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IT Intern Resume Samples and Writing Guide for 2021

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Updated on 2021-05-26

As an IT Intern you are passionate about technology and keen to immerse yourself in the information technology world.

You want to find the exact field you will pursue a career in. You are willing to dabble in everything from data analytics to developing automation scripts to find it.

But how do you write that winning IT Intern resume?

Don’t worry we’ll tell you how.

When selecting the perfect IT Intern, hiring managers want to know:

  • You have the technical skills (JavaScript, Crystal Reports, Tableau, SAP BOBJ)
  • You have the right experience and have studied the right modules at degree level
  • You have an excellent ability to problem solve
  • You have the drive to learn and absorb

Read on to find out how to get the best IT Internship…

Be a specialist and a generalist at the same time. While specializing, don’t be blinkered [narrow-minded], always broaden your focus, and think beyond the borders you might think exist. This will always give you an advantage over specialists.
- Knut Haufe, Co-Author of Improving Transparency and Efficiency in IT Security Management Resourcing,IEEE Computer Society 

This IT Intern Resume Guide Will Include:

  • 8+ samples and examples of IT Intern resumes
  • How to write a summary that sells you as a dream intern
  • Experience you need to include to get the reviewer’s attention
  • Technical skills you need to interweave
  • The soft skills that show your well-roundedness
  • IT Intern qualifications and certifications

Your goal is to get the reviewer to:

  • Be captivated
  • Read on
  • Get in touch for an interview
  • Offer you a fantastic internship!

IT Intern Resume Samples

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How to Write an IT Intern Resume

As an IT Intern, your role is to shadow senior staff at a company. You’re ready to soak up life in a work environment and gain valuable insight into the information technology world.

This is not a passive position. IT internships allow you to get hands-on experience. You have the chance to demonstrate your own value – after all internships can lead to a full-time position.

IT Intern resumes that get internships combine computer proficiency and problem-solving skills. They mix initiative and a willingness to learn new things.

Use your resume to show what you will bring to the table as an intern.

Include examples that show you can:

  • Identify, integrate and structure complex data flows and have the ability to work with large data sets
  • Perform analysis to identify meaningful data patterns
  • Build secure and reusable web applications
  • Apply statistical methods to solve problems
  • Develop visualisations and reports that can drive the story of data analysis

Here’s What a Hiring Manager Will Look for in Your Resume:

  • Do you have good analytical and troubleshooting skills?
  • Do you have a working knowledge of SQL and Python?
  • Are you an effective team player?
  • Do you have familiarity with Big Data Infrastructure?
  • Are you a highly skilled communicator?

The Most Important Aspects of an IT Intern Resume:

  • A resume header that draws in the hiring manager
  • A layout that grabs attention
  • Resume summary that sets you up as an enthusiastic and capable candidate
  • Resume experience that proves your suitability
  • Hard skills that show your problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking
  • Soft skills that show your teamwork and communication skills
  • IT Intern education and certifications

For more information on the best resume formats, read our guide:The Best Resume Formats You Need to Consider (5+ Examples Included).

How to Create a Striking IT Intern Resume Header

Your IT intern resume header is perhaps more important that you initially considered. Use this as an opportunity to state who you are and what you do. Zone in.

You’re applying to work as an IT intern specialising in analytics for a global event production company.

Your header looks like this:

Jason lilly
IT student


Wembley, London