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Professional Data Science Intern Resume Examples & Guide for 2021

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Writing your data science intern resume can be a daunting task — especially if you don’t know where to start.

But things don’t always have to be that way — making your resume can be fun as well!

With our help, you’ll learn how to easily create a resume that will get you the job you deserve in no time.

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Dublin, Ireland
Data Science InternBorer Ltd
2015 - Ongoing
Dublin, Ireland
Borer Ltd is a company that offers B2B Sales Prospecting Solution for Scaling Startups and Fast Growth Companies.
Extracted data (2500 customer reviews). Converted it into a readable form and recorded it in a text file
Managed team of 12 people .
Built web app that used advanced statistical models to predict user behavior, used by 300+ city teams
Provided frequency and empirical data analysis using Python (pymorphy2, re, numpy, matplotlib)
Data Science InternHeller
2013 - 2015
Dublin, Ireland
Heller is a software platform that provides video analysis and coaching tools for sports teams
Completing an immersive 10-week program called Node that is centered on Data Science.
Successfully completed the POC which helped my institute to gain 2 more projects.
Data Science InternHudson PLC
2010 - 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Hudson PLC is a hub for educational material and question papers of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) Delhi
Build a real-time analytics dashboard using Tableau and D3.js that portrays the processed output.
Analyzed massive social networks (350+ million vertices) using a variety of tools (Hive, Pig, Python).
Analyzed massive social networks (350+ million vertices) using a variety of tools (Hive, Pig, Python).
Business Development/Data Science InternRolfson
2006 - 2010
Dublin, Ireland
Rolfson is a digital media start up which creates polls for news sites: 'our technology gives users orientation by intuitively visualising opinions'.
Reduced time spent by user per session by an average of 12 secs.
Performed ad-hoc data visualizations using ggplot2 in R for measuring current model metrics.
Computer Science Engineering(B.E.)Chitkara University
2001 - Ongoing
Dublin, Ireland
Bachelor of Science, MathematicsMiddle East Technical University
2000 - 2001
Dublin, Ireland
Applied Cryptography Winter SchoolInstitute of Applied Mathematics
1/2019 - 2/2019
Middle East Technical University
20-hour program in 10 days with a certificate
Combinatorics and Geometry-Fernando Rodriguez VillegasDepartment of Mathematics
Middle East Technical University
at Cahit Arf Lecture
Semesterbreak Undergraduate-Graduate Algebra ProgramNesin Mathematics Village
Şirince, İzmir
About 60-hour program in 2 weeks

Here’s how to include experience on Data Science Intern resume

Data Science InternEarnest IncInternee
Jun - Sep '15 & Jan - Jun '16
Worked on loan decisions making model and improved prediction performance by 2x and was 3x faster in generating models.
Built a topic model to understand risk profiles of different loans and used for internal reporting for better decision making.

Data Science InternVerius TeknolojiResearched social network for consumer insights.
Performed ad-hoc data visualizations using ggplot2 in R for measuring current model metrics.
Led two research oriented projects around income verification and scoring.
ETL raw data from data warehouses for feature engineering.

Data Science InternAT&T Big DataDigital Marketing Firm
Had an experience with Data Science Practises and Tools like PythonScikit, Apache Spark, MongoDB etc.
Analyzed massive social networks (350+ million vertices) using a variety of tools (Hive, Pig, Python).
Used findings of academic paper [Gleich and Seshadhri, 2012] to develop scalable application for community detection algorithm in Apache Pig. Application is now used by a variety of internal clients (Big Data CoE, Mobility).

Here’s what a recruiter is looking for in a data science Intern resume

  • Data handling and manipulation - This is the core of every data science project you’ll get your hands on. Be sure to show that you’ve always worked with big data.
  • Teamwork and collaboration - Since most of your work involves other parties, a good team spirit, and the ability to work in groups is a must for any data science intern.
  • Familiarity with analytics applications and coding languages - Do you have experience with RDMS, SQL, Python, or even Java? Show it throughout your resume, and you’ll be a gold mine to any recruiter.
  • Ability to use data visualization tools - Any data science intern has to use software such as Looker, Tableau, and Microsoft Office Suite to present new findings and business insights.
  • Relevant education - Whether they ask for it or not, highlighting your educational background gives you a great against other applicants who have never studied in a relevant field.

PRO TIPThe skills and experience you feature on your resume must be relevant to job requirements. Often, recruiters look for specific roles with specific qualifications. Make sure to keep your resume specific and personalized to the position you’re applying to. Only focus on a few skills and achievements.

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