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Before we get to your IT resume. Picture this -

You have been running complex systems and networks all your life.

It has been your passion.

You embrace the complexity of IT systems and live to solve them. 

Even in total chaos, you manage to make sure that the Monday morning's VMSphere update goes live.

That, when Bob tells you he's going to a wedding, and Marie complaining how she's overworked. But you find your way.

Upper IT management thinks you're a gem because no one has been so good before.

But, do you think you can prove all that on your IT resume?

Don't worry that's what we are here to show.

Here’s what you’ll learn here:

  • Go through our IT resume samples and detail examples
  • How to write an IT resume that wins job 9/10 times
  • Professional IT resume tips on resume experience and summary
  • How to list education, certifications and skills on your resume

Informational Technology Resume Sample

How to write an IT resume?

Your big dreams of reaching IT management are 100% realistic. All your Information Technology resume has to do is show that:

  • That you can provide technology vision and leadership for IT systems
  • You'll be good with co-ordinating resources and departments to get the job done
  • You can build multi disciplinary IT teams for Information systems, technology and processes
  • Your skills or experience in disaster recovery and back-up procedures
  • Financial planning skills for IT budgeting, requirements, corrective actions, etc
  • Your communication skills
  • Policy - implementation, procedures and control for system integrity
  • Your hands on IT technical skills

Now, start thinking about your resume based on your work experience and list above.

Still finding it hard to feel what your IT resume should look like?

Let us make it easy for you.

For an Entry level IT resume, no one is going to expect you to be a master at building IT teams.

If you're writing a Senior IT resume - drop fine grained details on tech implementation.

We've noticed adding the following sections on resume results in higher interview calls.

5 sections which makeup the anatomy of a great IT resume

  1. Resume objective or summary
  2. Work experience
  3. Skills
  4. Education
  5. Certifications

But before you get down to fill up your resume - take a step back.

You need to make sure it's easy for a hiring manager to locate information from your resume.

You also need to make sure that it looks good enough to help you stand out.

Plus, it isn't really uncommon for IT resumes to have:

1. Exceptionally large sections

2. Poor margins and borders

IT resume templates and formats 

While every other resume format or template may look different to you, in reality they can be categorised into 4:

  1. Functional resume layout
  2. Reverse chronological layout
  3. Hybrid resume layout
  4. Creative resume layout

First and fourth will be your express ticket to rejection as they don’t work, and are difficult to do right.

Hybrid and Reverse chronological IT resumes perform really well, with Hybrid performing even better. You can read a bit more aboutHybrid resumes here.

Now that you’ve a good idea on what sections to include, what layout to use and what should be the focus of your resume - let’s start writing the resume sections.

How to write a good IT resume objective or summary?

Always write a resume summary when you’ve relevant IT experience to show. If you are making a career change or are just starting out, resume objective is the right choice.

A hiring manager expects a good IT resume objective or a summary to answer the following questions:

1. Are you relevant to the job? (IT work experience, relevant IT degrees)

2. How competent are you? (IT business achievements)

3. Are you proactive and passionate? (IT certifications, community memberships)

Let’s pick a couple of examples and see how to do it right.

2 Entry Level IT Resume Objective Examples

Expert IT specialist who can run diagnostics on networks, security and operating systems. Dedicated worker with a degree in Information Security.

Anecdotal evidence and promises won’t get your foot in the door. Be specific about the value you can provide to their organization.  

An entry-level IT technician with 2 years experience who enjoys troubleshooting to find solutions to technical problems. Strong proficiencies in DNS servers, Data Visualization, and security with a CompTIA Security+ Certification

In just three lines, you told a hiring manager that you’ve 2 years of experience, you’re certified and you are extremely passionate about DNS and network security.

The resume objective clearly communicates what skills and competencies you’ll bring once you join the company.

2 IT Resume Summary Examples

If you’re a more experienced IT professional, having a summary works better in your favour, giving hiring managers a snapshot into your work experience and core competencies.

Business analyst with over 10 years experience in IT projects. I helped build large and complex projects in several markets.

Just like before, apart from the years of experience, this IT resume summary doesn’t tell the recruiter anything about your core strengths.

Here’s a much better way to display this.

Senior IT business analyst with 10+ years experience who relishes solving, unique challenging problems. ISEB certified with strong proficiencies in Object Oriented methods, SQL and data manipulation

How to Write the Experience Section of Your Informational Technology (IT) Resume

If you're writing an IT resume with significant experience, make sure your current job is at the top. The oldest should be placed at the bottom of your work experience.

But, if you're a Consultant or a Temp and are finding it difficult to put multiple roles - here's a good way to do it.

Company Name

IT Project name - Current Date - Start Date

- Bullets explaining your work

IT Project name - Current Date - Start Date

- Bullets explaining your work

The company name would be you staffing company if you're a temp.

But, if you are a consultant, place your firm's name instead.

Addressing gaps in IT work experience?

Facing rejections because of unexplained gaps in your IT resume - don't worry!

All you have to do in this case is to add this bullet under your last freelance or consulting experience:

"Required work flexibility for personal matters, became a consultant and left the role"

Example IT Resume Experience

IT Project ManagerAtlassian
06/2015 - 09/2019
San Francisco, CA
Developed security procedures for a FTSE 250 company
Updated software data-processing notices in conjunction with GDPR rules
Revised company procedures and trained junior staff on use of new workstations.

This version looks more like a short list of job responsibilities, failing to show the impact of the work done.

It might look impressive to have worked for a FTSE 250 company, but it won’t guarantee you an interview - what you did while you were there, is far more important.

IT Project ManagerAtlassian
06/2015 - 09/2019
San Francisco, CA
Saved $25,000 by revising company IT networks documentation, resulting in increased workplace productivity and 23% fewer support tickets over 9 months
Built a loyal customer base of 20+ customers by learning preferences and tailoring service to each customer.
Led a $120,000 project to upgrade internal hardware and equip staff with skills to help company achieve quarterly goals.

This description is specific.  It shows the direct impact this candidate had on their organisation.

Their experience doesn't simply show what they've done. It also provides clear figures to back up their claims.

IT Resume Experience Sample

Here’s another good and bad example for IT project managers.

IT Project ManagerBuffer
06/2015 - 09/2019
San Francisco, CA
Coached and mentored team members in Scrum and Squad frameworks
Took initiative and presented business use-cases which enabled ‘just-in-time’ analytics leading to significant business growth.

This isn’t awful, but it fails to show the impact of the work done.

How many team members were coached? Also “significant business growth” means different things to different people.

Context is important, so illustrating the scale of growth achieved, with numbers, will leave a stronger impression.

IT Project ManagerBuffer
06/2015 - 09/2019
San Francisco, CA
Increased customer satisfaction on Agile-led projects by 28% in 4 months
Saved the firm $1 million in fees, by implementing a risk management solution when a SAP implementation project stalled
Managed a team of 25 off-shore and on-site developers across multiple projects.

Again, specificity and clarity is clear. Very impactful statements.

PRO TIPIf you have outstanding achievements throughout your career, include them in a small list next to your experience section to really grab their attention.

What Informational Technology (IT) Skills Should You Include on Your Resume?

The world of IT is so vast, therefore the skills you include on your IT resume must reflect two things:

  1. Your work experience
  2. The job you’re applying for

And that’s what IT hiring managers ask themselves all the time:

“Does this candidate have the skills and experience to improve our current operations?”

Taking this into consideration, here's some core skills to include on your  IT resume.

Soft Skills to Include on Your IT Resume

  • Logical approach to problem-solving
  • Initiative; ability to learn new things on your own accord
  • Communication skills; can easily demystify IT jargon to non-tech savvy customers
  • Confident at training internal & external stakeholders on IT systems
  • Highly analytical; can develop an IT solution to any given problem and back it up with data
  • Communication champion; should feel confident over-communicating, to ensure the project’s success

7 Technical Skills to Include on Your IT Resume

  1. Magento, Golang, Ansible, AutoCAD
  2. Network Security
  3. System Administration
  4. Patch Management
  5. Wireless Modems/Routers Management
  6. Cloud Systems Administration
  7. Application Deployment and Management
PRO TIPRemember it’s not just the technical skills you possess which separates you from other candidates. Display your interpersonal skills, such as good communication too. Often your job may require you to provide tech solutions to non-savvy people. Your ability to match their needs with the right solution is very important here.

IT Resume Certifications

There is no single IT certification that will guarantee you’ll get an IT job. However, according to a survey by Global Knowledge, having any of these 5 certifications can significantly increase your chances of getting a higher paying IT job.

  1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Server Infrastructure
  2. CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
  3. CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  4. CompTIA Security/Network+
  5. Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching

The certifications on your IT resume must match the job description you’re applying for.

For example, imagine you're applying for a job which requires enterprise migration experience.

They're looking for candidates who've used native and third-party migration tools.

In this case, an MCSE certification would be handy to include.

The last thing you want is a resume filled with certifications no longer in demand.

Or too advanced that’ll get you rejected for being “overqualified.”

IT Resume Certifications Example

The problem here is there’s no mention of when the certificates were obtained, are they still valid? You don’t want the reader to have any questions unanswered.

This is great.

The certificates mentioned tick all the right boxes:

  • They're relevant
  • Up to date with market trends
  • Were obtained/renewed recently. 

So that’s how to write a compelling IT resume

Now you know how to write an IT resume that’ll earn you interviews; to summarise:

  • Showcase your outstanding achievements by pooling them together in a separate box to draw their attention
  • Position your objective/summary around the business problems you managed to solve for your previous employers. Only include the information that will help the reader make a positive decision on your application. Cut the rest.
  • Remove IT jargon from your experience, you want to clearly explain what you can do for them.
  • Think about your audience when choosing whether to prioritize certifications above education, or vice-versa

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