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8 College Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

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You want a job ASAP, but you have little to no work experience?

Recruiters preferred the man working 10 years in the industry to you?

Maybe this sounds familiar, especially if you are a college student.

Companies want to hire young and motivated people but at the same time look for deep experience.

We have cracked the code of writing an exceptional college student resume.

And we are eager to show it to you!

Are you ready for it?

Here is the 2022 ultimate guide that will show you pro tips, resume samples and step-by-step how to get a job.

“Even the greatest were beginners. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.”

Muhammad Ali, American professional boxer

Why this resume works

This college student offers a strong resume whose sections overlaps each other:

  • The summary section describes the key factors that can help the candidate get a job
  • Convincing internship bullet points backed up with action verbs
  • References provide crucial evidence that the candidate is a self-motivated student
  • Projects, Awards and Publications prove the student is a high performer

The college student job market

Only 50% of recent college graduates had traditional full-time jobs 6 months after graduation in 2020.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 2020 college graduates saw a bigger decrease in labor force participation than those who graduated during the Great Recession.

Among all Americans ages 16 and older, the employment rate declined from 61% in October 2019 to 58% in October 2020.

These facts show hidden opportunities for self-motivated college students to jump-start their professional career.

How to write a college student resume

The focus of your college student resume should be on self motivation skills, a strong work ethic and acquired knowledge.

To stand out from the competition, you should focus on the key factors

Let’s brainstorm together:

A reliable college student should have a well-built Education section with clear and specific bullet points.

It must indicate that the student is engaged in different activities and performs very well.

Then the graduate should show some metrics: founded a chess club, published articles, participated in science competitions, and others.

Therefore, they should have admirable soft skills like communication, or hard skills-public speaking, computer literacy and others.

Follow this example and build your college student resume!

  • Do you have any additional courses taken? List them immediately!
  • Any references from tutors? Add them as well!
  • You can also include a diagram that shows how your day passes.
  • Also, it’s crucial to tailor your resume to the job description to increase the chance to get hired.

Yes, you can do it all! This is a winning approach and we will prove it too!

Follow the ultimate college student guide and learn how to build your Summary and Experience sections in detail!

Customer service resume formats

You can fall into the following 3 resume format categories:

Two main factors can impact your choice of resume format:

  • Years of experience
  • Industry experience

Reverse-chronological resumes are perfect for professionals having some years in a specific niche.

Functional resumes are a good option for people searching for a first job or career changers.

Hybrid resumes combine the best of both worlds. They are great for entry-level and experienced candidates.

Watch out for the style and layout! Here are some resume tips:

If you want your resume to stand out, you might consider adding additional sections like GPA and Certifications.

top sections icon

Top resume sections

  • Education-it should show what you've learned from college and how you could put it into practice
  • Experience-here you can list previous jobs or internships no matter what
  • References from top industry professionals will help you stand out
  • Projects & Publications prove that you have deep knowledge in the field and are ready to put it into practice
  • A list of Soft and Hard Skills will help support your Education and Experience Section
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What recruiters want to see

  • Convincing Education section that proves your self motivation and industry knowledge
  • How could you put knowledge from college into practice?
  • What skills did you acquire from college?
  • Are your tutors happy with your overall performance?
  • Are you ambitious? Did you take additional courses or participate in projects/competitions/presentations?

Every section should prove that you are self-motivated and will bring value to the company you work for.

Impressive strategy for writing a college student summary

The Summary section is not a simple paragraph with a couple of sentences.

It shows how you can sell yourself and whether you can pitch everything.

Your summary introduces you as a motivated individual who strives for growth.

Therefore, it is crucial to put only those things about yourself that make you stand out.

Here are some tips for writing your College Student resume summary:

  • Your mantra should be “Short and clear.”
  • Mention facts that can be easily supported by quantitative data
  • Add a Project or Award to differentiate from others
  • Emphasize key achievement or valuable experience
  • Concentrate on specific skills acquired from your education that you can put into practice

What you should definitely avoid is:

  • Mediocre sentences like “I love reading!”
  • Vague information you cannot support in the other sections from the resume
  • Jokes or facts that might shift the recruiter’s focus

Here are some resume summary samples that might help you build yours:

Compassionate Human Resources student with 1 year of experience from an internship. Volunteered on 3 projects for distributing food to people in need. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Looking for a position that will motivate me to make the world a better place.
Self-motivated Education student with 1 year of experience working as a Teacher Assistant in a public school. Profound knowledge in K-12 curriculum, STEM and innovative learning techniques. Master of writing and communication, 10+ articles posted in Yale University’s newsletter.
Enthusiastic High-School student with a keen interest in Social Sciences. Participated in 10+ national competitions in history and psychology and earned 5 awards. Achieved a 4.0 GPA. Skilled in communication, public speaking and holding intriguing presentations. Seeking to acquire profound knowledge in Social Sciences at the University of Phoenix.
Resourceful Neuroscience student with 2 years of experience from an internship. Worked in a lab and participated in 5 large-scale experiments. Deep knowledge in neuroimaging and neural engineering. Utilized my critical thinking and creativity to become part of the National Neuroscience Team. Participated in 10 worldwide competitions.
Diligent Business Administration student with 1 year of experience working as an Administrative Assistant. Won a full scholarship and enrolled in Florida State University for free. Graduated with a 3.7 GPA. Acquired deep knowledge in marketing, management and strategic planning.
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Pro tip

If you have no experience, tailor the text to the job description/college expectations. Write down what you are looking for and how you can contribute to the organization. Then, support your statements with valuable skills and measurable goals.

College student experience: put knowledge into practice

You might say:

My God, I’m a college student! Am I supposed to have work experience?

Yes, you are!

Fortunately, you could mention an internship, training, or any job you had as well.

It’s not obligatory to mention industry experience. The recruiter wants to see that you are self-motivated and have practical knowledge.

The trick is to prove your experience in an intriguing and attention-catching way.

So, here are some tips to have in mind when writing experience bullet points:

  • Use actions verbs to emphasize the experience
  • Include numbers to prove professionalism
  • Mention award/project/volunteering that you’ve been engaged in previously and the results from it
  • Mention how your soft/hard skills helped you achieve your objectives
  • Use high-performance metrics as a sign of self motivation and strong work ethic

It’s crucial to follow these 5 tips to produce a good Experience section.

Do not forget to tailor your experience with the job description!

Thus, you increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Ask yourself questions and write the answers in your college student resume. For example:

How did my knowledge from college/school help me achieve high-performance metrics at work?

How did communication and other soft skills help me get positive feedback from the boss?

What software helped me deal with the day-to-day tasks at work?

College student resume experience examples

Company Name
Company Description
  • Learned Spanish and German
  • Created valuable relationships
  • Finished college year with 7th biggest score in the class
  • Wrote articles and blog posts

These bullet points are so vague that a 2nd grader could write them better.

There is no quantitative data, achievements, awards, or metrics mentioned.

This college student has the 7th highest score in the class but missed the opportunity to prove his knowledge.

The recruiter will not pay attention to a sentence like “Wrote articles and blog posts.”.

If you do not prove yourself as a go-getter, you will definitely not receive an interview call!

Company Name
Company Description
  • Leveraged my Spanish and German by writing 30+ articles and blog posts
  • Worked with 5 colleagues on 2 social media projects and created valuable relationships
  • Collaborated with 8 industry experts in organizing a public event that raised $20,000
  • Excelled in Creative Writing and Marketing and finished the 3rd year with the score of 4 GPA

This college student takes the opposite approach.

He provides valuable statements supported with numbers and action verbs.

They leave the impression that they’ve achieved a lot and every recruiter would root for them.

pro tip icon
Pro tip

Use the keywords from the job description! Try to add them in your experience bullet points. This way, you increase your chances of being noticed by 50%!

How to fill up the gaps in your resume

Additional sections should support your statements:

  • References from top industry professionals will be a clear sign that you are a high performer
  • The well-built Achievements section is the perfect way to show recruiters that you can bring value
  • Volunteering also proves your self motivation, organizational skills and time management
  • An engaging my-normal-day diagram speaks volumes when it comes to time management
  • Additional training/courses are a clear sign that you are a passionate learner

College student resume skills

It’s vital to list those skills in your resume relevant to your major!

They indicate that you can offer something interesting.

Moreover, do not forget to match the skills to the job description.

Find the balance between soft and hard skills and support your Experience section!

Schooling doesn't assure employment, but skill does.

Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

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Top 10 hard skills found on college resumes

Remember to connect your skills with other sections logically!

For example, when talking about an internship, support your statements with the skills that you’ve mastered from it.

top sections icon

Top 10 soft skills for college resumes

Key takeaways

  • Show how your knowledge helped you excel in your work experience
  • Add Projects/Publications/Volunteering/ Awards to prove that you are a self-motivated individual
  • Use action verbs and quantitative data to indicate dedication
  • Mention specific soft/hard skills that are accurate for the job description
  • Emphasize achievements and support them with high-performance metrics

College resume examples

Explore additional college resume samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

By Experience

College Student No Experience

As a College Student with No Experience, finding a job or internship may be tough, but you have attributes to feature on your resume. Highlight your academic success, pertinent coursework, related projects, and passion for the field. Mention any transferable skills you possess and specific skills like software expertise, research, and writing. Emphasize qualities such as adaptability, teamwork, and leadership. Don't forget to include even minor experiences like volunteering roles or leadership positions in clubs as these can help enhance your attractiveness as a candidate.

College Student For Internship

As a College Student For Internship, your resume should emphasize your related coursework, academic honors, and projects. Display soft skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and time management, which employers value. Express your eagerness to acquire hands-on experience, showing your willingness to learn, adapt, and grow with the company. Structure your projects and coursework following a 'skill-action-results' scheme for a more impactful narrative.

By Role


When applying for a Scholarship concentrate on showcasing non-academic achievements like volunteering or community-oriented initiatives. Always underline relevant experiences such as leadership roles on your resume, showing how you've positively influenced your community. Also, highlight academic achievements directly linked to the Scholarship requirements. Don’t just list them, but clarify their importance, using an “achievement-action-impact” structure. Tailor your application to fit specific Scholarship expectations to enhance your success rate.
View Scholarship Resume


As an Undergraduate, your resume should accurately reflect your career goals. Make sure to include relevant coursework that aligns with your intended career path- business strategy if you're in business, lab work if you're in the sciences. Show off your problem-solving skills by referencing instances where you handled challenging situations. Get involved on campus and seek opportunities like internships that offer real-world experience. Also, highlight your soft skills such as leadership and critical thinking, employers are always on the lookout for these. Lastly, prove your worth by showing your positive impact, using an "action-result-impact" approach.
View Undergraduate Resume

First Year College Student

As a First Year College Student, you may lack a deep work history. However, your resume can still impress potential employers. Include high school achievements—such as leadership roles, sports participation, or other activities—that relate to the job. Show off your hard skills. If you know a foreign language or have computer skills, make sure to include it. Also, reveal your soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Remember, showing your willingness to learn is equally important.

Freshman College Student

As a Freshman College Student crafting a resume, it’s beneficial to emphasize academic achievements and useful skills over past work experience. Spotlight classes and hobbies that reveal your interest in the job's industry. Show off your teamwork and leadership skills gained from sports or clubs. Mention language, technical or creative skills. Don't forget to stress your eagerness to learn and develop within the company.

College Student Teacher Assistant

As a College Student Teacher Assistant, your resume should include any teaching, tutoring, or mentoring experience you have and your academic achievements. Emphasize your skills in problem-solving, interacting with students effectively, and patience. You should mention any class presentations, workshops, or relevant studies that show your understanding of teaching techniques and child development. State any technical skills, like using online learning tools, to stand out from other candidates. Keep in mind to highlight your skills with corresponding actions and results to make your resume more impactful.
college resume example

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