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Director of Communications Resume: Examples & Guide for 2021

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Updated on 2021-04-21

Director of Communications Resume Example

Here’s what to focus on in a Director of Communications resume

  • Applicable work experience - Any job application for a Director of Communications you'll come across requires 8-10 years of experience. That’s the recruiter’s way of screening out unqualified candidates and making sure that you have enough expertise to thrive in the position.
  • Marketing and branding - Since you’re responsible for messaging and outreach, it’s a huge must to convey your branding expertise in your resume. Also, be sure to feature your marketing background with tangible work accomplishments.
  • Interpersonal skills - A highly sought-after Director of Communication is a sharp leader who can communicate effectively with staff and upper management. That requires a specific skill set that includes collaboration as well as written and verbal communication.
  • Public relations management - A company looking for a Director of Communications needs help planning publicity strategies to build a strong brand reputation. That's why you should showcase your expertise in writing press releases, overseeing external and internal messaging, and analyzing media coverage.
  • Bachelor’s degree - A relevant Bachelor’s degree shows your commitment to the field, which is an excellent way to prove your competence to recruiters. More importantly, a degree will demonstrate your willingness to commit to a job for an extensive period.

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