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5 Fedex Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your FedEx resume must demonstrate an acute understanding of logistics and customer service. Detail your experiences with package handling, tracking, and safe delivery. Make sure to highlight your ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment. Emphasize your communication skills and your proficiency with FedEx's technology and systems.

All resume examples in this guide

FedEx is a company that knows all about starting from almost nothing.

On the first day of their operations, they delivered only 186 packages, where they now deliver millions worldwide.

Just like FedEx, you would start this guide with little to no knowledge and experience on how to write a resume that would get you hired there.

But what we are going to show you is how to make the perfect application to FedEx and how to embody their devotion towards the future.

Don’t give it a second thought!

Continue reading and learn how you can show FedEx that you are not only a person that is worthy of working in the company they built from the ground up.

But also someone who can further help them achieve new heights.

One of the best ways to do that is to use our resume builder!

What you’ll learn here

  • How to get the attention on your resume with a great summary
  • How to let your experiences speak for you
  • Being detailed is important, but here you’ll learn how to make a creative resume
  • How to add a My Philosophy section to show why your vision is perfect for the company

How to write a resume that FedEx won’t be able to ignore?

There are a lot of things to consider when writing a resume.

Does this make you anxious?

It probably does, and for good reason. But don’t worry! We have you covered.

The most important aspect of writing a resume for a big company, especially one as big as FedEx and with a reputation such as this one, is to have the courage to even submit an application.

That is what is necessary. And something FedEx certainly values is bravery.

Fear of failure should never be a reason for our inaction.
Frederick W. Smith, CEO of FedEx

This quote is what shows this exact courage.

It is the move you make to do something and not stay still.

And that being brave doesn’t mean not having fear, but not letting that fear control you.

You have to show that you have what it takes not only to work at the position you want but to also work at that position at FedEx in particular!

And a sure-fire way to show just that is by seeing how your values align with theirs:

  • Don’t miss your ability to be a benefactor for motivation and support it every step of the way.
  • Show how you are not a lone wolf and can be not only inclusive but work seamlessly into a team.
  • Make it clear how you bring a precise direction to their ideas of sustainability and quality-driven management.

One of the most important aspects of writing a resume for FedEx is showing them how you can be a valuable part of their company’s culture.

Don’t let their eyes wander! Include a detailed experience section so they can get to know you a bit, too!

If you’re someone with some more experience in the industry, don’t shy away from stating that with pride in your industry expertise section.

Let your strengths speak for your potential in the company, and your references tell the stories of how you have already made waves with others.

This is just a small part of what you will get to learn in our guide, so keep on reading to get even more tips.

FedEx resume formats

Check out the perfect resume formats for an application at FedEx:

  • Functional resumes are the right choice for you if you are changing career paths and want to focus on the relevant skills you have already acquired.
  • Reverse-chronological resumes are for candidates with less experience as they list the experiences from most recent and go back.
  • Hybrid resumes are the standard for professionals.

Don’t forget about these few simple tips

top sections icon

Top resume sections

  • A summary that displays why you are right for the job
  • An experience section that is a showcase of your previous results
  • My philosophy section that best describes you as a person
  • Skills that show the abilities at your disposal
  • Reference section, which is the perfect example of your people skills
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What recruiters want to see

  • Quantitative results that can be measured and presented
  • Previous successes in past employment
  • What is your capacity to work in a team
  • What your prior employers and colleagues think of you

How a precise FedEx resume header can be vital for your resume

Do you want your resume to stick out above all the others?

Of course!

That is definitely not something you can do without a clear header section.

And you have to be aware that sometimes the shortest and simplest answer is also the best.

In this case, it is the same. The things you must include in your header are:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Current location
  • LinkedIn profile link

You should not use a joke email, and it should also be the same as your ID and other social media correspondence.

How you state your job title isn’t the most important thing, but the position you're applying for in FedEx should be clear.

This is a great example of how to write an amazing header section.

Solutions Architect
Solutions Architect
New York, NY

A resume summary proving you are a good fit for the company

Your entire resume is important, and it gives really valuable information about you and your compatibility for the company.

But what is crucial for this effect to be achieved is for your resume to keep the attention of recruiters.

And what does that more and everything else is the summary section?

But how exactly does it do that?

It displays your best and most applicable skills, along with important results and experiences you have had in the industry.

And what truly keeps the attention is how you state your plans for your development in FedEx!

Here are some resume examples that you should include in this section:

  • Years of experience in the field is a must
  • An important achievement as an example
  • Valuable skills for the particular position
  • Future career plans in FedEx
Energetic Operations Manager with 7 years of experience in managing cost-efficient processes. Excelled in managing processes and creating business strategies. Seeking to join KPMG and grab new opportunities.
Energetic Operations Manager with 7 years of experience in managing cost-efficient processes for 3 different businesses. Excelled in overseeing and controlling processes, and creating cohesive business strategies and logistics. Seeking to join KPMG and affirm my position as a leader.

Presenting your experiences as a future FedEx employee

It is said that our experiences are what make us the people that we are.

Just like that, the experience section on your resume is what makes your entire application.

Does that mean you should lie in this part, so you’d be seen in a more favorable light?

Absolutely not!

The last thing you’d want is to get blacklisted by recruiters.

The best way to show a huge company like FedEx that values truth is to demonstrate in this section quantitative examples of how you have achieved results in previous projects.

Just like that, you show how you have the potential to achieve results with them too.

Something you can state as a truck driver with some expertise is how you have maintained a 5-star rating as a driver.

How you have managed the logistics of a multiple-truck team all by yourself is also something that merits a mention.

You should also not forget to include any kind of fuel costs you have been able to cut for the company you were working at, as that is something that would definitely be viewed positively.

You ought to always support these statements with numbers, action verbs, and power words to really get your point through to the recruiters.

FedEx truck driver resume experience examples

Truck Driver
  • Ensured fuel cost cuts
  • Worked for the company many years and gained the status of a loyal employee
  • Trained other drivers on safety standards
  • Maintained 5-star driver rating

Do you see the difference?

While the second candidate presents a 10 out of 10 sample, the first leaves much to be desired.

No quantitative data and vague sentences won’t help you land an interview!

Truck Driver
  • Ensured fuel cost cuts by 12%
  • Worked for the company 6 years and gained the status of a loyal employee
  • Trained 10+ drivers on safety standards
  • Maintained 5-star driver rating

Assistant Manager resume experience examples

Assistant Manager
New York, NY
  • Increased revenue by optimizing store operations
  • Managed sales strategies that increased profitability
  • Supervised employees on a daily basis
  • Resolve customer issues and complaints

The same situation here…

If you want recruiters to skip the resume after the 5th-second reading it, then follow the advice we shared with you above.

Assistant Manager
New York, NY
  • Increased revenue by 23% for 2019 by optimizing store operations
  • Managed sales strategies that increased profitability by 65% for 2020
  • Supervised 5 employees on a daily basis
  • Resolve 10+ customer issues and complains per week

Team lead skills that will shoot you ahead

Being a team lead at FedEx would definitely require an array of different skills, which include of course soft skills that you have to mention for such a managerial position.

If you keep on reading, those skills will be addressed below.

There are some business skills that you definitely have to mention to be considered by recruiters at FedEx for such a position.

Do you worry if there’s something else you’re missing?

You are, but not much. What else is left is for you to not forget that you are also proficient with certain software that will be required for this position.

top sections icon

Soft skills list

Your job is definitely a position that deals with people and to deal with people, you have to possess a variety of soft skills.

Is there something else that we have to include?

Yes! Hard skills.

Because ultimately, no matter how good your communication with people is, the technical aspect of the job will always be a very important aspect.

Forecasting is a skill that would definitely be valued at FedEx.

It is the ability to foresee the future development of a project on a macro and micro level.

But it is best for you to have a look at some other ones.

Some such skills include

  • MS Office
  • Cold Calling
  • CRM
  • Salesforce

Below are listed even more hard skills we would advise you to include in your resume, so have a look.

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Technical skills list

  • Goal & KPI alignment
  • Natural ability to coach and mentor younger reps
  • Ability to hire the right salespeople
  • Data-driven mentality
  • Tech-savvy on critical sales software
  • In-depth knowledge of the given product

Let us also show you the strengths you need as a FedEx employee

We all have vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but those are things we learn how to handle.

What we have to learn to share in a resume are our strengths.

With this section, you show recruiters how you exactly can apply yourself to a given problem and solve it, which is extremely valuable for a lead consultant.

One such strength would definitely be communication.

Being able to convey your opinion and thoughts on a certain matter to others is crucial when being a lead consultant.

It would also be of great benefit if you also mention how exactly you have achieved this strength. How you have earned it.

For example, by saying that your prior position as a leader taught you negotiation and communication.

Another thing to mention here would definitely be how good you are at organizing people and projects, as that is something FedEx will definitely be on the lookout for.

How to describe soft skills on your resume

Time Management
Managing a team of 10+ helped me become an opinion leader.
Organizing 50+ large-scale events is why I consider myself a go-getter.
Managing a team of 10+ helped me become an opinion leader.
Scrum Master
Online course
Scrum Master is an online course that educates young professionals on agile methodologies.
  • 79% of the participants found a job as a scrum master
  • Educated 200+ people
  • Created 80-hour long content in video format

Education and expertise for your FedEx application resume

What is the first aspect of the job you think of when someone tells you they are any kind of manager for FedEx?

People skills! Exactly!

And not that you can communicate well with people, but that you are also aware of how to conduct yourself with employees and employers in formal and legal manners.

That is precisely what a master’s degree in Human Resources Management affords you.

That is the first stepping stone you will be putting your weight on when trying to get into a company like FedEx.

And where better to include such a nugget of information than your education section?

It not only shows recruiters everything we just mentioned, but it also adds a couple of other very practical things that paint your picture.

  • It is proof of competence
  • Your long-term investment in this career path is more apparent
  • It explains gaps between prior employment
  • Increases the relevance of the job

Education and a degree lay the groundwork, but your expertise is what builds the upper floors of your resume.

This lets them know that you also have a wider capacity.

It would benefit you to mention how much of an expert you are in commercial finance or even better - retail management.

Because these are things your recruiters will be on the lookout for.

If you have any doubts about how to write your perfect education section, here are a few more tips.

Certificates make the whole resume shine even brighter

top sections icon

Top FedEx operations manager certificates for your resume

  1. Advanced Project Management
  2. Agile Methodologies in Supply Chain
  3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  4. Certificate in Business Management

Having a bunch of certificates to display in this section is not bragging, and you should stop seeing it that way!

What this tells potential recruiters is that you are not only committed to the career, but that you also find great interest in it.


You have gone out of your way to pursue further improvement in the field, and you have succeeded in doing so.

Take for example one of the key principles of FedEx - Quality Driven Management.

That, in the company’s own words, is inspired by Lean Six Sigma.

And if you include a certificate from them in this section, that would get you a ton of bonus points in their eyes.

And that is precisely what the certificate section is for!

Including references in your resume is a green flag by all means

Whatever your position in a company like FedEx is, you will definitely have a bunch of colleagues you’ll have to work with.

And what is the best way to show future employers that you can manage to work with people and not only that, but you can do a phenomenal job at it?

A reference section where you list off a couple of people that would vouch for you immediately!

That is a must in a resume, as it sets your standard as someone who can manage and excel at social interactions.

It also speaks to something more. It shows recruiters that you have gained respectable people’s trust, and you strive to gain theirs.

Lea Smith, CEO of Cadavour
Megan Trinity, Team Lead at DHL

Key takeaways

  • Never forget a summary that will captivate attention
  • Let the experiences speak the most
  • Accentuate everything said with skills section
  • Education is what starts you off
  • Your references are what add to your credibility
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