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Updated on 2021-04-21

How to Write a Compelling Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

You’re on a quest for your dream job where you can apply your engineering skills and design products that make a difference.

Whether you envision yourself in the aerospace, military or commercial industries, all of them require top-notch mechanical design engineers. You can be the perfect person for the role.

But first you need to ace your resume and impress the hiring manager.

While you may have tons of experience and qualifications at the ready, you need to know how to show them off in a way that stands out among other applicants.

You’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through step-by-step how to craft your mechanical design engineer resume to get you hired fast.

Our Mechanical Design Engineer Resume Guide Will Teach You:

  1. The best format for a mechanical design engineer resume that highlights your experience
  2. Ways to prove your past design success with real quantitative data
  3. 8+ ways to describe your duties as a mechanical design engineer
  4. 20+ example technical and soft skills that show you’re the perfect candidate for the role

Mechanical Design Engineer Resume Examples

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How to Write a Great Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

The good news is that mechanical design engineers are high in demand.

That being said, companies want to make sure they have the right candidate for the job since the stakes are so high.

You must prove that you are knowledgeable, passionate about design, and ready to solve tough problems.

You can put your best foot forward and prove yourself best with areverse chronological resume format. 

This format highlights your experience first, which is the most proven way to show your knowledge in designing and engineering mechanical products.

The reverse chronological resume also gives you an opportunity to:

  • Display your educational background
  • Highlight your certifications
  • Show why you’re the right fit in your summary

Here’s What a Recruiter Will Look For In Your Resume

  • Have you designed and engineered functional mechanical products?
  • Do you have a degree in mechanical design, mechanical engineering or another related course?
  • Do you have a proven passion for the mechanical design industry, including any personal projects?
  • Have you solved mechanical design problems in the past that have produced positive results?

Each of these mechanical design engineer resume sections should paint a clear picture about why you’re the right candidate for their company. Let’s walk-through how to do this.

Start By Writing an Informative Header for Your Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

Let’s say you’re applying for an aerospace engineering company as a junior mechanical design engineer.

Your header originally looks like this:

Sally Jones
Jr. Mechanical Design Engineer
Leeds, UK

This could be fine.

It lists important information about you like your name, location and title. But the hiring manager may wonder if you’re mass applying for general mechanical design engineer positions.

You want to show them that you’re especially keen on that specific position.

This header doesn’t make you stand out among the other applicants applying. The hiring manager won’t get any strong impression of you.

Let’s be more specific in our header so the hiring manager knows exactly what we bring to the table:

Sally Jones
Jr. Mechanical Design Engineer - Aerospace


Leeds, UK

Hiring managers know right away that you’re a junior mechanical design engineer with aerospace experience.

Your header is also a great place to include your LinkedIn profile or personal website link.

Real Numbers Are Key On a Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

Your resume is your tool to demonstrate your solid track record within the industry as a mechanical design engineer.

Numbers that can prove the effectiveness of your past product designs including:

  • How much did you reduce cost production with design improvements? (use real percentages!)
  • Did you reduce the size of products to improve efficiency?
  • Did you design for projects with a high budget? (Use real dollar amounts)
  • Did you save the company time?

These numbers belong in your resume summary and experience section. We’ll jump into those now.

Show You’re Right For the Job In Your Mechanical Design Engineer Resume Summary

A mechanical design engineer resume should do two things well:

  • Show the hiring manager you’re passionate about g