $50K in sales

What works in this example:

  • Specific numbers and data quantify impact
  • Shows debugging and problem-solving skills that lead to success
  • Describes the use of HTML/CSS in target job tech stack

This improved web developer experience section is much more effective. It shows real data and measurable results. Evidence of industry-specific skills is provided.

Always tailor your resume to fit your target job and show hiring managers why you’re the right candidate for the role.

How to quantify impact on your resume

As mentioned above, it is crucial to quantify impact on your resume with measurable results.

Claims of “launching a successful app” or “reaching a wide audience” don’t really mean anything without evidence to back them up. This leaves too much open to interpretation and trusts the reader to take your word for it.

Cite accomplishments with specific goals using real numbers and metrics. Sharing hard data like “developed a website that generated $85K in revenue” shows exactly what you’re capable of.

Here are a few examples of quantifiable metrics that will strengthen your web developer resume:

  • Number of users using the web app you were responsible for
  • Increased profit/revenue through improved conversion
  • Increased web traffic on a page you updated
  • Increasing conversion rate on the website by X%
  • User experience improvement
  • Number of projects/pages/apps managed
  • Number of people led on a team
  • Increased productivity
  • Debugging
  • Programming stack

Go through your previous work roles and use these metrics to quantify impact in your experience section.

How do I write a web developer resume with no experience

Writing a web developer resume with no experience is a common challenge. Whether you’re starting your first job or transitioning careers after finishing a coding bootcamp, everyone starts somewhere!

To write a web developer resume with no experience that gets callbacks, follow these steps:

  • Instead of using the reverse-chronological layout we mentioned above, choose a functional resume layout that focuses on skills instead of experience
  • Highlight transferable skills from relevant past experiences
  • Include additional resume sections where you learned relevant skills like projects, hobbies, and volunteer work

A functional resume allows you to showcase your relevant skills with less emphasis on work history. Come up with a list of transferable skills that apply to your target job.

For example, if you were an administrative assistant at your local library, you know how to “monitor customer metrics and improve productivity by 22%” and “debug errors in the inventorying program and increase customer satisfaction by 22%”.

Or, if you created the website for your college chess club, you can “increase conversion rate on an HTML website by 45%” and “increase customer engagement by 25% by launching a mobile app”.

Choose a functional layout for your web developer resume from our collection of resume examples to help you get started.

How to list your hard skills and soft skills on your resume

Resume skills can be divided into two major categories - hard skills and soft skills.

Simply put, hard skills are the software, programs, and other technical tasks required to perform the role. Soft skills are the interpersonal communication and behavioral skills necessary for the job.

For a web developer, technical skills are crucial. Being proficient in the relevant tech stack is absolutely necessary to perform essential job functions.

Depending on your target role and your skill set, you might want to divide your hard skills into separate categories.

Here is an example of hard skills on a web developer resume categorized by front end and back end.

Front End
Back End

If you have been in the industry for over a decade and have a long list of tech skills to choose from, focus on the ones most relevant to the target job.

Select the technical skills that you’re most confident in and leave out any irrelevant information.

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20 top hard skills for your web developer resume in 2024

  • Python

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • C++

  • CSS

  • HTML

  • R

  • UX/UI Design

  • React

  • SQL

  • Kotlin

  • Nodejs

  • PHP

  • Responsive Design

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Web Server Management

  • Debugging

Soft skills often require a bit more explanation as they can be applied and interpreted in different ways.

For your web developer resume, a good way to do this is to choose your top strengths and provide specific examples.

Let’s look at an example of soft skills on a web developer resume with supporting evidence.

Time Management
Maintain 8 company websites with a 95% average customer satisfaction rating
Identified errors and debugged client program that resulted in an additional $45K in revenue
Collaborated with 6 other developers to create mobile app that received Coding Magazine Best App to Watch Award in 2022

Here is a list of some of the best soft skills hiring managers will look for on your web developer resume.

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20 of the best soft skills for your web developer resume in 2024

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Web design
  • Coding
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Analytical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Self-awareness
  • Accountability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Patience
  • Listening

How to list your certifications and education on your resume

The typical education level for a web developer is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, web development, or similar programs.

A college degree is not always required for a web developer position. Education level requirements in job listings can range from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

Let’s take a look at a basic education section on a web developer resume.

BS in Computer Science
University of Texas

Your web developer resume education section will be pretty basic. It should include the following:

  • Name of degree
  • Name of school
  • Years attended

There is no need to include additional information like GPA unless specifically requested in the job application.

If you are just breaking into the field and do not have a college degree or a relevant major, earning a certificate is a great way to enhance your resume.

This shows your commitment to the job and willingness to continuously develop new skills. Your web development certification section will be similarly basic.

Certified Web Professional - Web Developer
International WebMaster Association

Only the name of the certificate and issuing institution is fine. Completing a certification program is a great way to increase your value and employability.

Here is a list of certification programs to consider as a web developer.

How to write your web developer resume summary or objective

Including a summary or objective at the top of your web developer resume is a great way to introduce yourself to potential employers.

A resume summary has been described as a brief overview of your best achievements and skills, where an objective is more focused on future goals.

However, today they are often used interchangeably. Both serve the same goal - to introduce yourself and your value as a candidate to potential employers.

Let’s look at an example of a web developer resume summary.

Passionate web developer with experience in e-commerce. Skilled in mobile app development and user-friendly design.

The example above is missing a few key elements. It uses blanket words like “passionate” and “skilled” without any quantifiable metrics.

It does not provide any evidence of key achievements, and there is no mention of forward-looking goals.

Let’s make a few changes and look at the updated summary.

Full Stack Web Developer with 7 years of experience in e-commerce. Created a mobile banking app that was rated #1 in user-friendly design in 2021. Seeking opportunity to leverage expertise and increase customer satisfaction at CashTech Co.

This version is much better. It states a specific title of Full Stack Web Developer and includes the number of years of experience.

It shows evidence of success with an industry award and mentions the shared goals of the candidate and target company.

Research your target company and find out what issues they have. Show them how you will provide solutions in your web developer resume summary.

Additional sections for a web developer resume

Careers in web development often have different paths for different people. Your experience is unique and your resume should reflect what makes you stand out.

Consider including additional sections to your resume that show relevant experience outside the usual work history or education.

Some of the best additional sections for a web developer resume are projects, awards, and hobbies.

How to put a projects section on a resume

Projects are a great way to boost your web developer resume. If you worked on a school assignment, local project, or any other relevant project, include a section for it.

Similar to your experience section, list the name of the project, a brief description, and 3-4 bullets highlighting your top achievements.

Austin, TX
Mobile app to find and review local coffee shops
  • Increased foot traffic for 80% of shops on app
  • Improved customer satisfaction rating by an average of 35% on top 5 ranking shops
  • Voted Best Community App in Austin Magazine in 2022

How to put an awards section on a resume

An awards section is a great way to highlight achievements as a web developer.

If you’ve received awards from industry publications or other relevant entities, showcase them for potential employers.

Here is an example of how to highlight an award on your web developer resume.

Creativity and Innovation Award
Recognized by Tech Magazine in 2021 for designing an app with outstanding creativity and innovative design

How to put a hobbies section on a resume

A hobbies section on your resume may seem unusual, but there is a place for it if your interests are examples of relevant skills and achievements.

This is a good way to show your knowledge of relevant niche topics. For example, if the web developer role you’re applying for is at a travel agency.

Interested in learning about other countries and cultures
Enjoy DIY projects and hand-making furniture

Key takeaways for creating an effective web developer resume

Format your web developer resume in reverse chronological order to show steady career growth and commitment to the industry.

Quantify impact by showing measurable results and real data from past accomplishments.

Separate your skills section by hard skills and soft skills to show that you have the right technical knowledge to do the job.

Include additional sections on your web developer resume to show potential employers your unique skills and achievements.

Web Developer resume examples

Explore additional web developer resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

Junior Web Developer

As a Junior Web Developer, showcase your hands-on experience with web languages and your understanding of Agile methodologies. Include examples of projects where you successfully used your skills to improve website functionality, its impact and the value added.
View Junior Web Developer Resume

Senior Oracle Developer

Senior Oracle Developers must emphasize their Oracle expertise, PL/SQL skills, and extensive knowledge of Oracle software. Reflect your leadership skills and Agile methodologies knowledge. Demonstrate how your skills achieved improvements in effectively managing databases or optimizing system performance.
View Senior Oracle Developer Resume

Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developers are expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of web languages, resolving technical issues, and team collaboration skills. Reflect your role in an Agile environment and how you drove software enhancements. Show the tangible impact your skills had on web applications.
View Senior Web Developer Resume

Entry-Level Web Developer

As an Entry-Level Web Developer, show your familiarity with essential tech languages like HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript. Highlight your willingness to learn swiftly by providing examples of your personal projects or tasks. Clearly outline your understanding of web performance, for example by explaining how you've optimized loading times. Go beyond just listing your language skills, instead explain how you've applied them in your projects to create positive results. Emphasize on specific instances like improving mobile responsiveness or increasing page loading speeds, and maintain a 'skill-action-results' approach.

By Role

Angular Developer

An Angular Developer needs to demonstrate proficiency in Angular and TypeScript. Showcase your projects where Angular was used to create responsive and efficient applications. Mention familiarity with RESTful APIs, and state management with tools like RxJS. Highlight problem-solving skills.

View Angular Developer Resume

Asp.Net Developer

As an Asp.Net Developer, employers will be looking at your technical understanding, problem-solving skills, and ability to work collaboratively. Demonstrate Agile or Scrum methodologies experience and how it benefited previous projects. Highlight significant Asp.Net projects, explain what you did, the outcome, and how it increased efficiency or customer satisfaction.
View Asp.Net Developer Resume

C Developer

When applying as a C Developer, show your fluency in C programming and related technologies. Feature projects that used C in different environments; show how your C programming skills had an impact on the software product. Your application must speak about your tech skills in Agile, Scrum, or DevOps, showcasing how they improved the software quality and performance.
View C Developer Resume

Drupal Developer

As a Drupal Developer, stress on your understanding of the Drupal ecosystem. Showcase your experience in aggregation frameworks, module development, and procedural programming. Emphasize projects or tasks completed using Agile or Scrum to streamline project delivery. Remember to follow a 'skill-action-results' outline of your significant outcomes.
View Drupal Developer Resume

Golang Developer

Applying as a Golang Developer, highlight your proficiency in Golang, middleware structuring, and implementing solid APIs. Demonstrate your experience in Agile frameworks and its application to deliver business value. Detail out how your skills positively impacted product development - whether it was improving user experience, productivity, or application performance.
View Golang Developer Resume

Hadoop Developer

Hadoop Developers should emphasize their understanding of Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, and associated technologies. Detail your work on big data projects using Scrum or Agile methodologies. Don't forget to include problem-solving achievements with data and how it served in decision-making.
View Hadoop Developer Resume

Node JS Developer

Node JS developers need to highlight their competency in Node.js, RESTful APIs and experience in Agile environment. Provide instances of projects where you successfully implemented these skills and the positive results enjoyed by the product or team.
View Node JS Developer Resume

Ruby On Rails Developer

Ruby On Rails Developers should highlight their fluency in Ruby, their understanding of Rails, Database knowledge and experience in an Agile environment. Include successful projects that demonstrate your practical Ruby skills effect on product development.
View Ruby On Rails Developer Resume

SAP Abap Developer

As an SAP Abap Developer, emphasize your knowledge of SAP systems, ABAP development tools and collaboration skills. Spotlight your Agile experience and how you've optimized SAP system functionality, resulting in improved business processes or user satisfaction.
View SAP Abap Developer Resume

Snowflake Developer

Snowflake Developers need to spotlight their Snowflake knowledge, data warehousing understanding, and SQL skills. Flesh out details on how your adeptness with Agile practices and cloud technology boosted data processing efficiency or user experience.
View Snowflake Developer Resume

Splunk Developer

Splunk Developer applications should focus on their proficiency in Splunk, complex databases and Big Data Management. Bring out your Agile experience and how it helped ensure timely project delivery. Highlight cases where your skills assisted in enhancing system performance.
View Splunk Developer Resume

Web Application Developer

Web Application Developers should focus on showcasing their full-stack development skills, experience with web languages, and working in Agile teams. Pinpoint your contributions in enhancing application responsiveness, user interface or the overall user experience.
View Web Application Developer Resume

Wordpress Developer

As a WordPress Developer, citing your expertise in WordPress, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript is essential. Detail your Agile practices experience in ensuring smooth project management. Highlight projects showing how your coding acumen resulted in improved site performance or user experience.
View Wordpress Developer Resume

Freelance Web Developer

The constant evolution of the freelance world presents numerous prospects for Freelance Web Developers. When applying, make your proposal more attractive by indicating your familiarity with various online tools suitable for remote work, especially those used for communication. Emphasize your expertise in time and project management tools; being a freelancer requires efficiency and punctuality. If available, reveal your previous clients' satisfaction rate through testimonies, ratings, or other proofs of reliability. Rather than listing your skills, demonstrate their effectiveness with statements like 'Completed five projects ahead of schedule using...' or 'Increased website traffic by...', following the 'skill-action-results' approach.

Front-End Web Developer

For the Front-End Web Developer position, you need to master user interface frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js as they often decide your success in the job selection process. Also, highlight any experience with accessibility and the inclusive design of websites. Show your knowledge of modern design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD, and how you use these tools to affect the final web design. Don't just list your skills; share examples of how you have used them to improve user interaction or enhance web accessibility. Use a 'skill-action-results' format to show your impact.

Back-End Web Developer

Being a Back-End Web Developer now means knowing server languages like Python, Java, and Ruby, and being skilled with tools like Docker. You should be able to deal with problems about the size and security of the system. You should show, not just tell, about your skills; for instance, talk about how you've improved data security or server response time.

Web Application Developer (Programmer)

As a Web Application Developer, being skilled in various programming languages like JavaScript or Python is beneficial. It's not only about listing these skills but also showing how you've used them. For instance, you might have debugged and enhanced app performance. Having experience in software testing and debugging is a big plus, so do emphasize that. It's also useful to mention specific web applications you've worked on, particularly if users responded positively to your changes. So focus on demonstrating a 'skill-action-results' approach in your application rather than merely listing your qualifications.

PHP Web Developer

Being a successful PHP Web Developer requires practical experience with PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. Sharing specific projects or achievements using these tools is vital. Also, calling attention to your experience with REST and SOAP for web services is beneficial. You should also showcase your understanding of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) principles since employers regard them essential. Rather than merely listing your skills, demonstrate their impact by stating examples like 'improved API performance with...', or 'developed reusable code using...', basically, adopt the 'skill-action-results' approach.

Full-Stack Web Developer

The Full-Stack Web Developer job requires mastery of both front and back-end digital processes. When applying, highlight your competency in languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript, as well as your knowledge of both SQL and NoSQL databases. Show off your ability to provide a smooth user experience that covers all aspects of the application. Remember not just to list your skills but to demonstrate their impact, for instance, how you have integrated the front and back end to achieve certain results. Use the 'skill-action-results' format to effectively depict this.
web developer resume example

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