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Ultimate IT Director Resume Writing Guide with Examples

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Updated on 2021-07-16

IT directors are some of the most valuable professionals in the IT world.


They combine the technical skills of an IT professional with business acumen and managerial talents. No wonder the best IT director resumes straddle the business and IT worlds, speaking both languages.

Getting that balance right, however, is extremely hard. You generally first need to impress a recruiter and then convince a CIO that you’re ready for the job.

If you haven’t been able to get hired as an IT director, that’s probably why.

An IT director has one of the most challenging management jobs in the business. Your employees have extremely specific skills and tribal knowledge that can make turning them over very, very painful.
- A Senior System Admin sharing their experience on Reddit

This IT director resume guide will teach you:

 ✔ How to balance technical and management skills

 ✔ Where and how to include certifications

 ✔ What a professional summary can do for your resume

 ✔ Whether you should include your education

 ✔ How to read the job description and pull out the skills they’re asking for

IT director resume examples

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How to Write an IT Director Resume That Gets Interviews

IT directors are not your usual IT hire. Recruiters often spend weeks and months searching for a perfect candidate.

And there’s a reason for that: an experienced IT manager can forge enterprise into a global network, boost a startup's growth, and even turn an outdated company into a market leader.

To score an interview at a top company, make sure your resume has the following characteristics:

  • Show impact. Your work has to be impactful.

Bad example: set up a secure network

Good example: revamped network infrastructure, increasing uptime to 99,9%, and reduced the number of successful cyber attacks down to zero.

  • Show scale. Your work should affect the company on a large scale.

Bad example: implemented new data server

Good example: implemented enterprise-wide data hub to expand marketing, executive, and support operations over six states and three continents.

  • Show leadership. Your IT director resume should demonstrate leadership skills, not micromanagement.

Bad example: developed a marketing plugin

Good example: led a team of data scientists to build a custom marketing solution that sped up average time to a customer by 50%.

If your IT director’s resume goal is to show you’re up to the challenge, you need to decide how you will make that argument.

As you should have many years of experience and particular areas of expertise you need to emphasize, a hybrid resume layout makes the most sense.

Begin with a section focusing on outlining your skills and pro