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Expert-Driven MongoDB Resume Example Guide

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Updated on 2021-04-21

“Should I de-prioritize my SQL experience for MongoDB position or should I drop it altogether?”

“What if I was working my whole life with SQL and transitioned to mongo just recently?”

Surely you’ve asked yourself these questions and more when you had to build a new MongoDB resume.

We did the research and the answers (and more) are below.

So buckle up and read below our extensive guide to writing your best MongoDB resume.

With our MongoDB resume guide, you will learn:

  • How to create a resume that highlights your experience with NoSQL databases in the most efficient manner
  • 8+ MongoDB resume examples that will convince recruiters you’re the one for the job
  • Which skills to add to your MongoDB resume and how to make sure they are noticed
  • All you need to know about perfecting your resume header and summary
  • Inside tricks and tips to showcase your education and certificates
  • For which jobs you should prioritize or de-prioritize your MongoDB NoSQL experience

MongoDB resume sample

Where should you put MongoDB on resume?

It depends. There are several good places to put MongoDB experience on your resume. Consider these factors:

  • The position you are applying for
  • The company you are applying for

The position you are applying for

Database Administrator,System Administrator,Full Stack Developer, and evenBusiness Analyst positions often require knowledge of MongoDB. Although the extent of required knowledge for different positions ranges dramatically.

For example, Database Administrator jobs require working experience with MongoDB databases. Thus, that experience should be highlighted in both the experience and summary sections of your resume.

If you’re applying for certain System Administrator or a Business analyst positions, however, MongoDB proficiency often is not a requirement but rather a preferable addition. Make sure you mention it at least in your technical skills.

The company you are applying for

Some companies emphasize MongoDB knowledge for their candidates. For example, in some environments, System Administrator responsibilities can be merged with Database Administrator responsibilities.

In that case, working knowledge of MongoDB (and often several other databases) becomes a requirement. Make sure you reflect that experience in the experience section of your resume.

Often you can see those requirements in web-based startup positions as well. The main advantages of NoSQL databases are their flexibility and scalability.

MongoDB database is the most popular database according to the DB-Engine globalranking.

So when startups are looking for Full Stack Developers, for example, MongoDB expertise is often among the first skills required for a successful candidate.

So, how do you structure your resume?

These sections are associated with successful MongoDB resumes

  1. Header
  2. Professional summary
  3. Experience
  4. Education and certifications
  5. Skills

Let’s move on and see what’s needed to ace all of these sections.

Here’s why you need a proper MongoDB resume header

You should spend time on your MongoDB resume header.

Let’s take a look at a generic one.

Kyle Simmons
MongoDB developer


Boston, MA

This is what your resume header probably looks like.

A few things immediately come to mind:

  • You could’ve used the header to show examples of your previous work (links are a great option);
  • You could’ve listed at least one more way of contact;
  • You could’ve been extra careful about including MongoDB keyword in the title;

Make sure you study the company and the position and see whether the MongoDB is primary or supplementary skill required.

Kyle Simmons
System Administrator

+359 88 888 8888



Boston, MA

Even though MongoDB is amongst the top skills of this candidate, depending on the position, you may choose to omit it not to create bias or confusion.

Let’s do it one more time for a Database Admin, where MongoDB will be an essential skill for the job.

Kyle Simmons
Full-Stack Developer - MongoDB

+359 88 888 8888



Boston, MA

In this case, the candidate most probably is going to apply for a startup, whose systems are set in a NoSQL environment.

Showcasing MongoDB shows you can be the right person for the job.

Especially if the rest of the resume strikes the same relevancy chords.

How to make an impact with MongoDB resume summary

When you’re writing a summary for your MongoDB resume, there are two things that can help you make it or break it: priority and relevance.

Check if MongoDB is a primary skill or a preferable skill in the position you’re applying for.

If a company is looking for a Database Administrator for a hybrid environment but puts an emphasis on another database cluster, like PostgreSQL, or Oracle SQL, starting your summary with MongoDB experience is not a good idea.

From the job description: ________ is looking for database administration and development profe