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Complete Guide to Creating a Industrial Engineer Resume

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-04-21

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers think Industrial Engineering is a joke. But when push comes to shove and the production floor is in total chaos, guess who they call? Right.

As an Industrial Engineer, you spend your days solving problems, organizing the work process, reducing waste, increasing efficiency and improving the end result.

Your skills are invaluable to all business fields - manufacturing, hospital management and IT development.

Successful Industrial Engineers frequently move up in their organization, eventually securing a C-level position.

Here’s an inspirational fact: Mike Duke - Wal-Mart CEO graduated Industrial Engineering at Georgia-Tech.

But building an empire, starts with a great Industrial Engineering resume.

In the course of this article you will learn how to apply your Industrial Engineering skills and principles to your resume - making it effective and impactful to recruiters.

Learning notes from our Industrial Engineer resume guide

  • Go through 9 Industrial Engineer resume samples and extract best practices for your own
  • How to fit your resume into a single page, which increases the chances of it being read
  • How to reduce and optimize your word usage, removing unnecessary fluff
  • How to write an impactful resume header, summary and work experience
  • How to analyze the job description and identify which keywords to include in your Industrial Engineer resume
  • What skills, technologies and management methods are preferred by hiring managers
  • How to position your education and certificates on your Industrial Engineer resume

Here’s a job-winning Industrial Engineer resume example

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How to write an Industrial Engineer resume

It’s best to look at your industrial engineer resume like a work project. In order to improve the product, you first need to analyze the process and define the requirements.

Your recruiter needs to sift through dozens, maybe hundreds of competing Industrial Engineering resumes. You have just 3 - 6 seconds to convey critical information about yourself before a decision is made which pile your resume goes to.

Also, you must include 100% of the required skills and experience. Automated HR software will scan industrial engineering resumes and discard the ones which don’t match the profile.

Spelling errors, vague titles, unnecessary information, bad formatting and lack of focus will easily and often instantly send your resume to the shredder.

Finally, your Industrial Engineer resume needs to be convincing and inspiring, so when the hiring manager gets to read it, they instantly know you’re the best candidate for the job.

A recruiter will pay attention to the following in your resume:

  • Have you improved production processes and systems of distribution;
  • Did you create solutions for the company to be more efficient (in production, resources and packaging)?
  • What’s the level of your math and data analytics skills
  • Mechanical aptitude and fundamental understanding of physics
  • Evangelism of opportunities and project benefits to higher management
  • A multitude of soft skills, including creativity in problem solving, critical thinking, communication, negotiation, and project management

You should notice that even though it’s an engineering position, working as an Industrial Engineer involves mainly soft skills.

You absolutely need technical expertise relevant to the industry. E.G. if you’re applying to an automotive manufacturing plant, you should have a deep understanding of how cars work and what each of their subsystems do.

However, on a daily basis, you will mainly use your soft skills to organize the manufacturing process, increase efficiency...and profit.

Your Industrial Engineering resume should reflect on your ability to solve problems and what benefit you have created for your past employers.

Most important sections of Industrial Engineer resume

  • Well organized resume header section listing your name and contact details
  • Impactful resume summary outlining your experience, skills and achievements
  • Work experience section solidifying the initial impression with practical examples of the improvements and solutions you contributed to your workplace
  • Clear and concise skills section listing your technical and soft skills, tools, technologies and management strategies
  • Dedicated corner for your education and certificates - especially if you have completed your FE / PE exams
  • Depending on your specific case, an Awards and achievements sections may be worth adding

Depending on your experience and previous projects, you may want to organize the sections in areverse-chronological orhybrid resume layout.

The first lists your work experience and education in the common timeline format, followed by skills, achievements, etc.

The later mixes in skills and work experience to provide the information most relevant to the job offer at the top of the resume.

What does a good Industrial Engineer resume header look like?

Whichever layout you choose, the header always leads your industrial engineering resume.

Recruiters can and will reject you if they spot errors in your resume header or if there is missing information. This signals a lack of attention to detail, which is incompatible with your profession.

Keep the header simple and organize your contact information in a clear and readable format.

Review a couple of industrial engineer resume samples below.

2 Industrial Engineer resume header examples

Barbara Ramirez
Industrial Engineer

+359 88 888 8888

Santa Clara

At first glance, this header looks fine - name, title, phone number...But where is the email ? How will they send you details about the interview?

You’re also missing the chance to impress with relevant links and keywords in your title.

These errors seem miniscule, but when recruiters examine your industrial engineering resume, that’s the only thing they see about you.

...and in this case, it’s not very impressive!

It needs just a little effort to make it right. Let’s see another resume header example.

Barbara Ramirez
Industrial Engineer - Vehicle Assembly

+359 88 888 8888



Santa Clara, California

Okay, what are the differences?

There is an email listed now, as well as better described location. There will be no problem to contact this industrial engineer if the company is interested in setting up an interview.

What’s more, the applicant has added more details in the title. We know they have experience in the automotive industry and are likely quite knowledgeable about cars and how they work.

Finally, there’s a website listed. Perhaps it’s their personal portfolio, or they may have their own engineering practice, or a consultant agency.

There is a positive impression just knowing the candidate went through the trouble of setting up their own page.

How to make sure your Industrial Engineer resume summary creates an impact

The resume header makes a proper introduction, but it’s the summary section which drives your point home.

Well written summaries get recruiters excited and keeps them hooked to your resume.

At the same time, you must use it strategically and emphasize on the skills and experiences most relevant to the job offer.

This is a lot to ask from a couple of lines of text. But it’s enough for recruiters in order to distinguish the professionals from the amateurs.

It will become more apparent with a couple of samples from industrial engineering resumes.

2 Industrial Engineer resume summary examples