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Volen Vulkov Avatar
Volen Vulkov
8 minute read
Updated on 2021-04-21

Getting good consulting gigs is always harder than it seems.

But if you’re having trouble, the way you approach your Digital Marketing Consultant resume could be a big contributor.

It’s as if you stepped into an in-house marketing role and treated it like an agency client. Ostensibly it’s all digital marketing, but the way you approach it makes all the difference.

That’s how potential consulting clients feel when you hand them a resume designed to get you a traditional digital marketing job. They’re thinking “okay, I know you can do in-house work, but how do I know can you be an effective consultant?”

They don’t, that’s the problem!

You need a totally different approach, one specifically designed for digital marketing consultants.

A great digital marketing consultant resume needs to show:

  1. You’re easy to work with
  2. You have a track record of getting results for clients
  3. You can budget your time well
  4. You’re independent
  5. You can effectively diagnose a client’s digital marketing challenges

The big difference is that you need to demonstrate that you can be efficient with your work.

We’re going to walk you through exactly how to approach your Digital Marketing Consultant resume to get those big clients and find success as a consultant.

What you’ll learn here:

 ✔ Go through two Digital Marketing Consultant resumes that would stand out 9/10 times

 ✔ See how you can write a professional summary that tells a compelling story.

 ✔ What makes digital marketing consultant work experience compelling to potential clients.

 ✔ Whether your resume needs an education, client testimonial, or certification section.

 ✔ How to choose the right skills to emphasize.

2 digital marketing consultant resume examples