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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2021-05-26

There was a story about this graduate who was looking for his first job in the engineering world.

Over a few years he applied to 400 job listings with his entry level Engineering resume.

Do you know how many interviews he got? Three.

Do you know what the problem is? These days that’s considered a success.

Mechanical Engineers, for example, send out an average of 100 resumes before landing an interview and then wait up to 90 days before getting a job offer. That’s if they even get one.

Are you ready to send your first 100 resumes? That’s what we thought.

How about we help you to create a highly effective entry level Engineer resume and possibly cut this number in half. Or more.

How? You gotta know the game. Read on.

This Entry-Level Engineer resume will teach you:

  • How to make use of our 10+ resume examples from real candidates.
  • What are the biggest myths in entry-level resume applications?
  • Which resume layout works best for entry-level Engineer resumes.
  • How to show your soft skills without coming off too vague.
  • How to emphasize your education and certification sections for greater impact.

Entry-Level Engineering resume examples

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How to write an Entry-Level Engineering resume: getting started

Finding engineering work is tough, we already know that much. What you don’t know, however, is that most advice you hear on how to write an entry level engineering resume simply won’t work.

Myth #1: “Play the numbers game. Send as many applications every day as possible and eventually you’ll land an interview.”

You can’t play the numbers game, because the game is rigged.

Recruiters look for very specific things (we’ll talk about those very soon) in your entry level Engineering resume.

If you get those wrong, you’ll be rejected again and again no matter how many resumes you send out.

Myth #2: “I have a GPA above a 3.0, I’ll have no problems getting this job”

GPA alone doesn’t matter much. In fact, there are at least two things that mean more to recruiters on any given day: internships and relevant experience.

Our HR won't even pass the resume to me without the keywords ‘internship’ or ‘co-op’ (cooperative education), but then again we get over 150 applicants for our entry level positions.
- Engineer lead on Reddit.com

We’ll talk about what to do about that in your junior engineering resume in the “Summary” and “Experience” sections.

Myth #3: “All that matters are my technical skills”

[In your Summary:] “I know AutoCAD, MATLAB, Excel…” just stop. The recruiter is already reading the next resume.

Yes, technical skills are the bread and butter of your profession. Yes, you diligently learned them. Yes, you have them. So do all of your 20+ classmates actively looking for a job.

How do you stand out?

In the eyes of employers, tech skills are something you can learn while working. You can learn all the missing technical skills you need during the first two months of your job anyway.

On the other hand, who will teach you soft skills? Leadership, communication, collaboration - these you can’t teach in two months. And yet, successful engineers need them.

The ability to work on big projects, to build relationships with clients, to help people - those are the qualities that will make your resume stand out.

Even if you demonstrated those doing volunteer summer work.

We’ll talk more about soft skills and how to effectively present them in your entry level Engineer resume’s “Skills” section.

Let’s talk about how you structure all those sections in your resume.

What’s the proper layout for entry-level Engineer resumes

Even though you’re applying for an entry-level Engineering position, your resume should be nothing short of a professional looking document.

It should present