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Seeking an assistant manager role?

Assistant managers are in demand across various settings such as stores, offices, branches, and companies.

Your presence is crucial, especially during challenging times.

Thus, organizations require your skills for numerous reasons.

You exhibit reliability, dependability, and assume responsibilities when the manager is unavailable.

Supervising other employees, you encourage them to achieve optimal outcomes.

You enhance staff performance, inspiring them to progress and acquire new capabilities to flourish.

All these factors contribute to driving exceptional results for the company.

But, how do you convey this on a resume?

This guide will instruct you on crafting the ultimate assistant manager resume to secure your dream job.

In this assistant manager resume tutorial, you will discover:

  • Distinctive assistant manager resume samples;
  • Methods for crafting an engaging resume header and summary;
  • Optimal ways to present your work experience based on the job application;
  • 17 essential soft and core skills for assistant managers, suitable for various roles across companies;
  • The importance of an education section and leveraging it to your benefit.

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How to write an assistant manager resume

Like it or not:

The resume serves as your initial point of contact with recruiters, and it's the basis upon which you'll be evaluated before securing a job.

Although it cannot fully represent you, it remains the sole avenue to landing your dream job.


Your assistant manager resume is more than just a document; it's the gateway from your current situation to your desired position.

It shapes the recruiter's first impression of you and influences their decision to hire you.

In this guide, we'll concentrate on that.

We'll provide a step-by-step method for crafting a winning assistant manager resume.

Let's begin.

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How to split your assistant manager resume:

  • Header:
  • Summary/Objective:
  • Experience:
  • Skills:
  • Education:
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What do recruiters look for in assistant manager resumes?

  • In-depth knowledge around customer management and support;
  • Strongest results and achievements from your previous jobs;
  • Teamwork and leadership qualities which allow you to foster a positive work environment;
  • Relevant education and training in assistant management;
  • Ability to supervise, train, and develop new employees.

How to create an assistant manager resume header

The header is the first section recruiters read.

As such, it always appears as a separate section at the top of your resume.

Therefore —

To be effective, it should contain only essential information about you.

While the header's content may vary between jobs, the overall structure remains consistent.

For assistant managers across industries, the contact details include:

  • Full name;
  • Job title;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • LinkedIn profile.

Beyond these details, anything extra is unnecessary. In fact, adding more can make your header appear cluttered and unprofessional.

Now, let's examine some assistant manager resume examples for guidance.

Roger Griffin
Assistant Manager

In this example, several minor mistakes may cost you numerous job opportunities.

For instance:

The email address appears unprofessional, resembling an online gaming tag.

This creates a negative impression, especially if other candidates use professional email addresses.

Ensure you utilize professional email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud.

Adhere to these professional email formats:

  • firstlast@domain.com;
  • first.last@domain.com;
  • flast@domain.com;
  • firstl@domain.com;
  • first.last@domain.com;
  • f.last@domain.com;
  • first.l@domain.com.

Remember: never use your current work address.


This header lacks a home address, which is essential for assistant manager positions.

Many businesses prefer hiring assistant managers near their location to avoid transportation issues or constant delays.


The job title could better align with the job application. Not all assistant managers have the same responsibilities and duties, as their experiences and performances may vary depending on the work environment.

Popular examples include:

  • Assistant branch manager;
  • Assistant general manager;
  • Assistant office manager;
  • Assistant store manager.

Adjust your resume's job title to match the specific job application.


Let's examine improved examples to enhance your resume.

Roger Griffin
Assistant Branch Manager
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Roger Griffin
Assistant General Manager
Middle City West, PA 19103

Did you notice the inclusion of location in the header?

The location format for your assistant manager resumes should be:

City, State, Zip Code.

As mentioned earlier, companies hiring assistant managers often prefer local candidates. Thus, including your precise location can increase your chances of being noticed.

There's no need to include your full address in the header.


Ensure you incorporate a link to your LinkedIn profile for a more professional appearance. Keep your profile up-to-date and complete.

How to write a summary or objective section for your assistant manager resume

Do you know what distinguishes a bad resume from a good one?

There are numerous factors.

However, a common trait among all bad resumes is that they are never read.

Hiring managers quickly glance at a resume before deciding to read it. If it appears cluttered, unprofessional, and generic, they'll skip it within seconds.

Even with similar content, some resumes are not taken seriously.


It's due to the summary or objective.

If you have prior experience in the job, you'll write a resume summary. If not, you'll opt for a resume objective to emphasize your interest and future plans to the recruiter.

Both summary types serve as brief introductions to your resume.

They convey a lot of information in a few sentences, which recruiters use to determine whether they'll read the entire resume or ignore it.

Here's the key to writing outstanding summaries:

Stay relevant.

While it may seem obvious, many candidates apply for jobs with generic summaries that barely describe their experience and skills.

Here's the deal:

Your resume summary must be long enough to introduce you and highlight your best qualities, but not excessively lengthy.

It should include the following information:

  • Years of experience;
  • Strongest, most relevant skills;
  • Results and achievements;
  • Future career plans.

With that said,

Let's examine these two samples.

Assistant Manager with 7 years of experience. Expert in customer service and communication. Increased sales and ensured positive customer feedback. Looking for a new job with higher pay and a better work environment.

You might be wondering —

This summary seems suitable and relevant to the job — what's wrong with it?

Indeed, it displays relevant experience and skills.


It lacks details.

There are no metrics or specific information about the candidate's performance.

Moreover, it's generic.

Any applicant could use it, and the hiring manager wouldn't be able to discern any differences.

But most importantly:

The summary is focused on the applicant's benefit, which recruiters may not appreciate.

Now, let's make some adjustments.

Assistant Store Manager with 7 years of experience working in clothing retail stores. Expert in customer service and communication. Practiced in inventory control and store management. Achieved a yearly average of 170.000$ in revenue. Ensured 100% customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Seeking to leverage my store management expertise and sales skills at Nordstrom.

This example is the kind that will get you hired.

The entire summary is highly specific and brimming with details. It emphasizes the candidate's expertise and skills — and supports them with solid metrics.

The best part?

The final sentence.

It's tailored to the hiring company and demonstrates genuine interest from the candidate to adapt to the new role.

How to write an assistant manager resume objective


If you're composing a resume objective, it implies that you're inexperienced in the job.

But don't worry.

You'll compensate for your lack of experience in the rest of the resume.

Whether you're a recent graduate or entering a new industry, you'll follow the same steps. The exact principles we used when writing the summary still apply here.


  • Keep it specific and relevant to the job offer.
  • Let it convey your motivation and eagerness to learn and contribute to the business's growth.
  • Outline your career plans and professional goals. Show how they align with the company's best interests.
Highly-motivated college graduate with experience in sales and customer service. Strong leadership and communication skills. Coming with a Business Administration degree and knowledgeable enough in management. Seeking an assistant store manager position at Macy's.

Making your experience section stand out

Having captured the recruiter's attention, it's time to leave a lasting impression.

At this stage, competition remains fierce.

While weaker candidates have been eliminated, your toughest rivals persist, also vying for the job.

However, fear not.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you distinguish yourself and secure the position.

Become a unicorn among horses.

How can you achieve this?

The experience section enables you to emphasize your job expertise and accomplishments.

Highlight the positive outcomes you provided for previous employers, supported by concrete metrics and robust figures.

This section is also an opportunity to showcase your leadership, teamwork, empathy, customer care, and industry-specific retail skills.

For a clearer understanding, let's explore more assistant manager resume examples.

Assistant Store Manager
Bloomingdale's Outlet
Philadelphia PA
Upscale department store for apparel, accessories & cosmetics
  • Handled news staff members training and evaluation
  • Responsible for store budget management
  • Contributed to increasing profit margins and sales through effective sales techniques

The experience section should focus on job duties that are highly relevant to the position in question.

Including unrelated duties suggests a lack of research and preparation, resulting in a generic and unqualified appearance.

Such oversights can lead to missed opportunities.

Additionally, be sure to quantify your accomplishments.

Recruiters often assess managerial roles through numerical data.

Poor management can result in subpar outcomes.

Support your assertions with figures from your previous roles.


Steer clear of phrases like "responsible for" or "helped with."

Opt for concise action verbs instead, ensuring your sentences are brief and easily digestible, while still employing potent action verbs.

Now, let's apply these changes and review the final outcome.

Assistant Store Manager
Bloomingdale's Outlet
Philadelphia PA
Upscale department store for apparel, accessories & cosmetics
  • Trained and supervised 17 new staff members in POS systems, inventory control, and customer service
  • Managed all store costs and budget reports to maximize sales and increase profitability.
  • Increased revenue by 11% providing quality customer service and monitoring clothing and labor costs.

Do you notice the changes?

The distinctions are evident.

Even without recruiter expertise, the superior candidate is apparent when comparing the two examples.

Guidelines for writing assistant manager job duties:

  • Employ solid metrics to showcase your success in previous roles.
  • Present skills and qualifications within a context to demonstrate their relevance.
  • Utilize direct action verbs to strengthen and persuade with your sentences.

Assistant manager duties for resumes

  • Address customer complaints according to company policies and procedures;
  • Oversee and maintain store inventory;
  • Manage product quality and on-shelf availability;
  • Prepare daily sales and inventory reports for upper management;
  • Supervise and motivate staff to enhance performance;
  • Collaborate with managers from other store branches;
  • Train and support new employees;
  • Ensure staff adherence to company guidelines;

Crafting the skills section for your assistant manager resume

Recruiters often ask themselves:

What skills are essential for an assistant manager?

With a clear understanding of the ideal candidate, they begin their search.

In the skills section, present yourself as that candidate by emphasizing the qualities that make you the best fit for the job.

Address all concerns, showcase your communication skills, highlight store management knowledge, and demonstrate leadership and decision-making abilities.

Ensure your skills are highly specific.

First, determine the company's needs.

The job description, particularly the requirements section, holds the answers.

Read it carefully, looking for keywords and identifying significant challenges and pain points.

Once you grasp these aspects, you can present yourself as the perfect solution.

For instance, if the job requirements state:

  • Address customer inquiries and complaints

Emphasize these assistant manager skills:

  • De-escalation;
  • Patience;
  • Communication;
  • Empathy and compassion.

We've compiled a list of highly specific job skills to make the process even easier. Simply choose the most relevant ones and include them in your resume.

17 essential assistant manager skills for any resume

Keep in mind:

The skills on our list vary based on your industry and expertise.

Assistant managers serve diverse roles depending on company needs.

For instance:

A retail store assistant manager's responsibilities differ from those of an assistant branch manager.


Select the skills most relevant to the position you are applying for.

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7 assistant manager core skills for your resume:

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Assistant manager soft skills for a resume:

Is an education section necessary for your assistant manager resume?

You may now be curious:

What are the education requirements for assistant manager positions?

We've examined numerous assistant manager job applications.


A definitive answer regarding training and education remains elusive.

It appears that companies' degree requirements vary based on their size.

For instance, a recruiter at Walmart might require a college degree, while a local office may only need a high school diploma.

The fact is:

Hiring is not an exact science.

Multiple factors influence the decision, and it is unlikely that a recruiter will base their choice solely on education.

However, here's a useful guideline:

Include your highest educational degree.

Regarding the most beneficial fields for assistant managers, consider the following:

  • Business Administration and Management;
  • Retail Management;
  • Information Management;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Liberal Arts.

Here's an example of how to present your education on your resume:

Bachelor's in Retail and Sales Management
Oregon State University

Does your resume need an assistant manager training or courses section?

The short answer is:


You don't need a training section for your assistant manager's resume.

From what we saw:

Most companies will offer assistant manager training before you start the job. And they never ask for it in job applications.

Instead, they're more focused on experience, skills, and education.


Be sure to do your best when writing those resume sections. Take all the time you need to make them perfect, and follow the advice we gave you in this guide.

You'll surely land the job you've always dreamed of.

Key takeaways

  • Pay attention to the job application and use it to craft a job-specific resume.
  • Keep your layout organized and separated into the five main sections we mentioned in this guide.
  • Make a compelling resume header and summary to keep recruiters excited to learn more about you.
  • Use your experience section to highlight your expertise and greatest achievements in your career.
  • List your best soft and core skills, and keep them specific to the position you’re applying to.

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