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Security Analyst Resume Examples Guide + Expert Tips for 2021

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Updated on 2021-04-21

How to Write a Powerful Security Analyst Resume

Cybercriminals are roaming the information superhighway trying to steal our data.

You’re the pro that will stop them in their tracks.

In fact, you’re the next Graham Culey.

Does your security analyst resume prove that you’re that good?

We exchange information is almost every aspect of our lives. That opens the door for forces from around the world who wish to do us harm.

That’s why companies and governments hiring security analysts only want the best.

Your security analyst resume should display the information they want to see.

It should show that you’ve got:

  • Strong IT skills
  • Extensive network experience
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to communicate well

It takes this combination to keep the data thieves away.

Information security analysts aren’t always catching criminals red-handed like in the movies. They spend hours doing grudge work to keep cybercriminals away from your data.

If your resume is written poorly, it won’t show that you can keep up with the required work.

No worries. We’re here to help you write a resume with all of the data points that you need.

Information security analysts work with various members of an organization and must be able to communicate security measures and threats to people from a wide variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds.

This security analyst resume guide will show you:

  • 8+ security analyst resume examples that showcase your ability to thwart data theft
  • How to highlight your industry knowledge relevant to the position
  • How to balance technical skills with soft skills you also need
  • Ways to make sure your resume matches the job posting
  • How to include your education, certification and achievements on your security analyst resume
  • How to get more interviews by writing a superior security analyst resume

Security Analyst Resume Example

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How to write a solid security analyst resume

You are the defender of data that we exchange on the internet.

Your resume must show how you’ve kept data secure in the past.

Hacker attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Security analysts must be as creative and clever to beat them.

You must know everything about information security within a company. You must also be able to communicate well to explain the risks.

The best information security analyst resumes display both technical and soft skills.

Include technical skills that show you can detect and analyze threats to protect computer networks from them. You should have some basic knowledge of HTML, web development and application security.

List your soft skills separately. How did you educate others about how to protect their data?

The problem is not only the hackers. It’s also the people within your organization who do not take precautions.

Include how you kept networks safe and taught coworkers how to do their part.

Match your cyber security analyst resume with the industry and the job posting.

Do they need someone who can investigate security alerts and determine their urgency? Do they want someone with the skills of a forensic investigator?

If so, focus your resume around what skills and experience they need.

Here’s what a recruiter expects to see in your resume

  • What security analysis fundamentals have you mastered?
  • What is your cybersecurity analysis background and what led you to this type of work?
  • Can you communicate with others about threats enough to prevent them?
  • How will you keep their data secure?

The must-have sections of a security analyst resume

  • Detailed resume header
  • Resume summary
  • Resume experience
  • Education and certification
  • Technical and soft skills

Each section should tell how you’re an information superhighway defender. Let’s go through these sections step by step.

Your Security Analyst resume header houses valuable data

Treat your cybersecurity analyst resume with the respect it deserves.

Your header gives the information that recruiters will need to reach you. It does more than that if you write it right.

It begins to tell your story.

Let’s look at a cyber security analyst resume sample. Does your header look like this?

Phil Decker
Security Analyst

+359 88 888 8888


Independence, OH

All that data is true. It also makes your story seem generic.

Let’s just make a few tweaks.

Phil Decker
Security Analyst

+359 88 888 8888



Independence, OH