Top Human Resources Resume Skills in 2020 [Manual]

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What phrases to use in my Human Resources resume skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • SAP
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • PeopleSoft
  • Word
  • Taleo

How to feature Human Resources resume skills

How to use SAP in your human resources resume:

Reconciling invoices and identifying discrepancies, using SAP

How to use Excel in your human resources resume:

As a Civil Servant in the Brazilian's public service I was able to develop excellent skills such as great interpersonal relationship, effective communication, management of administrative processes, intercultural competence, leadership and conflict resolution.

How to use SQL in your human resources resume:

Used SQL to create and maintain an Access database for tracking and reporting student and program variables and outcomes

How to use PeopleSoft in your human resources resume:

Reviewed proposed pay adjustments and recommended appropriate actions using the PeopleSoft and MarketPay systems

How to use Word in your human resources resume:

I proficiency in MS office applications (e.g. MS word, MS excel, MS publisher and MS PowerPoint)

How to use Taleo in your human resources resume:

Monitored the progress of candidates on ATS - Taleo. Timely reporting to all stakeholders reducing ad-hoc requests

How to use Communication in your human resources resume:

Responsible for handling staff database, staff welfare, and other complaints, Handled staff birthday schedules, prepared payroll and also handled time attendance for all staff. I also handle the preparation for meetings, seminars, and events. I took minutes of meetings and supervised all junior staff.
• Successfully established a communication channel between employer and employer.
• Provided suggestions to the Vice-Chairman concerning the welfare of staff.

How to describe your Human Resources resume skills

IT acquisitions
microsoft officeSPSSGoogle docGmail Drive Gant ChartCanvaPublisher
Skills & Competences
Project ManagementEvent managementBasic MarketingAdaptabilityStrategic planningGoal orientationResilience
Microsoft ExcelSAP HCMAccounting DatabasesMicrosoft OfficeClient ManagementRecruitmentPayroll
Microsoft Office Programs Logo Tiger 3 SAPGretl JavaScriptStata
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