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5 Sharepoint Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your SharePoint resume must immediately highlight your expertise in SharePoint development and administration. Showcase your ability to customize SharePoint according to company needs. Ensure that your resume also reflects your knowledge of workflow creation, user training, and system integration. These competencies are critical for demonstrating your comprehensive skill set in SharePoint environments.

All resume examples in this guide

Full disclosure: Most sharepoint resumes are dull, boring, and you can’t read through them without drinking 2 cups of Coffee.

They look as if someone forced them to perform the duties they listed.

Whereas, behind the hiring desk, someone is looking for an energetic and motivated Sharepoint professional.

See the mismatch?

It isn’t that most applicants behind those resumes weren’t energetic and motivated - it’s just that they wrote the resume as if they were applying for a job in the 1980s.

Behind every resume and job application is a real person. And making a dull Sharepoint resume fails to reflect that real person.

So we collected some amazing sharepoint resume examples and crafted this guide to help you write a better resume.

Here’s what this guide will teach you:

  • How to write a resume that’ll get a recruiter's attention
  • How to add specific triggers that’ll get a recruiter hooked to your resume
  • How to prove in just 1 page that you’re the best candidate for the job
  • How to tweak your resume for perfection, passion and quality

How to Write a Sharepoint Resume

There are roughly 80,000 Sharepoints jobs available now - with more than 500,000 qualified Sharepoint professionals across the US.

You don’t want to sell yourself in a competitive landscape like this.

To truly reflect yourself in your resume, you need to write your resume considering what your hiring manager values are.

Catch 22 - Hiring managers rarely share feedback on a resume.

Don’t worry.

We did the hard work for you. We asked hiring managers on what they valued most in a Sharepoint resume. And, here are the 5 things they recommended to add in a resume.

5 Things That Best SharePoint Resumes Have:

  • A resume summary that’s passionate about the job
  • A resume experience that’s highly relevant to the role
  • A bit of personality via resume certifications and skills sections
  • A clean, easy to scan design that values hiring manager’s time
  • Overall resume should reflect on the value you deliver, and shouldn’t be indicative of your diverse vocabulary

But, right now, you just have a blank paper ahead of you.

Going from a blank paper to a resume is often the hardest part.

You could stare at a blank resume page for hours, add something and erase it. There comes a time when you just want to get over it, and are no longer writing the resume you actually wanted to.

Not on our watch!

We’ll push you from an empty page to a perfect resume layout ready to be filled in just a matter of seconds.

How to select the best resume layout for your Sharepoint resume

Often a coin flip decides what resume layout you are going to use.

But the process of selecting a resume layout has been perfected years ago. And, it is pretty scientific.

The best Sharepoint resume layout options for you are:

A hybrid resume layout is a bit difficult to get done right if you are using document making tools like MS Word or Google doc. Mainly because you aren’t a designer, and things like resume padding, margin, etc. can be the difference between rejection and an interview.

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Pro tip

Use our resume builder to leverage existing layouts and automatic design adjustments

Writing a resume header for a Sharepoint engineer resume (with examples)

We’ve placed resume headers from two different Sharepoint engineer resumes below. Go through them and observe.

Sharepoint Engineer
Address: 2782 Fancher Drive, Dallas, TX, 75201

Never add your full address in your resume header. But even more important, use a professional email rather than a cheesy one.

Microsoft MVP
Dallas, TX

Notice, how the second one stood out.

So, to write a good resume header:

  • Make sure you add your name, email, contact number, website, and current location (not your address).
  • Make sure that the contact information you add is 100% correct.

Make your resume memorable with a perfect Sharepoint resume summary

Recruiters reject 60% of all Sharepoint resumes that they feel aren’t customized for the job.

And, why wouldn’t they? When a new Sharepoint job is in the market, it isn’t uncommon to:

  • Receive applications that range from related roles but don’t show the right mix of skills and experience.
  • Receive applications from a candidate with a completely unrelated work experience without reflecting the right motivation for a career change.
  • See resumes that look the same and don’t stand out at all.

If you list “Microsoft MVP”, your resume header isn’t going to help you become un-rejectable.

But, resume summaries for a Sharepoint professional can actually do that for you.

Think of it as a small note that tells a recruiter how passionate, relevant and qualified you really are for the role.

Sharepoint architect resume summary

A result oriented, Sharepoint architect responsible for enterprise wide, full cycle SharePoint implementation. Highly skilled in Microsoft Solutions with strong project management skills.

If a hiring manager is looking to hire an architect that has a hands on experience, this resume summary would fail to leave a mark because:

  • Aside from project management skills, nothing really stands out.
  • It doesn’t say whether the candidate is certified.
  • It doesn’t share any other specific skill related info with the hiring manager.
A Microsoft Certified Trainer, SharePoint and Office 365 Architect with a full stack specialization. Extremely proficient in Microsoft Technology Due Diligence, Enterprise architectures, and large scale implementations.

Notice how this resume summary is far better because it addressed all of those concerns?

Sharepoint business analyst resume summary

SharePoint Business Analyst with 3 years of experience in project analysis and documentation.
A MOS Certified SharePoint Business Analyst with 3 years of experience. Bridging the gap between technology and end users with deep knowledge of OOB SharePoint functionalities, no-code solutions, in-depth process analyst, and hands on experience of large scale content migration.

Again, a good SharePoint resume summary not only shares certifications and your experience, but also reflects your passion and motivation for the job as well.

Sharepoint resume experience examples for engineers, analysts, architects and administrators

So far, you’ve established relevancy and passion.

And the hiring manager is now hooked. But, now she/he wants to see how well you fit in the role.

If you were ever a part of a hiring team, you’d have probably heard “Let’s interview this guy, his resume is awesome” in the meeting room.

And “the guy” 9/10 times got hired.

To be one of those 9/10 people, you need to make sure that you write your Sharepoint resume experience to deliver a high impact.

SharePoint Architect
SNL Financial
Portland, OR
Designed and integrated our enterprise solutions. I was the lead of architecture, development, customization and integration of the solution for SNL Financial, a Fortune 100 company. My work experience included (but wasn’t limited to): Stakeholder collaboration, ECM, establishing business processes with Sharepoint, integrating BI solution, and architecting the solution using MS Office SharePoint Server

We advise you never write a resume experience section as a long paragraph. Keep it bulleted, it’s easier for recruiters and hiring managers to get the right information in that way.

SharePoint Architect
SNL Financial
Portland, OR
  • Senior SharePoint Architect and Subject Matter Expert for the Candian Post.
  • Created a large peripheral deployment system in Office 365 for over 16,000 items and users.
  • Created project timelines, acted as a Scrum owner for 5 teams involved. Handled content types, customized forms, REST calls via JS, CSOM, PowerShell and VS code.
  • Managed technical documentation, testing, communication, governance, security and PM.

The above resume experience example is going to stand out not only because it has bullets, but also because it is very well written to show the work experience of a Sharepoint Architect. Numbers like “16,000”, “Duties performed”, and “customization” tell a hiring manager everything they need to know about a candidate.

Sharepoint developer resume experience examples

SharePoint Architect
SNL Financial
Portland, OR
  • Created and customized data view web parts & their connections.
  • Created SharePoint pages and page layouts.
  • Administered user permissions and accounts.
  • Deployed SharePoint packages to server farm.
  • Assisted end-users as to how to use SharePoint 2016.

The Sharepoint developer resume in this example has simply listed major job highlights, which are pretty common in most applications a hiring manager would receive.

Hence, this Sharepoint developer resume would get rejected easily.

SharePoint Architect
SNL Financial
Portland, OR
  • Create and customize sites, web parts, document libraries, lists, and views.
  • Develop SharePoint 2013 workflows, Design and implement Info Path forms.
  • Developing and deploying custom SharePoint solutions, web templates, custom list definitions for the company's Intranet portal and creating sites.
  • Utilized CAML queries and worked on XML Technologies REST API, WSDL and XML Schemas for development and implementation of business logic in SharePoint Web Applications.
  • Created a Customized SharePoint page containing the dashboard reports (SSRS 2008 reports), which are displayed inside the customized Report viewer control based on data from the Provider web part.

For someone hiring a Sharepoint developer that is familiar with customization and generating reports - this Sharepoint developer resume would easily land an interview.

Sharepoint analyst resume experience examples.

SharePoint Analyst
Trinity Inc
Portland, OR
  • SharePoint Solution Development , Implementation & Administration.
  • Analysed FRDs and built specifications for modern information systems.
  • Defining and enforced SharePoint Governance Policies, Enterprise Content Management and Document Management strategies.
  • Enterprise software application development.

To a hiring manager it seems like someone forced this candidate to write this resume experience.

It surely doesn’t reflects the impact and scale of the work. And it fails to convey any information on what the candidate did, what team he/she worked with and hence would be more likely to be rejected.

SharePoint Analyst
Trinity Inc
Portland, OR
  • SharePoint Solution Development , Implementation & Administration Analyses functional requirements and develop specifications for new information systems.
  • Implemented SharePoint Governance: policies, roles and responsibilities for 12 Enterprise wide IT projects.
  • Led formal design, business requirements and system requirementreviews across 20 different IT teams.
  • Modernized age old Enterprise UX to a modern and user friendly design leading to 20% higher productivity.
  • Responsible for cost savings up to $250,000/year.

A good resume experience for a Sharepoint resume is highly specific, value driven and paints a picture of what you did.

Sharepoint administrator resume experience examples

SharePoint Administrator
Five Pack Inc
Portland, OR
  • Installed and configuration of SharePoint Server 2016.
  • Responsible for requirement gathering and performed analysis.
  • Requirement gathering as well as analysis of business requirements.
  • Configure SharePoint workflows.

Notice how repetition and lack of resume experience specific talk made you think that someone with this resume experience wouldn’t be good.

SharePoint Administrator
Five Pack Inc
Portland, OR
  • Designed and built overall SharePoint IA and Taxonomy from scratch.
  • Responsible for governance, planning and configuration of ECM.
  • Conducted stakeholder meetings, departmental reviews, objectives assessment and transform this research into technical requirements.
  • Built SharePoint web parts, forms and integrated MS Office with Sharepoint to increase work connectivity.
  • Heavily customized 150+ workflows, 1,900 page templates, and 53 search scopes .
  • Configure Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for accessing backend data sources.
  • Manage user access controls and security permissions.

We’ve covered only 4 major roles, but you can take the lessons we learned here and can write for any type of Sharepoint resume you want.

Let’s move on to the last remaining parts of your resume - listing certifications, achievements and skills to your resume. Let’s pick them one by one.

How to list certifications on your sharepoint resume (with example)

As we said before, Sharepoint jobs are extremely specific. They demand their own level of aptitude, training, and skills.

But there’s one thing you can do to show that you’ve got what it takes to reliably do the job - list all relevant certifications that you think the job would require.

top sections icon

Certifications for a SharePoint administrator position

  • Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate
  • MCSE: Productivity
  • MCSD: App Builder
  • MCSA: SQL certification

Now if you were shocked to see MCSA SQL certification at the end, don’t be!

SQL server certification was what got landed an interview to one of our users in an extremely competitive situation. The hiring manager wanted to find an administrator who can handle an SQL server and make it work with Sharepoint. And since the resume had it - it stood out from the rest!

Shocking, right?

Trust us, when it comes to a resume, small things often make a huge impact.

Let’s now add resume skills to your Sharepoint resume.

13 Sharepoint resume skills

Adding relevant skills to a Sharepoint resume skill section makes the same impact we saw the certification sections and re-iterates everything you wrote in your resume.

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Sharepoint resume skills that you can add to your resume:

  • Sharepoint 2007/2010/2013 and framework skills like SharePoint Hosted App, SharePoint Provider Hosted App
  • CSOM, JSOM, SSOM, CAML, SPServices, Office 365, SPFx
  • SharePoint Designer skills InfoPath Form Development
  • Front end development skills like AngularJS, ReactJS
  • Programming skills: C#, T-SQL, Powershell, etc
  • SharePoint Administration skills
  • TFS, Visual Studio Enterprise
  • TCP/IP and HTTP
  • UI/UX Skills
  • Content Management frameworks
  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Documentation skills

Last step - List your achievements, publications, keynotes and contributions

Some of the great Sharepoint resumes that we’ve seen so far have one thing in common, they all have achievements and highly valued contributions in them.

Consider adding the following to this section:

  • Recognitions like Microsoft MVP
  • Top 10 contributor at Csharpcorner.com
  • If you published a research paper
  • Speaking engagements
  • The impact you made at work

And that’s it, be prepared to receive more job interview requests.

But before you jump on building your resume, let’s summarize for the last time:

  • Pick an engaging resume layout for your Sharepoint resume
  • Craft a resume header and summary like a hook
  • Make sure your resume experience is tailored specifically for the role
  • List achievements and certifications within your resume
sharepoint resume example

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