Ultimate Digital Marketing Specialist Resume Writing Guide with Examples

Ultimate Digital Marketing Specialist Resume Writing Guide with Examples

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Ultimate Digital Marketing Specialist Resume Writing Guide with Examples

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Volen Vulkov
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Updated on 2020-03-25

The truth is, nobody hires a “digital marketer”.

They hire a digital marketer specializing in creating SEO strategies, or a digital marketer with experience executing social media strategies.

If you’re not getting anywhere with your digital marketing resume, there’s a good chance you’re applying as the wrong kind of marketer.

This guide walks you through exactly what you need to do to avoid that trap. We break down each resume section with expert advice from people who’ve collectively hired hundreds of digital marketers.

Curiosity is the key skill I look for in digital talent. Google and Facebook change their ad buying platforms and products so quickly that a good digital marketer needs to be open to change and curious about what's next.
- Patrick Waller, Vice President APAC Marketing and E-commerce at OtterBox
PRO TIPDigital marketing is a broad area. Your resume will be more effective if you specialize in one or more areas like social media, SEO, analytics, SEM, ux/web design, content writing, email marketing, etc. Also consider whether you’ll be expected to create strategies or just execute them.

This digital marketing resume guide will teach you:

 ✔ How to choose the right resume layout based on your experience level.

✔ What makes a resume header stand out and get you noticed.

✔ How to write a digital marketing resume objective or summary that’s persuasive and effective.

✔ How to get hired as a digital marketer with no experience.

✔ Whether you need an education section.

✔ Which digital marketing skills and certifications will make a difference.

✔ How to use big data to get a leg up on the competition.

Digital marketing resume examples

For a deeper look into what’s the best resume format for you based on experience, check out our guides:

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What’s the trick to the perfect digital marketing resume?

There are two resume layouts you should consider depending on the amount of digital marketing experience you have.

If you don’t have much or any digital marketing experience and are creating, say, a digital marketing intern resume, a functional layout is best. This type of resume puts the emphasis on skills over work experience (more on how to include your skills later).

For those with more experience, a classic reverse chronological format emphasizing your work experience is ideal. You may still want to include dedicated sections about your skills, but your real work experience should be the focus.

Digital marketing resume sections to consider

  1. An objective or summary
  2. Digital marketing work experience
  3. Relevant skills with examples to back them up if possible
  4. Certifications
  5. Education
  6. Something to show personality like “most proud of”

Start with an eye-grabbing resume header

When a hiring manager is quickly looking through a stack of resumes, the part that’s going to catch their eye is the header. Traditionally, this is just your name and contact information, but there are a few tricks that can make it far more effective.

First, include one or two certifications next to your name to show that you’re more qualified and serious without needing to dive into your experience.

Next, add links to some professional sites or social media accounts. This is particularly useful if you’re an active user of LinkedIn, Quore, Reddit, or anywhere where you discuss digital marketing.

Taken together, these two things turn a simple header into one which says “I’m confident, certified, and proud of my work.”

Have a look at these two examples to see what we mean:

Lee Fordham
GA, Adwords, & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Specialist
+359 88 888 8888
Linkedin.com/leefordham97 Fordhamdigitalmarketing.com
Madison, WI
Lee Fordham
Digital Marketing Specialist
+359 88 888 8888
Madison, WI