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5 Content Strategist Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Your content strategist resume must highlight your expertise in content planning and management. Showcase your ability to create compelling content strategies that align with business objectives. Demonstrate proficiency with analytics tools and content management systems. Your experience with audience targeting and SEO should be evident.

All resume examples in this guide

Writing your Content Strategist resume and not sure how to formulate it?

It can be confusing what employers want in Content Strategists.

A marketer or advertiser? Writer or Editor? Project manager or independent individual? Or all of these.

Content Strategists wear many different hats - from onsite content editors and writers to social media managers.

The role is versatile and how you present your experience on paper is a challenge that requires a well-crafted resume.

Demonstrating passion for creative content alongside numerical data that proves results holds enormous merit for your application.

Worry not though. With our guide and resume examples, you’ll have it wrapped up in no time.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know

  • How to create a Content Strategist resume that wins you interview 9/10 times;
  • How to craft a compelling resume header and summary to hook the interviewer from the start;
  • How build your resume experience section based on your previous career achievements;
  • How to make sure your skills section reflects your job history;
  • How to match your value proposition to the job offer;

How to write Content strategist resume that will help you land the job

Not all Content Strategists are created equal.

Some excel in content marketing management and technical side of things (editorial calendars, content performance and keyword research).

While others dive deep into the editorial role (writing style, proofing, tone of voice).

This makes targeting your Content Strategist resume to your audience (in this case, the company you apply for) the North star in your application strategy.

Above all, employers are looking for candidates who are able to implement content ideas to gain and keep clients, and rally people behind those ideas.

Wouldn’t it be great if your resume was able to answer:

  • How have you helped achieve marketing or sales goals (customer retention, increase in revenue, etc.)?
  • What results did you achieve with a limited content budget and a small team? Or, with a big budget and a large team?
  • What expertise you will offer the marketing team you’re hoping to be a part of?

These and other questions we will look at below are just some of the barriers between you and the dream job.

Let’s see where and how should you position all that info.

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The 6 most important sections of a content strategist resume

  • Professional header
  • Career summary (featuring one big achievement)
  • Result-driven experience section
  • Soft and tech skills panel
  • Certifications & personal achievements (awards, speaking gigs, etc)
  • Education section

Now, let’s go over and pick the best resume format to showcase them all in just a single page.

What’s the appropriate resume layout for Content Strategist resumes

Let’s go over three basic resume layouts:

  • Reverse-chronological resume - you may often see experienced Content Strategists reach to this format. It puts your relevant job experience under the spotlight.
  • Functional resume - it focuses more on the skills you’ve got, in case you don’t have any substantial work experience. Not a good choice for marketers of a strategist calibre.
  • Hybrid resume - Content strategists may come from media or marketing background as expected. Or hail from industries you least expect. This makes hybrid resumes perfect for individuals who changed industry or have mixed experience.

Credentials aside, the best content strategists all exhibit three similar characteristics:

John McGory, Content Director @ Huge

Now that you have a pretty good idea about resume sections and format based on your experience, it’s time to dissect every single building block.

What it takes to make a perfect content strategist resume header

Your first step is to present a clear info how a recruiter can contact you.

A hiring manager won’t spend more than 6 seconds to evaluate your resume. It’s even worse if Applicant Tracking Software trips up at the sight of an underdone header.

You don’t want your resume getting tossed over a technicality.

So let’s see what it takes perfecting a resume header for Content strategists:

  • Include your name - make sure it’s your full name and don’t use any nicknames.
  • Your current job title - add your certification to make your resume more credible in advance.
  • Physical address- it’ll be enough to feature your city and state.
  • Email address - choose a professional-looking one. It’s time to ditch the Yahoo email you had since you were 12. You can add other contact information here.
  • Portfolio link - if you have one, make sure to include it here. You can also substitute it for a personal website, blog or LinkedIn profile.
  • Twitter bio - if you’re tweeting relevant marketing or industry-specific topics, do include it as well.

Now let’s see how this looks like in practice.

2 content strategist resume header examples

Aaron Johnson
Content Strategist with 5 years of experience in digital strategy
2839 Derek Drive Akron, OH 44307

This example manages to both miss critical information and clutter with extra info.

Do avoid listing a full address and don’t skip on relevant links.

Here’s how it’s done right.

Aaron Johnson
Hubspot Certified Content Strategist
Akron, OH

That’s a header that will grab recruiter’s attention and pass the ATS test. You’ve got the necessary components present:

  • A springboard portfolio link;
  • Professional email address;
  • Short physical address;
  • Mention of an industry-recognised certificate.

Let’s now proceed with one often underestimated section.

How to make sure your content strategist resume summary works

In digital marketing battlefield, Content Strategists emerge as generals, devising the most effective strategies to meet the company's marketing and sales goals.

A carefully executed resume summary shows your potential employer you’re made for their ranks.

Though doing so in 2-3 sentences can pose a problem.

A recruiter usually will look for the following in your resume summary:

  • What’s the total work experience you’ve got in the field.
  • Your area of focus in marketing - SaaS, healthcare, financial services, retail, etc.
  • Marketing tools and processes you’re good at.
  • Big career moment you’re proud of - best if you can quantify that result.

Let’s look at a couple of examples done right and wrong and bring out some takeaways.

2 Content Strategist Resume Career Summaries

I’m an experienced content strategist with a feel for what great content actually is. Extensive experience with different digital marketing & SEO tools. Looking forward to bring my expertise to your team.

Unfortunately, the above summary fails to meet expectations.

In a profession where specialization is key for success, this summary is too general to make any impact on recruiters.

Let’s move on to the next example.

AMA Certified Content Strategist with 8+ years of experience in developing organic content strategies for financial sector businesses. Skilled in Ahrefs, MOZ & SerpStat tools, Content Auditing & Influencer Outreach. Oversaw 450% increase in organic visits to main client’s website.

In a nutshell, the second example packs all you need to make a recruiter want to hear more about you.

You’ve escaped from buzzwords and, at the same time, you coupled your knowledge with an impressive career highlight.

Let’s transfer the quality from here to the next section.

How to make content strategist experience on your resume stand out

In the marketing space, numerical results stand out to responsibilities lists.

"How to Make a Resume That Stands Out"

If a CMO or a marketing manager looks at your resume, they’d like to know that you not only led rebranding campaigns, but you increased annual revenue from $60 000 to $300 000.

Include the following info in your bullet points to make them stand out:

  • What was the result of your marketing campaigns? Did you increase sales or drive revenue?
  • What tools did you use to create the campaigns? Buffer? Hootsuite? CoSchedule?
  • What platforms were involved in the campaigns? LinkedIn? Facebook? Instagram?
  • Illustrate a point where you showed initiative and you solved a problem without being asked to do so.

Talking about general things like, doing SWOT analysis or increasing conversions shouldn’t be mentioned without quantifying results for the business.

It’s as if you’re applying for a gardener and you sell yourself on your brilliant use of a lawn mower.

Try to claim outstanding successes as opposed to responsibilities. Here’s a comparison below.

2 content strategist resume experience samples

Content Strategist
Online Works Ltd.
Chicago, IL
  • Responsible for creating effective media relations tactics.
  • Organised lead generation campaigns.
  • Managed the company’s social media channels and press releases.
  • Worked with a large team of freelancers.

Now compare the above with the next one, written for impact with specific metrics.

Content Strategist
Online Works Ltd.
Chicago, IL
  • Generated over 3m media impressions/month via impactful storytelling and effective media relations tactics
  • Increased lead generation by 60% and cost reduction/lead by 45%.
  • Increased media mentions by 400%; Press hits by 200%; Tripled company conversations on social channels.
  • Hired and managed a global team of 42 technical content writers.

There’s a stark difference between both, even though they talk about one and the same responsibility.

If you happen to struggle with formulating the bullet points, you can always follow this simple format:

  • What did you do?
  • Why did you do it?
  • What was the result?

Does your Content Strategist resume need a

certification section?

Short answer - it depends.

If you have quite a few digital marketing certificates, you can dedicate a separate certificate section for them.

If it’s just a handful, you can easily include them in your header or summary.

Most importantly, tailor your certificates to what the job ad specified for.

If they want you to be Hubspot Certified, do include this course among your qualifications.

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These 8 digital marketing certifications stand out on content strategist resumes

  • Google Analytics Certificate
  • Google Ads Certificate
  • Facebook BluePrint Certification
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
  • Digital Garage by Google
  • Hootsuite Social Media Certificate
  • YouTube Certification

What’s more, certifications keep up with technology development.

A university program is much more stagnant in terms of what’s new in digital strategies.

Whereas a certification can prove you’re on top of current trends.

Which brings us to…

Should you add an education section?"?

During your job junt, you may see that relevant degree is required.

Be wary though, since Content Strategists are usually people at senior level positions with a sleuth of experience in digital marketing.

This means relevant work history can trump an education degree, especially if you took it a decade ago.

However, if you have recently completed a degree you can include it in your resume education section. Make it more relevant by including:

  • Your GPA Score (but only if it’s higher than 3.5);
  • Your degree name and institution;
  • How many years you’ve attended;
  • Any details about your studies - a relevant research study or a publication;

Common majors include Journalism, English, information management, Marketing and Public Relations.

However, having a Psychology degree or a Project management degree can also help you illustrate your relevant background. Just make sure to connect them with Marketing as much as possible.

Here’s a way to do that for a Psychology degree:

BA Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Oakland
  • Final thesis topic on Psychological Principles in Consumer Behavior
  • Elective classes in Media Influence and Decision Making Psychology
  • President of the Debate club in my second year, participated in 20 public speaking events
  • Wrote over 10 page papers each semester

Which skills should you emphasize on your resume?

You should make your skills section compliment your job history. What we mean by that is simply listing skills that you can prove mastery of throughout the resume.

Avoid stuffing your resume with a gigantic set of skills you found by googling “top content strategist skills”.

Instead, focus on your top five and, if possible, provide real-life examples that demonstrate your abilities.

Obviously, you should also read the job description and make sure to have all or at least, most of the skills designated in it.

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18 hard skills to include in content strategist resume

  • Content Audit
  • Content briefs
  • CMS experience
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Social analytics
  • Social media management
  • CoSchedule
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • SEO tools
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Semrush
  • Serpstat
  • Searchmetrics
  • Copywriting
  • Outreach
  • Editorial competency
  • Analytics
  • PPC
  • Blogging
  • Video content
  • Press and PR
  • Project Management
  • Campaign experience
  • Content monetization
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9 soft skills to feature in content strategist resume

You may want to consider these additional content strategist resume sections

You may have heard that personality sections are somewhat cringeworthy on resumes.

That’s because they are present there without any context or research.

What if you knew whether the company you’re applying for is more traditional, or, on the contrary, open minded on culture representation?

You may still have some room to squeeze in a few elements of your personality that match your value proposition with the company.

What if you did a volunteering spell, similar to how the company engages in community charities?

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Pro tip

If you get the chance to speak at a marketing or industry event, take full advantage of it. It’s great to share knowledge and you’ll get to know a topic in more detail by explaining it to others. What’s more, speaking at conferences shows you’re willing to volunteer your free time and demonstrates your culture fit.

And that’s what a Content Strategist resume needs to land you the interview

  • Dig up your dragon slaying stories, a.k.a. biggest career achievements and highlight them in your experience.
  • Make it easy for recruiters to figure out what you’ve done by including numbers and results in your resume.
  • List your top skills with specific scenarios where they helped you complete a task.
  • Present your value proposition from the start with an impactful career summary.
  • Elevate your resume header beyond contact information by adding certification title and relevant links.
  • Make sure to research the company you’re applying for and feature skills and experiences they want to see.

content strategist resume example

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