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Updated on 2021-04-21

So, you're applying for Brand Manager jobs. That's great!

You know how hard it can be to land an interview though so you want a way to stand out.

What's the best way to do that? With a brand manager resume that highlights your ability to bring a brand to life.

A Brand Manager can't expect to get a job—or an interview for that matter—with a generic, run-of-the-mill resume.

They need a resume that clearly conveys their experience in defining and driving a brand. A resume that shows their ability to tell a story—not just sell a product.

If you want to land your dream job, we're here to help.

Here’s what you’ll learn today

  • 9 Brand manager resume examples showing you the way to create a captivating resume
  • 6 sections you cannot miss out on in your resume
  • What recruiters want to see in a Brand Manager resume
  • Tips for creating a professional and practical resume header
  • How to make your skills and software experience stand out
  • What experience you should—and shouldn't—include on your resume
  • Common mistakes other Brand Managers like you make in a resume and how to fix them

Brand Manager resume sample

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How to write a Brand Manager resume

Brand Managers are creative to their very core, and your resume should reflect that. Don't use any old template you find on the web.

A recruiter spends an average of 6 seconds reviewing a resume.

And you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Don't make the mistake of using a generic format. Use your branding knowledge to design something spectacular.

And whatever you do, don't use vague statements that undercut your achievements. Be specific about the brand strategies you've created and the value they added.

  • How did you position your brand?
  • What products did you develop?
  • What promotion plan did you put together?
  • How did you determine pricing?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to answer all of that in your resume in just a few smartly positioned bullet points?

Moving further on, recruiters would be happy to read how you engaged with marketing agencies. Double on the types of cross-functional, complex brand identity projects you worked on

Bonus points if you mention your experience in building a brand from the ground up.

And more importantly, how did your efforts impact sales and overall brand awareness?

Experience matters, but measurable results are what land you your dream job.

Recruiters want to see real, tangible results, not universal statements. Avoid listing your experience as a bulleted explanation of your job description.

Focus instead on your achievements as a Brand Manager.

And be sure to include the proper resume sections. Leaving important pieces out can cause a recruiter to think you're unqualified.

What are the top Brand Manager resume sections?

  • Header section with clickable contact information and link to online portfolio
  • Summary section with brand management achievements and accomplishments
  • Experience section that highlights results rather than just job descriptions
  • Skills section that lists industry-standard software and tools
  • Education section
  • Certification section (optional)

Now that you know the top resume sections, it's time to focus on what a recruiter wants to see in a Brand Manager's resume.

What a recruiter wants to see in a Brand Manager resume

  • What experience you have with brand positioning and development
  • Real results that highlight your achievements and accomplishments
  • How you uncover consumer insights and align marketing campaigns and messaging accordingly
  • What types of teams you've worked with; marketing, design, agency, etc.
  • How your branding strategy successfully communicated a company's mission and vision
  • An ability to think both creatively and analytically

Ultimately, a recruiter wants to know the value you bring. With this and a professional resume header, you'll be on your way to interviewing in no time.

How to create a professional Brand Manager resume header

The header section of a resume might seem simple, but there's actually a right and a wrong way to create one. Include the wrong info and it might never get a second look.

A header should include your name, contact information, and a link to your portfolio. Your name should be the biggest thing on your resume. And you should always hyperlink your email, phone number, and website.

And while we don't want to be Captain Obvious, your email shouldn't be the one you created when you were 12. It should be professional and as close to your name as possible.

Including the correct information and presenting it professionally is key.

2 Brand Manager resume header examples

Alexa Anderson
Brand Manager


Los Angeles, CA
Alexa Anderson
Brand Manager

+359 88 888 8888



Los Angeles, CA

After finishing the header, it's time to craft a compelling resume summary.

What goes in the perfect Brand Manager resume summary

The biggest mistake people make when writing their resume summary is being too vague. Your summary should be so specific to you that no one else could use it.

2 Brand Manager resume summary samples

Experienced brand manager passionate about the power of storytelling and building brands.

Almost any Brand Manager could use this summary. And chances are, it won’t stand out to recruiters.

PRO TIPFocus on what makes you—and your experience—unique.
Keen and creative Brand Manager with 3 years of experience. Focused on developing branding for start-ups in the SaaS industry. Passionate about the power of storytelling + bringing brands to life through design, messaging, and media.

Here, the summary is much more specific. It lists how many years of experience the candidate has. It gives specifics about the industry they've worked in. And it gives a glimpse into the ways they've successfully managed a brand.

Now, you can expand further in the experience section.

What should my Brand Manager resume experience section feature

The experience section of a Brand Manager resume is perhaps the most important of all. It's your chance to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Whatever you do, don't simply list your job responsibilities. Recruiters know what a Brand Manager does.

They don't want to read your job description. They want to know what value you brought to previous positions. Here are a few things to consider including:

  • Specific branding projects you spearheaded and the results of those projects
  • The capacity in which you worked with internal marketing and creative teams
  • What campaigns you've launched and the results and scale of those campaigns
  • Any experience with market research, creative briefing, design, messaging, media, and measurement

You should always tweak your experience section based on the job you're applying to. Read through the job description and then edit as needed.

2 Brand Manager resume experience examples

Brand ManagerToggl
Partnered closely with marketing and design teams for branding efforts
Crafted short- and long-term brand strategy
Launched brand awareness campaigns across various channels
Built agency roster

Unfortunately, a recruiter will be clueless when they read a bland resume experience like this one. It leaves more open questions than it answers:

  • What was the product of your collaboration with other teams?
  • What were the type of campaigns you launched?
  • Did you measure the results?

Let’s improve it below.

Brand ManagerToggl
Worked cross-functionally with creative teams to develop branding guideline toolkit
Crafted short- and long-term brand strategies that identified product holes, new markets, and messaging strategies
Launched brand awareness campaigns across digital media, PR, and partnership marketing that increased sales by 30%
Found, on-boarded, and built relationships with area agencies; served as the primary point of contact for all projects

Now, that’s the kind of experience a recruiter will trust and give a callback to. It prominently features numbers and results that prove the candidate’s value.

Once you've finalized your experience section, it's time to make your skills stand out.

How to make your Brand Manager resume skills stand out

Brand Managers play an incredibly important part of a company's success. While hard skills are most important to recruiters, you shouldn't overlook soft skills.

What's the difference? Hard skills refer to industry-specific, technical skills that help you succeed.

How to feature technical resume skills

Applying to a kick-ass marketing company?

It’s highly likely your resume will be picked up on by ATS (applicant tracking systems).

They skim all incoming resumes for certain keywords and skills the recruiter wants present in candidates’ documents.

So, make sure you’ve got them featured clearly in your resume.

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