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Updated on 2021-07-15

Your IT resume can easily become a 10-page document if you were to list every skill and workflow you’re capable of doing for a target company.

But hiring managers don’t have enough time to study every turn of your IT career.

So how do you keep your IT resume compact AND get invited to job interviews while other candidates endlessly tweak their headers and LinkedIn profiles?

Welcome to the last IT resume guide you’ll ever need.

This IT resume guide will teach you:

  • What sections of your IT resume recruiters will read most often
  • How to guide recruiter’s attention with a proper resume format
  • How to present your IT career in the most winning light
  • How to craft the right mix of IT technical and soft skills

How to Write a Career-winning IT resume?

  • When it comes to skills, quality beats quantity.

Don’t overload recruiters with IT terms and abbreviations. Provide context for your skills rather than simply listing them.

Bad example: Mastery in Oracle 11g, Scrum, UNIX, C++, Java back end development

Good example: Resolved 300+ critical bugs to enhance authorization service performance by 87%.

  • Get to the point, quickly.

Recruiters are humans too. Yet some IT resumes are filled with unnecessary technical jargon, and language you only find on the server backup manuals.

Good example: Developed simulation model for FFHB development using Icarus Verilog simulator

Bad example: Developed a simulation model that improved prediction model accuracy by 30%

  • Use resume format and layout to guide the recruiter’s attention to your strengths

Make sure your resume is easy to scan by combining headers andcustom sections. Emphasize your results withbold text. Utilize white space andcolor to control recruiters’ attention.

If you’ve been working in IT for years, a classicreverse-chronological resume is your best bet. You should focus on your work experience because it's the best indicator that you're qualified.

On the other hand, if your IT experience has come from lots of formal and informal work overtime, ahybrid resume might be better. With hybrid formats, your skills are highlighted along with your work experience.

5 sections which makeup the anatomy of a great IT resume

  1. Resume objective or summary
  2. Work experience
  3. Skills
  4. Education
  5. Certifications

But before you get down to fill up your resume - take a step back.

You need to make sure it's easy for a hiring manager to locate information from your resume.

You also need to make sure that it looks good enough to help you stand out.

Plus, it isn't really uncommon for IT resumes to have:

1. Exceptionally large sections

2. Poor margins and borders

IT resume templates and formats 

Even though each resume format or template may appear different to you, they can be divided into four main categories:

  1. Functional resume layout
  2. Reverse chronological layout
  3. Hybrid resume layout
  4. Creative resume layout

It will be tough to succeed with the first and fourth because they do not work that well within the IT scene, and are challenging to do well.

Once you have an idea of what sections to include, the layout to use, and what your resume should be focused on, it's time to start writing resume sections one by one.

IT Resume Summary: Grabbing Recruiter’s Attention

A hiring manager expects a good IT resume objective or a summary to answer the following questions:

1. Are you relevant to the job? (IT work experience, relevant IT degrees)

2. How competent are you? (IT business achievements)

3. Are you proactive and passionate? (IT certifications, community memberships)

Expert IT specialist who can run diagnostics on networks, security and operating systems. Dedicated worker with a degree in Information Security.

Anecdotal evidence and promises won’t get your foot in the door. Be specific about the value you can provide to their organization.  

An entry-level IT technician with 2 years experience who enjoys troubleshooting to find solutions to technical problems. Strong proficiencies in DNS servers, Data Visualization, and security with a CompTIA Security+ Certification

In just three lines, you told a hiring manager that you’ve 2 years of experience, you’re certified, and you are extremely passionate about DNS and network security.

The resume objective clearly communicates what skills and competencies you’ll bring once you join the company.

2 IT Resume Summary Examples

If you’re a more experienced IT professional, having a summary works better in your favor, giving hiring managers a snapshot into your work experience and core competencies.

Business analyst with over 10 years experience in IT projects. I helped build large and complex projects in several markets.

Just like before, apart from the years of experience, this IT resume summary doesn’t tell the recruiter anything about your core strengths.

Here’s a much better way to display this.

Senior IT business analyst with 10+ years experience who relishes solving, unique challenging problems. ISEB certified with strong proficiencies in Object-Oriented methods, SQL and data manipulation

For more examples of ace summary sections, read theResume Summary: How-To Guide with 30+ Examples You Need To See article.

How to Write the Experience Section of Your Informational Technology (IT) Resume

If you're writing an IT resume with significant experience, make sure your current job is at the top. The oldest should be placed at the bottom of your work experience.

But, if you're a Consultant or a Temp and are finding it difficult to put multiple roles - here's a good way to do it.

Company Name

IT Project name - Current Date - Start Date

- Bullets explaining your work

IT Project name - Current Date - Start Date

- Bullets explaining your work

The company name would be you staffing company if you're a temp.

But, if you are a consultant, place your firm's name instead.

Addressing gaps in IT work experience?

Facing rejections because of unexplained gaps in your IT resume - don't worry!

All you have to do in this case is to add this bullet under your last freelance or consulting experience:

"Required work flexibility for personal matters, became a consultant and left the role"

Example IT Resume Experience