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Using the right words in your cover letter can be the difference between getting the job and getting tossed into the "Rejected" pile. Here are 15 power words to use in your cover letter.
Nov 4, 2022 6 min read

A well-written cover letter can make a recruiter instantly fall in love with your application.

But to get the job done, you will have to put in some hard work. Using power words and keywords will do the trick, but you need to know how to do it right.

It might be a little tricky at times, and you might wonder which are the best words to use in your cover letter.

We’ve got you covered, in this article we are going to explore the following questions:

  • What are power words?
  • Why should you use power words on your cover letter?

And we are going to finish off with 15 great power words for you to use in your own cover letter.

If you have some doubts about your overall cover letter performance, take the time to check out our Cover Letter Builder and make your document be the best it can be.

But if you are ready to explore the topic of cover letter words, stick around.

What are cover letter power words?

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Cover letter power words are what makes your cover letter stand out.

They usually present your work experience and skills using action verbs that grab the attention of the recruiter, like “managed”, “mentored”, or “executed”.

It is also important to try matching these power words with the keywords you can find in the job listing, as the recruiter would be looking for them.

Using power words correctly can show your potential employer that you are serious about the job, and that you are qualified enough to be what they are looking for.

Why should you use power words on your cover letter?

Using all the right words in your application documents is the best way to get the job you want.

When it comes to pre-selection, there are two options – either the recruiter does quick scans through all the documents, or it is done by an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Either way, they would be looking for the most important keywords for the position, which you can usually find easily by scanning the job description in the ad.

However, once the pre-selection is done, the recruiter would be reading a bit more carefully, and that’s when you should really grab their attention with some strong action verbs.

You are probably wondering which action verbs would come across as most powerful and attention grabbing. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best ones you can use in your cover letter.

15 Power words you need to use on your cover letter (+ examples)

Now let's get going and find the best words to use in your cover letter.

1. executed

A great action verb to use in your cover letter is “executed”. It clearly shows your previous achievements, and can also be combined with another power word – “achieved”.

Check out our example:

Executed [company name]’s marketing strategy and achieved a 300% boost in all sales metrics.

2. Improved

A slightly softer power word, but with the same impact is “improved”. Employers are always interested in improving their teams, and their overall company performance.

And here is a great way to use it in practice:

Improved the company’s sales tactics, resulting in increasing sales by 200% in just two weeks.

3. Launched

If you are a more creative type, and like building new products, “launch” is a great power word you should not miss out on using.

It would really grab the recruiter’s attention, as it shows your dedication for delivering new products or services.

Check out how you can use it in your cover letter:

Launched a successful eCommerce website that increased the company’s income by 150% in just one month.

4. Managed

If the role you are applying for is higher up the ladder, your potential employer might also seek some leadership skills in candidates.

A great way to show yours is by using “managed” to describe your past experiences managing a team.

To get the best out of it, try matching this:

Managed a team of 20 programmers, and managed to deliver a fully-functioning product to the client in just 3 weeks.

5. Resolved

No matter what position you are aiming at, you will have to face some problems, and you will have to find quick and effective solutions.

That’s why the power word “Resolved” can really spice up your cover letter and get the recruiter’s attention.

It is also a great word to combine with another action verb, like “improved”.

If you are wondering how to do so, check this example out:

Resolved 200+ tickets in the first quarter of 2022 in a record time that helped improve the company’s overall response rate.

6. Mentored

If you want to be a successful leader, you don’t only need to manage people, but you need to know how to guide them.

That’s where the power word “mentored” fits perfectly, and can set you one step ahead of the competition.

Here is a great way to use it in your cover letter:

Mentored 3 programs for junior QAs, resulting in over 20 highly-qualified professionals.

7. Volunteer"

Volunteer work is often neglected by applicants, but it can really show you off as a well-rounded person that enjoys giving back.

So, if you want to present yourself in a great light, don’t miss out on using “volunteered” in your cover letter.

And here is how to do it right:

Volunteered in a soup kitchen every Friday night for 2 years.

8. Updated/Upgraded

It is essential for employers, especially in the I.T., to stay up-to-date with modern technologies.

That’s where the power words “Updated” and “Upgraded” can play a great role in your application process.

Check out how to use them in your favor:

Updated modem software and upgraded cable management to increase internet speed by 200%.

9. Analyzed

Analytical and logical thinking is essential for a great deal of professions.

So, the action verb “analyzed” can only work in your favor.

Here is how you do it:

Analyzed past quarter’s income and expenses, and improved the company’s finance strategy, saving up to 20% per quarter.

10. Boosted

Sometimes employers feel like the company’s progress has stopped. And even though it is in a good place, some improvements are always welcome with open heart.

That’s where you can shine with the power word “boosted”, and show your potential employer that you can do for them what you have already done for other companies.

And here is how to do it right:

Boosted sales figures 200% by establishing a solid network of professional contacts.

11. Implemented

Another great word for improvements you have done in your previous work place is the power word “implemented”.

Check out how to use it right:

Implemented a company-wide zero-waste policy that saved $30K on office supplies a year.

12. Corresponded

Communication is a great asset in your skill set for many job positions.

And if you want to grab the recruiter’s attention with your communication skills, the action verb “corresponded” in your cover letter will most likely do the trick.

Here is how to use it to the best extent:

Corresponded with 15+ vendors regularly in order to maintain good business relations, high quality of service, and competitive prices.

13. Negotiated

Another side of the communication skills comes to you cutting a deal with a client when you are in sales.

A great way to show off your sales skills is by using “negotiated” when describing your work related achievements.

To get the best out of it, follow this model:

Negotiated terms of service with the Internet Service Provider, which lowered the costs by 40% while improving connection speeds up to 3x.

14. simplified

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best, and this is why the power word “simplified” can be so influential.

You can also always combine it with other similar and compatible words like “standardized”.

And here is how to use it right in your cover letter:

Simplified and standardized UX design workflow that saved the team up to 12 man-hours from sprint to sprint.

15. Awarded

Among many great achievements you can mention in your application documents, awards given by your past employers for your work are probably the best.

By including the power word “awarded” in your cover letter, you can show your potential employer that you are a valued employee, and that you deserve some more attention.

To get the best out of this word, check out our example:

Awarded employee of the month for months April-December 2021 and February-June 2022.


We are all done, now you know what are power words in your cover letter, and why you should use them in your application documents.

Make sure you also match the keywords in the job listing, as that’s what the recruiter would initially look for in your documents.

Check out our selection of 15 power words that you need to use in your cover letter, and get your dream job in no time.

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